Persona 5 Team Names For Your Group

Persona 5 is a unique game where you fight with dangerous criminals and protagonists for a better society.

The good thing is that the game gives you total freedom for customization; you can choose a creative name for the protagonist and also an alternate team name for The Phantom Thieves Of Hearts that will be continued through the game.

While choosing a team name, it is important that you choose a name that is unique as well as creative enough to portray your team’s skills.

In the game, your chances of winning enhance if you are playing with an extraordinary team and the best name.

Persona 5 Team Name Ideas | Funny, Best Persona 5 Group Names For Your Squad


When it comes to naming your team, there are no hard rules except one; you have to choose a 12-character name or less. Other than that, you are free to choose whatever name you like.

You can use words that are common to create a good team name but for extra zing, try to choose an uncommon name that makes your team look the best among other teams.

Persona 5 Team Names

For your inspiration, we have listed 60+ team name suggestions that would work best for any persona royal team. However, if you want to create your own team name by using your favorite character, then check out the guidelines below this list for fresh ideas.

1. Super Egos.

2. Spy NextDoor.

3. The Phantoms.

4. Skull Knights.

5. Broken Hearts.

6. CrimsonThugs.

7. MysticalThugs.

8. Crimson Fury.

9. SecretSantas.

10. Deceptive.

11. The Hamburglers.

12. Duck It.

13. KnownFlucker.

14. KnightRiders.

15. The Nobodies.

16. Phantom Thieves.

17. Giant Nerds.

18. The Burglars.

19. FuriousThugs.

20. Black Hearts.

21. The Intruders.

22. The Outsiders.

23. Ghost Wolves.

24. Soul Hackers.

25. Dead Sharks.

26. Wild Knights.

27. NightRaiders.

28. Blade Masters.

29. The Fiery Bolts.

30. LosFantasmas.

31. Dark Seekers.

32. Warbros.

33. Cold-blooded.

34. Nightmares.

35. Outlanders.

36. Dead Pirates.

37. Wild Beasts.

38. Bonecrackers.

39. Cacodemons.

40. Prestidigitators.

41. Lazycorpses.

42. Remnants.

43. Steamrollers.

44. The Unoriginals.

45. MadPandas.

46. Vigilantes.

47. Conquerors.

48. Dark Force.

49. Dictators.

50. Remorseless.

51. Sinistrous.

52. Cat Burglars.

53. Infiltrators.

54. Roughriders.

55. BoneCrushers.

56. SkinBruisers.

57. Bad News.

58. ViolentForce.

59. GameChangers.

60. Dead Trigger.

61. Dead Risen.

62. Hitmen.

63. GhostChasers.

64. DoubleDragon.

65. Halo Legends.

66. BeastsWithin.

67. CosmicAngels.

68. Code Black.

69. Rampage.

70. The Millenials.

Guidelines How to Create Your Own Persona 5 Team Names Instantly!

Create your own team name using the following guidelines:

1. Choose Words That Fit Your Team:

Your team name reflects the characteristics of your team members. The question is, how do you want to portray your team?

If you want to give a mysterious vibe, then you can choose evil or witty name, and if you want to give a sweet vibe, then you can choose a light name.

2. Use Your Favorite Characters:

The characters of persona5 can be used as an inspiration to create unique names.

Whether you like the smartness of Sakura or the wittiness of the joker, they can be used to create many unique names.

Just think about your favorite character and incorporate it into a team name.

3. Use A Common Word As Your Base:

You can take a word that looks mainstream or familiar on its own and then use it to build a creative name around it. For example, the word ‘silent’ is not that bad, but it lacks energy.

So, you can add the word ‘assassins’ with it to create a name like ‘The Silent Assassins’. There you go! Now you have an awesome persona 5 team name.

4. Keep Rules Of Persona 5 In Mind:

According to rules, there is a 12-character limit, including spaces for your team name. So, keep this thing in mind so that you do not have to change your name again and again.

5. Choose Unique Words:

Words that are unique and creative make excellent team names. So, use words that are uncommon and unique. If you like a certain name but think it is too mainstream, then the best way would be to search for its synonyms to create the best names.


There you go! Hopefully, now you have plenty of options to choose from. Just decide your choice for your team name and then choose a good or evil name from the above list.

Even if the idea that you like from the above list is already in use, then you can at least use it to make something unique.