Konohamaru Team Names [ Ebisu Konohamaru Sarutobi ]

Konohamaru is the grandson of the third Hokage, Hiruzen Saturobai. The team he is a part of is called KONOHAMARU which is led by Ebisu. If you are also a fan of Konohamaru, then it is your duty to name your team after him.

Naming your team after KONOHAMARU is the best way to express the impact the said character has created on you. Fans of Konohamaru have seen him grow into a mature and capable warrior.

He tends to be loud and headstrong and spends maximum time inventing perverted ninjutsu. He is a lot stronger than most of the kids he leads because of his genetics and the potential he holds.

Choosing a name inspired by konohamaru will surely encourage your team members to develop these traits.

List of Konohamaru Team Names | Ebisu Konohamaru Team Members, Squad Names


For your inspiration, we have listed 60+ epic and strong team name suggestions to show your love for the series and konohamaru.

So go ahead, pick your team name and show everyone why konohamaru is the best character in Naruto. However, if none of the options strike your fancy, then you can also create your team name using the guidelines listed below.

Now without any further delay, let’s dive into the world of anime.

Konohamaru Team Names

1. Konohamaru Army Corps.

2. Guardian Ninjas.

3. Wind Releasers.

4. The Monkey Summoners.

5. Legendary Shots.

6. Big na Ball Rasengans.

8. Fire Release Jujutsu Kings.

9. The Akatsuki.

10. Blazing Meteors.

11. Shadow-Clone Alliance.

12. Allied Hamaru Forces.

13. The Forceful Siblings.

14. Chi Manipulators.

15. Team Kakashi.

16. Endurance Techniques.

17. Swordsmen Of The Mist.

18. Weapons Masters.

19. The Summoning Knights.

20. Shockwave Generators.

21. The Shapeshifters.

22. Master Tacticians.

23. Martial Art Masters.

24. Jumping Ninjas.

25. Wind Controllers.

26. Enhanced Senses.

27. Ramen Society.

28. The Hokage.

29. The Big Brothers.

30. The Acrobats.

31. Energy Blasts.

32. Active Reflexes.

33. Multi-shadow Clones.

34. Toad Summoners.

35. Chakra Technique Experts.

36. Nine Spirits.

37. Honourable Grandsons.

38. The Leftover Team.

39. The Sound Genins.

40. Rising Of Konohamaru.

41. One Man Army.

42. The Wandering Ninjas.

43. Jujutsu Champs.

44. Konohamaru’s Krew.

45. Moving Toads.

46. Spirited Away Squad.

47. Spirit Animals.

48. The Truth Seekers.

49. SOS Brigade.

50. Ruthless Moves.

51. The Jujutsu Group.

52. Weapons Of Mass Destruction.

53. The jujutsu League.

54. Ritual Of Chaos.

55. Super Strength.

56. The Trackers.

57. Yang Releasers.

58. Overpowered.

59. Silent Troupes.

60. Special Powers Network.

61. The Summoning Brothers.

62. Gamagoró’s Revenge.

63. Born With Skills.

64. Ghouls Of Sarutobi Clan.

65. Persuit Of Immortality.

66. The Nīchans.

67. Omago-Sama.

68. Sarutobi Clan Warriors.

69. Jounin Level Shinobis.

70. The Sarutobi Squad.

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Guidelines to Create Your Own Konohamaru Team Names

We hope that you will like the above options but if you are still keen on creating your own team name, then read these tips carefully to create an epic team name.

1. Take Inspiration From Komohamaru’s Life:

Konohamaru’s life is full of adventures and epic battles. Read facts about konohamaru, his powers, his strengths, and his life. This will help you in generating a lot of options.

2. Make A List:

You can also take inspiration from the story elements, dialogues, and famous one-liners of konohamaru to inspire your team name.

3. Make A List Of Your Favorite Things About the Series:

Brainstorming with your team and making a list of what you love about konohamaru and Naruto will help you a lot in generating good ideas that might reflect your interests perfectly.

4. Use the Japanese Language:

The best way to create a konohamaru team name would be using your knowledge of the Japanese language. Cool Japanese idioms and phrases can make great team names.


Konohamaru is not just an anime character, he is an inspiration for all anime lovers out there.

Choosing a konohamaru team name is surely the best way to make your team remember the journey of konohamaru and develop strong traits like him.

Hopefully, the above-listed names will help in creating a strong impression on every opponent you are going to face.