70+Holiday Team Names For an Extended Joy!

Is it that time of year? With holidays just around the corner, you might be thinking about the fun and excitement you are going to have with your family.

If you love holidays as much as we do and desperately waiting for them so that you can spend quality time with your friends, then there are many ways through which you can express your excitement for the holidays.

One of the best ways is to give your team a holiday-inspired team name.

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Choosing a holiday-inspired name for your team is the best way to let everyone know how much you just cannot get enough of holidays.

For your inspiration, we have listed 60+ holiday team name suggestions that will remind everyone of the charm of holidays and the winter season.

So, whether you are looking for team names for Hanukkah, Christmas, or winter solstice, this list got you covered. These suggestions will help you wrap up your holiday in style.

Holiday Team Names

Go ahead and pick any festive name from this list to share the joy of the holiday with your team.

We have also listed some guidelines below this article that will help you to create your own holiday team name. May this holiday be the happiest one for you.

1. The Grinch Gang.

2. Snow Bros.

3. Frosty Forces.

4. The Trouble Makers.

5. Happiest Together.

6. Family Men.

7. The Gingerbread Army.

8. Ho Ho Hoes.

9. Grinch On The Loose.

10. Cocktails & Candycanes.

11. Holiday Miracle.

12. Happy Holidays.

13. Hippie Gang.

14. Chaotic Blizzards.

15. Holiday Trolls.

16. Bad Santas.

17. The Sparkles.

18. Holiday Pranksters.

19. Indecent Elves.

20. Stinky Spanksters.

21. Jingle All The Way.

22. Lords Of Winterfell.

23. December To Remember.

24. The Sleigh Kings.

25. Slaying Bells.

26. Smiley Faces.

27. Bouncing Stars.

28. Holiday Angels.

29. Holiday Tidings.

30. Red Stockings.

31. Slaying Bells.

32. Holiday Spice.

33. The Holiday Alliance.

34. Holiday Cheer.

35. Wild Stallions.

36. Holiday Gone Wild.

37. Bad Ass Elves.

38. Home Alone Kids.

39. Pandemic Reindeers.

40. Resting Grinch Face.

41. Holiday Spirit.

42. Fragile Toys.

43. Holiday Homies.

44. The Holiday Squad.

45. Sleighing All Day.

46. Holiday Hunters.

47. The Grumpy Grinches.

48. Cotton-Head Muggins.

49. Holiday Knights.

50. Hard Candies.

51. Frosty Snowmen.

52. Holly Jolly Heroes.

53. Drummer Boys.

54. Mistletoe Mania.

55. Holiday Drama Club.

56. Holiday Noahs.

57. Nutcrackers.

58. Mistletoe Kissers.

59. Holiday Greetings.

60. Sleigh Bells.

61. Miracle Believers.

62. Unemployed Santas.

63. The Jingle Girls.

64. Holiday Chicks.

65. Stocking Stuffers.

66. Grouchy Spoilers.

67. Naughty Druids.

68. Straight From North Pole.

69. Plum Puddings.

70. High In Spirits.

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Guidelines to Create Your Own Holiday Team Names in 2022

These guidelines will help you to create a holiday-inspired team name in no time

1. Use Your Favorite Holiday Song For Inspiration

Listing holiday song titles and lyrics is the best way to generate a lot of names. From pop hits to classics, there are tons of lyrics to choose from.

Simply use your favorite song lyrics or convert them into a fun pun.

2. Combine the Names Of Your Team Members

Write down the names of your team member and think of creative ways to convert them into a team name.

You can also use the first letters or nicknames of your team members to create a unique team name.

3. Turn Holidays Phrases Into puns

What’s a holiday team name without creativity, right? So, be creative and think out of the box. Search holiday phrases or quotes and try altering them into fun puns.

4. Think about What Excites you about Holidays

What comes to your mind when you think about holidays? Do you have any special holidays memory that you cannot forget?

How would you describe your holiday experience? Think about these things and make a list of words that come to your mind.

This will help you to narrow down your list of options and create a unique holiday team name that you will never forget.


Holidays are the most amazing part of every year. When the cool breeze hits and snow falls, it really feels amazing.

There are so many pages that suggest holiday name suggestions, but you can feel relieved knowing this list contains names that are unique and have not been taken yet.

Hopefully, this list will be of great help to make your holidays more exciting.