70 March Madness Team Names [ Best, Funniest, Bracket, Alternative-2022 ]

March madness is the time period during the month of march when 68 basketball teams compete in seven rounds for the national championship.

Honestly, winning the NCAA tournament pool is not an easy task. You might get lucky, or maybe you won’t even get close to winning. But that is okay because you can still set your mark and be the real winner of the game by choosing a unique and funny team name.

It does not have to be perfect, just needs one good name that instantly grabs attention.
Luckily you do not have to search a lot to find an ideal name.

Whether it is a pun based on a famous player, coach name, or main player that you want for your team, this list got you covered.

March Madness Team Names | List of Best Funniest, Alternative Bracket Madness Squad Name Ideas


A good name is very important to create a good impression on your team. If your bracket is fortunate enough to make it to the top of the standings, then we hope your team to have a good name.

You obviously would not want a lame name up there. So be a little creative and spice things a bit. Keeping this in mind, we have listed unique name suggestions that are worth considering.


Funniest, Best March Madness bracket Names in 2022

1. Brackeotology Complex.

2. March Fun.

3. A Bracket Story.

4. Multiple Scoregasms.

5. Metal Bracket.

6. A Case Of Brackets.

7. Mad Men.

8. Morning Bracket.

9. The Bracket Kings.

10. Straight Outta Asylum.

11. Do The Duke.

12. Blue Whales.

13. Spoilermakers.

14. Chicken Boilermakers.

15. Big Bad Bears.

16. Wild Bulldogs.

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17. The Lethal Bears.

18. Robin Hoops.

19. Defensive Wildcats.

20. Enraged Bears.

21. Brack To The Future.

22. Red Riding Hoop.

23. Breaking Defense.

24. Gone In Ten Minutes.

25. Bracket Attack.

26. The Bracket Movement.

27. Bracket Bad.

28. Court Violators.

29. Hoops! Did It Again.

30. Ball Grabbers.

31. Bracket Junkies.

32. Banned From Court.

33. Hoopsters.

34. Court Rulers.

35. Court Hustlers.

36. High Above Ground.

37. Hoops! Scored Again.

38. Flying Men.

39. Epic Dribblers.

40. Dunk & Drunk.

41. Zero Violations.

42. The Dream Team

43. Basket Brawlers.

44. Dribbling Kings.

45. Duncan Donuts.

46. James Bond.

47. Slam Dunk Champs.

48. Balls In The Air.

49. Rim Shooters.

50. The Bracket Boys.

51. Big Bad Men.

52. Bracket Attack.

53. Undefeated Champs.

54. Lethal Shots.

55. Hard Hitters.

56. Mother Of Dragics.

57. Chicken Curry.

58. Dragic Incident.

59. Court Hotties.

60. Klay Of Sunshine.

61. Tall Punks.

62. March Sadness.

63. The Best Bros.

64. Sweaty Balls.

65. Breaking Ground.

66. Bug Ballers.

67. Lords Of The Court.

68. Grasshoppers.

69. Balls Never Lie.

70. Bracket Badness.

Guidelines to Create Your Own March Madness Team Names

Still haven’t found an ideal name? Don’t worry; read these tips to get your creative juices flowing and create your own team name.

1. Use Puns:

The best march madness team names usually include pop-culture references or famous basketball players.

You should also get creative and include puns or clever wordplay in your team name to make it unique and memorable. Though it is a simple formula, the results will be worth considering.

2. Take Inspiration From The Game:

You can also watch basketball games for inspiration. Honestly, nothing will get your creativity flowing like watching your favorite basketball game.

You will be surprised by seeing how many options you can find while watching the game.

3. Keep It Simple:

Remember that you do not need to come up with the perfect and most creative bracket name. Your team name should be decent, relevant, and easy to remember.

4. Take Suggestions From Your Friends:

Consider taking some time out with your friends to brainstorm some ideas for march madness brackets. This will help you to generate so many unique ideas that no other team is thinking about.


March Madness is a unique time of the year, and to make this experience more exciting, make sure your march madness team name is exciting and memorable.

Hopefully, the above-listed names will have your friends laugh hysterically and stay energetic throughout the tournament.