Pitty Pat Rules | How to Play Pity Pat Cards Game

Pitty Pat is one of the simplest games with quick rules and strategies to play. It is, in fact, a wonderful pairing game that requires you to know the pair of cards! Let’s move on to how to play pitty-pat

What’s Pitty Pat?


This game named pitty pat is a very simple matching game in which the game is completely based on the level of cards.

The winner is the first to draw three pairs from five cards. Most cards can be played in just a few minutes, but many times less. Anyone can play the Pitty pat game at any time.

Pitty Pat Rules | How to Play

It is played by 2 to 4 players using a standard 52-card deck.

Although it may not seem obvious at first glance, Pitty Pat is essentially a rummy card game with a mechanism similar to that of conquian.

The goal is to create three pairs starting from 5 cards at hand.

Game Overview

Normally, this play/game starts from the left side of the dealer. The player tries to get rid of the remaining cards by drawing the same number from the deck to form a pair.

After matching, the player can choose a card in the discard pile. Or choose a face-down card from the deck to make a pair.

Aim of the Game

Pitty Pat is a game where the goal is to eliminate all the cards first. To do this, you need to divide the cards into several pairs, and you need a complete set of 52 cards.

Since it is an easy, fun game, it is suitable for people of all ages. It is especially recommended to play with children. The main goal of the players is to get rid of their cards first.

To Set up Your Game

When you have a few friends to play with, you only need 52 cards.

Some people who play cards are in the habit of collecting different decks as a hobby. However, please consider getting a basic deck first.

Before shuffling with a deck of cards, make a decision about the dealer. The player to the left of the dealer starts the game, and the game rotates clockwise.

After playing a few rounds of pitty pat, you will agree that this is a quick and easy game with the added benefit of having fun.

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Rules of Pitty Pat

  • When the play begins, each player is given five cards to start with.
  • They have to keep the remaining cards in the middle as the ‘stock’.
  • The players have to turn the card on top of the ‘stock’.
  • It should be kept face-up.
  • This is called the ‘up-card.
  • Basically, the ‘up-card’ starts the discard pile.
  • It is set next to the stock to create a separate pile.
  • Once everyone has five cards each, there are two piles of cards.
  • One of the piles is kept face down, so the game can begin.

Strategies to Play ‘Pitty Pat’ Card Game

  • After receiving the card, check if there is a pair of number/ numerical cards and put it aside.
  • Starting from the left side of the dealer, the player tries to get rid of the remaining cards.
  •  The player draws the same number from the pile.
  • This ensures that the player can choose a discard card from the pile and make sure it can be paired.
  • The player can also try to select from the face-down cards to make a pair.
  • When a player chooses a card from the “deck of cards”/ stock, the player must discard the other card and place it face up in the “card discarded” pile.
  •  The players repeat this action until one player is able to get rid of all the cards.

To keep score in Pitty Pat

  • In this game Pitty Pat’s, it is not a child’s play to keep the score.
  • You need to know how many pairs are completed by you.
  • Until all the remaining cards appear in pairs.
  • Then, you can figure out how many games each player has won.
  • The player who is able to win the most rounds is the winner.

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Commonly Asked Questions

The following are the most commonly asked questions about Pitty Pat Game.

1. Can we add more people to the Game?

Basically, this is a simple game. Therefore, just like other card games, you can customize Pitty Pat to suit your family and friends. You can, if you want to, add more people to the game.

Before that, it’s better to add another deck to the game.

2. How do You Play the Card Game Pitty Pat?

The player who is present on the dealer’s left goes first. They evaluate the upcard with the cards in their hand.

If they maintain any card of equal rank because of the up card, they discard that card.

3. How many Cards do you Start within Pitty Pat?

In the beginning, each player is first dealt five cards, and the remaining cards are placed in the middle as stock.

Place the card face up on the stock. This is an up card. An up card starts the discard pile and is placed next to the deck to form a separate pile.