Sorry Fire and Ice Rules | How to Play [ Instructions & Directions ]

Learning the sorry fire and Ice is complete fun. The game involves multiple strategies and rules; power up, safety zone, frozen trouble, etc.

This basic guideline explore how to play a sorry fire and ice game with detailed instructions!

Sorry Fire and Ice Game


When the play starts, you have to choose the card that will remove your pawns from the starting area. Then it, will get ready to challenge your opponents in this game of revenge.

This Sorry game contains special fire and ice ignition tokens that give your pawns more power against other players.

If you are lucky enough to get the ice token, your pawn cannot be hit or returned, and the fire token allows you to bring an extra pawn to your home place on the board and slide to victory.


    1. Game-board,
    2. 12 Sorry! Pawns,
    3. 44 cards,
    4. 2 power-up tokens
    5. instructions

Game Setup

  1. Each player chooses a color.
  2. He places the corresponding colored pawns on his colored starting field.
  3. Make sure the deck of cards is shuffled and placed on the Sorry board that says “Place Package Here”.
  4.  A player is then selected to begin, and the game moves clockwise around the board.

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Rules of Sorry Fire and Ice

Each player begins their turn by drawing a card and moving according to the card they have drawn.

In order for a pawn to start moving, you must draw a 1 or 2.

This is against the rules of the game to start moving with another card.

You can jump onto any pawn who counts this space as a normal space.

If your pawn lands in an occupied space, only push that pawn home if that pawn is not yours.

If a player has no possible moves, he simply loses.

If you can move, you have to.

If you draw a card with which you move more than two spaces beyond your own starting space, you can switch to your own safety zone on your next turn without moving across the playing field.

When all of the Sorry cards in the deck are used up, shuffle them and use them again.

There are several slides on the sorry game board.

The instructions and rules state that if at any time you land at the beginning of a slide that is not your own color, by counting carefully in a triangle.

you slide to the end and hit any pawn (send back to the beginning ) that’s in their way, including yours.

If you land on a slide the same color as your pawn, you won’t slide.

stay in the triangle.

Forgiving Zones are only used by pawns of the corresponding colors.

No pawn can enter his safety zone with a backward movement.

However, a pawn can move backward out of its safe zone and return to its zone on subsequent turns as the card allows.

Detailed Rules

  • The gamers select the card that will remove the pawns from the starting area.
  • It helps to prepare to challenge the others in this game.
  • This Sorry game contains special fire and ice ignition tokens that give your farmers more power against other players.
  • The ice token freezes a pawn and does not allow you to move him until the ice token is moved onto another player’s pawn.
  • The fire marker allows you to move around the board much faster.
  • Move a pawn with any number card except 4.
  • In the original game, only cards 1, 2, and Sorry can be used to leave the starting square.
  • The players only have three pawns instead of 4 as in the original Sorry!3
  • Card 2 no longer entitles the player to draw another card.
  • He may place the “fire” token instead.

The sorry cards

The following is a list of the actions associated with each pardon/sorry card during the game.

  • Start a pawn or move the pawn forward 1 space
  • Start a pawn or move a pawn forward 2 spaces either moving or not moving, can move again and move accordingly.
  • Move a pawn forward 3 spaces
  • Move a pawn back 4 spaces
  • Move a pawn forward 5 spaces
  • Move a pawn forward 7 spaces or he can split the forward movement between any two pawns.
  • Using this card to start a pawn is against the rules of Sorry.
  • The instructions state that you can be part of the 7 to get a pawn at home but that you need to be able to use the rest of the move on another pawn.
  •  Move a pawn 8 positions forward.
  • Move a pawn 10 spaces ahead. or move a pawn back 1 space.
  • Move a pawn 11 spaces forward or swap one of your pawns with one of the opponents.

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1. Can you put ice over a fire in the game?
The power-ups apply, however, the ice rule overrides the fire rule and prevents ignited pieces from moving. The ice freezes the chess pieces but also freezes the fire mark until the ice moves.

2. What does fire do in the sorry game?

Fire gives a pawn a chance to advance quickly before the player’s turn, and ice prevents a pawn from moving or withdrawing from the game.