Math Team Names – Nerdy Mathlete Names for Your Next Run!

Maths is one of those subjects that almost every student wants to eliminate from his course.

For some nerds, maths is an interesting subject, but for some, it is no less than torture. Whether you like it or not, if you want to get good grades, then you need to understand maths.

We cannot remove this problem from your course, but we can do one thing; we can help you decide on an epic name for your maths team that will help you to stay motivated and dedicated while solving any math problem.

Honestly, maths is not that difficult. You just need to work with focus. Solving maths problems with your friends is always fun, and with the addition of a good team name, your team will become energetic and dedicated.

Math Team Names | Maths Group, Team, Class, Squad Names List-2022


For your inspiration, we have listed 60+ unique team name suggestions that will help your maths team to work with dedication.

These creative names will help to inspire the minds of your team members. Go ahead and see if you find any name that captures your attention.

If you do not find any name from the list that fits your team, then use the guidelines below this list to create your own team name.

Maths Team Names


Here are some unique name suggestions for your maths team:

1. AlgeBROS.

2. The X-Factor.

3. Calculus Heroes.

4. Four Quarters.

5. Every day We Are Calculatin’.

6. Venomous Pi-thons.

7. Multiplying Success.

8. Roamin’ Numerals.

9. Mathemachickens.

10. Maths X-perts.

11. Doing Math, Not Meth.

12. Strength In Numbers.

13. 2+2=5.

14. Mathmagicians.

15. Invisible Signs.

16. Live Free or π Hard.

17. Pointless Pals.

18. Matrix Revolution.

19. Hidden Figures.

20. Acute Angles.

21. Algebra Alliance.

22. X+Y.

23. Odd Club.

24. The Polynomials.

25. Miscalculated.

26. Myocardial Infraction.

27. Imaginary Numbers.

28. The Hexagons.

29. We Are Always Right.

30. A-cute Team.

31. Statistical Analysts.

32. Revolutionary Mathematicians.

33. Positive Vibes.

34. Root To Success.

35. Super Models.

36. Logic, what?

37. The Average Girls.

38. The Squareroots.

39. Bar Raisers.

40. The Constants.

41. Making A difference.

42. The Sane Factor.

43. Limitless.

44. Infinity & Beyond.

45. 7 Deadly Sines.

46. The Pro-Tractors.

47. Numerical Nation.

48. Lovely Figures.

49. Oh My Cos!

50. Pi Lovers.

51. Mean Values.

52. Faster Than Calculators.

53. Super Sines.

54. The challenging Committee.

55. Brilliant Thinkers.

56. The Addition Squad.

57. The Sine Society.

58. Sum Of All Problems.

59. Ratio Rules.

60. Precision Guaranteed.

61. The Denominators.

62. Problem Solvers.

63. Ascending, Inc.

64. Critical Figures.

65. Square Root Disciples.

66. Posterior Angles.

67. The Calcoholics.

68. The Exponents.

69. Greater Than Zero.

70. One Step Ahead.

Guidelines to Create Math Team Names

Creating Your Own Math Team Squad Names is quite wonderful. You just needed to take care of a few important points as mentioned below.

Math Team Names

1. Use Math Terms:

Math is not a simple subject that just includes addition or subtraction. It is a wide-ranging subject which means that it includes various topics.

Just browse through the internet and make a list of all mathematical terms you can find or think of. Use descriptive words with these terms and create a unique team name.

2. Take Inspiration From Your Favorite Math Problems:

Take inspiration from your favorite math problems to create epic names.

Whether you love algebra, calculus, geometry, or trig, these topics will provide excellent inspiration to create unique team names.

3. Use Alliterations Or Humor:

Find creative ways to describe your team members.

Use alliterations or humor to keep your team name fun and epic. For example, addition alliance, division brigade, etc.

4. Think About Your Team Members:

The easiest way to create a unique team name would be to take inspiration from your own team. Use words that you think best describe your team members, individually or collectively.

After that, ask your team members for feedback and choose the one that gets the maximum votes.


Honestly, maths is no fun if you do it with a heavy mind.

That is why we have tried our best to write epic name suggestions that will not only keep your team entertained but also create an atmosphere of learning and creativity.

Whether you are presenting your team in front of your teachers or participating in any challenge, these names will show how talented and creative your team is.