71+ Harry Potter Usernames [ Cool Screennames, Nicknames ]

Who isn’t aware of Harry Potter series? Even those who haven’t watched this series know about it– after all, it is without any doubt the superhit series in history.

The story of a boy who grew up to be a wizard and fought with evil powers has been a constant source of entertainment throughout our childhood.

The series has been casting it on us spell for ages. From children to grownups, everyone is a fan of the series to such an extent that they prefer to use Harry Potter-themed usernames instead of using their own names.

List of Harry Potter Usernames | Screen Names, Usernames, Nicknames

If you are also a Potterhead and want to change your username with Harry Potter terms, then this place is for you.

We have listed 70 epic username suggestions below that you are definitely going to like.

Harry Potter Usernames

If you are also as obsessed with the series as we are, then you are going to love these names. Go ahead and pick any name from the list to show you are a true fan.

However, if you are interested in creating your own username, then check out the guidelines at the end of this article for amazing ideas.

Cool Harry Potter Usernames

There are so many games and movies of Harry Potter that you can never run out of ideas when it comes to choosing a cool Harry Potter username.

But for your inspiration, we have also listed some cool suggestions for you. Who knows, you might get an acceptance letter too from Hogwarts after using one of these cool names.

  • Poltergeist.
  • The Centaur.
  • Dobby-The High Elf.
  • Snitch Seeker.
  • Leviosaaa.
  • Mudblood.
  • Straight Outta Azkaban.
  • Wand Keeper.
  • Hungry Hagrid.
  • Animagus.
  • Picky Potter.
  • Furious Potter.
  • Scarheaded.
  • Spell Wizard.
  • Pureblood.
  • Platform 9.34.
  • Dark-Wizard Catcher.
  • Potions Expert.
  • Terrifying Dementor.
  • Snarky Malfoy.

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Harry Potter Screen Names

Names show a lot about your personality. Knowing this, J.K. Rowling used names for characters as meaningful as their wands.

If you focus, every character’s name has a deep meaning and it suits his personality perfectly.

Harry Potter Screen Names

  • Dark Lord.
  • Lord Potter.
  • Crazy Bellatrix.
  • Sirius Black.
  • Dancing Gargoyles.
  • Dumbledork.
  • Dobby.
  • Hermione Ginger.
  • Wise Weasley.
  • King Weasley.
  • Halfblood.
  • Certified Gryffindor.
  • Siriusly Magical.
  • Mad Malfoy.
  • Salazar Slytherin.

Harry Potter Nicknames

Every character in the Harry Potter series is unique and distinctive. Each one has special skills and spells, which makes their character more interesting.

So, after taking inspiration from each character, we have compiled a list of epic Harry Potter nicknames that will make your username attractive and appealing.

  • Wheezy.
  • Precious Percy.
  • Little Ferret.
  • Giant-slayer.
  • Moony.
  • Marauder.
  • WildTom.
  • Goblin.
  • Squib.
  • The Charmer.
  • Niffler.
  • Mollywobble.
  • Mad-eye.
  • Red Ginny.
  • Greyback.
  • Snivellus.

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Harry Potter-Themed Usernames

Harry Potter has become a favorite series of every age group. If you are also a die-hard of Harry Potter who loves to name everything around him after Harry Potter terms, then this list is for you.

Harry Potter themed Usernames

We have listed cool and classic Harry Potter-themed username suggestions below for some magical inspiration.

  • The Sorcerer.
  • Sirius Moron.
  • Free Elf.
  • Death Eater.
  • Deluminator.
  • Slytherin Prince.
  • Butterbeer4lyf.
  • Firewhiskey Guy.
  • Half Blood Prince.
  • Hogwarts Dropout
  • Tom Riddle.
  • Son Of A Snitch.
  • The Keeper.
  • Gryffindor Warrior.
  • Heir Of Slytherin.
  • Genie Weasley.
  • Dancing Spider.
  • Potter head.
  • Key Keeper.
  • The Chosen One.
  • Snape Attack.

How to Find Harry Potter Usernames

Creating your own username is a very easy task. Just read these tips because each tip will help you in brainstorming creative ideas:

Harry Potter Screen Names How to Create Your Own

1. Take Inspiration: There are eight parts to Harry Potter. The School of Witchcraft has so many terms, phrases, and magical spells to take inspiration from.

Write down your favorite scenes or lines from the movie. That will help you to create an epic username.

2. Use Your favorite Character: Think about the characters you like the most. Think about their special powers, features, and dialogues to create a unique name.

For Example, Harry’s Scar, Hermione’s Wisdom, etc.

3. Combine Words: If you like several words from the movie, then combine them or make changes to them to create a unique name.

4. Search for Harry Potter Terms: There are so many terms in the movie that it gets impossible to remember every term.

The best way is to search for the Harry Potter terms online. This will help you to create the best and most memorable names.

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Since childhood, Harry Potter has been a constant source of entertainment for us. No matter how old we get, we can never get bored of this masterpiece.

If you are also a true fan of the series, now you know where to go for the best username suggestions.

Any of these names will definitely make you the star, among others.