150+ Pubg Names for Girls [ Romantic, Stylish, Unique, Awesome ]

PUBG is all about an active mind, making the best strategies, and showing your skills, and we know you girls got all those skills. However, another thing you need to show your dominance in the game is a good name for your character.

Daily, thousands of players play PUBG, and if you want to stand out from that large number and want to create a unique and distinctive impression, then you need to work on your profile.

The first thing you should do to make your profile attractive is given your profile a perfect name.

We have seen girls playing better than the majority of the players who call themselves pros. Choosing a strong and cool name is the best way to show everyone who is the best on the battlefield.

Another good thing is that it gives you the opportunity to keep your original name private. So, you can slay, play and stay private too.

Now, without making any further delay, scroll down and feel free to choose any name that you like. And, if you want to create your own name, then check out the guidelines at the end of this article for some amazing ideas.


Pubg Names for Girls With Symbols

Unique symbols and characters in a name add more fun to the game. You might have noticed that everyone uses them these days.

But do not worry, we will not suggest you same old names. We have written unique name suggestions below that are not taken yet.

Pubg Names for Girls

So, if you are addicted to Pubg and need an aesthetic name to stay popular in the field then this list is for you.  Additionally, we have updated this Pubg Master List of Squad Names that are the perfect match for your team in 2022

1. L@c3D Up:    All set to set her mark on the field.

2. T|-|3 B0$$l@dy:    Too strong for other players.

3. $l@y Qu33n:    She slays when she plays.

4. P3@ky S|\|ip3R:    Pretty but destructive.

5. $h3 D3vil:    Extremely wicked when it comes to making strategies.

6. Th3 P0nyt@il:    Pretty and delicate.

7. B3@uty @nd BR@in$:    Beautiful and intelligent? Deadly combination.

8. Th3 L3@d3r:   It is all in the name.

9. On FiR3:    Raising the bar for other players.

10. $piCy S3n0rit@:    Too hot to handle.

11. Qu33n B33:    Constructive busybody.

12. Ch@rli3’$ @ng3l:    And she is coming to kick your ass.

13. Fir3cr@ck3r:    About to pop.

14. F|0\/\/3R P0\/\/3R:    It is amazing to see what this girl is capable of.

15. Sup3rgiRl:    Ready for action.

16. Blu3 D0lphin:    Optimism at its peak.

17. Unpr3dict@bl3:    You can never predict what she is planning next.

18. Ind3p3nd3nt Qu33n:    Never relies on anyone.

19. P3@Rl GiRl:    She knows her worth.

20. Th3 Sp@rkl3r:    Her shine will blind you.

21. F3@rl3$$:    You lose half  game if you get scared in the beginning.

22. Li|\/|itL3$$:    There is no limit.

23. R3$ili3nt:    Strong enough to deal with every scenario.

24. Fl@wl3$$:    No imperfections here.

25. Unt@m3@bl3:    Free soul.

26. Fi3ry $0ul:    Fire to win.

27. L0n3 Ch@mp:    She alone is enough to win against everyone.

28. D3@D$h0t:    Her one shot, and you are out.

29. \/\/0nd3r \/\/0m@N:    Never gets fazed by any situation.

30. Sting3R:    She will get you.

31. D@ng3r0us L@dy:    Pretty lethal.

32. The H3r0in3:    She has written her own winning story.

33. P@nD@ H3@rT:    Too cute to be taken seriously.

34. GiRl R0y@l3:    She got class.

35. L@dY F@nta$tic:     She’s amazing, and she knows it.

36. Fi3ry P@$$i0N:    What keeps the fire going?

37. \/\/3@p0n \/\/0m@n:     She loves guns a little too much.

38. L0v3ly Qu33N:    Too sweet.

39. Mi$$ S|\|ip3R:    Quirky and badass.

40. XxGolden Warrior xX:    Ready to set her mark.

Cool, Stylish Pubg Names for Girls

Being cool is not a big deal when you meet people on a daily basis. It becomes difficult when you are playing online, and you want to show everyone how cool and stylish your personality is.

At that time, a stylish username could be of big help. It is the only way to show another player how smart and cool you are. So, below are some stylish name suggestions to show your coolness to other players.

41. ༄ Bad✰Queen ࿐:    She never does a good deed.

42. °ㇱᴛᴏxɪᴄ ɢɪʀʟ°:   Too dangerous to fight with.

43.  Uŋstoppʌɓɭɘ:  You cannot stop her fire.

44.彡Dɘstʀoƴɘʀ 彡:   knocking down everything in her path.

45. ~~`Duch3$$3$`~~:    Total royalty.

46. Ɩɛɠɛŋɖ:    A  big name in PUBG gaming community.

47. Cup>@kę Þríŋćę$$:    As sweet as cakes.

48. Oʋtʀʌʛɘoʋs Doɱɩŋʌŋcɘ:    The one who rules the game.

49. ★彡[ᴀᴡᴇꜱᴏᴍᴇ ʙʟᴏꜱꜱᴏᴍ]彡★:     The rhythm is on point.

50. Vΐ℘er:    Crossing her path would be a bad idea.

51. ꧁༒☬Honęybęę☬༒꧂:    Sweet but pretty deadly.

52. ▀▄▀▄▀▄Lady Tiger▀▄▀▄▀▄:    A beautiful paradox.

53.  Շѧмѯ_θѵэя:   Yeah! for other teams.

54. ░▒▓█ p̳o̳w̳e̳r̳p̳u̳f̳f̳ █▓▒░:    Cute and strong.

55.  .·:*¨г๏ςкรՇคг ɭค๔ץ¨*:·. :    Entertainment all the way.

56. ┗(^o^ )┓三 Sᵤpₑᵣ stₐᵣ 三 ┗(^o^ )┓:    Individual winner.

57. <<Survivor>>:     The one you will always see surviving till end.

58. [K̲̅][i̲̅][c̲̅][k̲̅] [C̲̅][h̲̅][i̲̅][c̲̅][k̲̅]:     Master in fighting.

59. S⋆h⋆o⋆r⋆t⋆c⋆u⋆t:    A cute name for petite girls.

60. ╰•★★  ʂƈཞɛąɱıŋɠ ɖı۷ą ★★•╯:    Better get out of her way.

61. ¸.·✩·.¸¸.·¯⍣✩ Ⓟⓐⓝⓣⓗⓔⓡ ✩⍣¯·.¸¸.·✩·.¸:     Too fast to catch.

62. ஜ۩۞۩ஜ T̶i̶l̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶S̶t̶a̶b̶b̶e̶r̶ ஜ۩۞۩ஜ:     Probably has no heart.

63. ░▒▓█►─═  Dαυɳƚʅҽʂʂ ═─◄█▓▒░:    Fearless and motivated.

64. 【。_。】 Goldilock【。_。】:    For a blonde girl.

65. (¯´•._.• ░I░l░l░u░s░i░o░n░ •._.•´¯):    She knows how to trick you.

66. ◦•●◉✿ B͛⦚a͛⦚d͛⦚ I͛⦚n͛⦚t͛⦚e͛⦚n͛⦚t͛⦚i͛⦚o͛⦚n͛⦚s͛⦚ ✿◉●•◦:    She plays dirty.

67. ▀▄▀▄▀▄Lucky Charm▀▄▀▄▀▄:    She got a ton of luck.

68. ꧁?? աɨռռɨռɢ քօʟɨƈʏ ??꧂:    Her policy is not to accept losing.

69. ¸.·✩·.¸¸.·¯⍣✩ Ⓓⓞⓓⓖⓔⓡ ✩⍣¯·.¸¸.·✩·.¸:     Known for never getting hit.

70. ¯_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯ 乇レノᄊノ刀ノムイの尺 ¯_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯:    Knows how to get rid of the competition.

Killer & Crazy Pubg Girls ID Names

Many girls want an ID name that portrays their gender because being considered a guy is the last thing they want to experience while playing.

They look for a strong name that shows how badass they can be on the battlefield and that they are no less than any other player.

To help you with that, here are some killer and crazy id name suggestions that will definitely make others think twice before chasing you.

71. Skillful Killer:    Skills that kill.

72. Wrecker:    All set to destroy other teams.

73. Explosion:    Get ready to see a surge in the game.

74. Dream Killer:    The other squads will probably lose their hope of winning.

75. Bullet Dodger:    Incredibly quick when dodging the opponents.

76. Battle Mistress:     She rules the battlefield.

77. Troubled Chick:    Troubles find her too often.

78. No Scope Angel:    She got a killer aim.

79. Digital Diva: A real woman of technology.

80. The Empress Strikes Back:    Good luck to all enemies.

81. Queen Of Winterfell:    For the love of Game of Thrones.

82. The Savage:    One rule is to follow no rule.

83. Machinery Lover:    Master of all guns.

84. Golden Girl:    Unbelievable beauty.

85. Silent Striker:    She will take you out in a blink without saying a word.

86. Runaway Chick:    You cannot catch her.

87. Backstabber:    Her enemies won’t even get to see her.

88. Bolt-Action:    She got the potential to take down the enemies in a single shot.

89. Stronger Than Ever:    Proven with every game.

90. Wildcat:    She got claws.

91. Pretty & Tough:    She is pretty tough.

92. Lionesses:    Taking charge of every situation wisely.

93. Furious Force:    Clear out of the way.

94. She-Unit:    She alone is enough for everyone.

95. Flashgirl:    Now you see her, now you don’t.

96. Unstoppable Queen:    Defeating her is not as easy as it seems.

97. No Fear:    Not afraid of any opponent.

98. M416 Expert:    Good with guns.

99. Crystal Angel:    Her spark will blind you.

100. Queen Of Darkness:    Her enemies will regret crossing her.

101. Bold & Brave:       Killer instincts.

102. Indestructible:    You can try, but you cannot beat her.

103. Black Rose:    Pretty but soulless.

104. Dangerous Divas:    She got fabulous style and savage instincts.

105. Game Changer:    She can turn the game at any point.

106. Pro Headshooter:     She believes in killing an opponent in one shot.

107. Gun Carrying Flower:     Soft but badass.

108. Queen Of The Undead:     You cannot kill the undead, right?

109. Doom Queen:     The end for everyone.

110. Kill Switch:    Kill after kill after kill.

111. Get Ovary It:    Quite badass.

112. Sugar & Spice:    And everything nice.

113. Real Challenger:    Others were rookies, she is a real threat.

114. Men Beater:    Men fear her.

115. Girl Power:    She rules with absolute power.

116. HERstory Maker:     She will create history in PUBG.

117. Tamer:    She knows how to make correct use of everything.

118. Slaying Machine:    She kills like a pro.

119. Bad Queen:    Not always with good intentions.

120. Lady Nightmare:    She will stalk you in your dreams.

Funny Pubg Names for Female Team/Squad

Playing in a team is something that adds fuel to your gameplay, so make sure that you choose a fun team name to keep the team united and friendly.

Choosing a funny team name is the best way to make the game’s atmosphere exciting. It also keeps your team members calm and makes them more productive in the game.

So, here are some funny team name suggestions that will definitely make your team smile throughout the game.

121. Fast Foxes:    Always one step ahead of other teams.

122. Where’s The Challenge:    Because from where they stand, there isn’t any.

123. Superiority Complex:    They are sorry for constantly winning.

124. Troubled Chicks:    Always creating mess wherever they go.

125. Weekend Warriors:    They play their best on the weekend.

126. Not Inclined to Losing:    They may get grumpy if they do.

127. Bot Killers:    Now you know how they increase their rank.

128. Bullet Dodgers:    The toughest team.

129. Shoot & Pray:    Pray that they are able to shoot something.

130. Lame Chicks:    Not the coolest team.

131. We Bruise Easily:    Go easy on these poor girls.

132. Witty Kitties:    Cute and sharp-witted.

133. Hot Stuff:    Too hot.

134. Golden Eagles:  Soaring above the competition.

135. Sluggish Sloths:    They cannot decide who is the laziest among them.

136. Gossip Girls:    These girls have all the unbelievable gossip.

137. Plan B Is Our Plan A:    And plan c is your plan D?

138. Cupcakes:    Cute name for petite girls.

139. Spoiled Brats:    Too impolite for others.

140. Pink Panthers:    Too fast for other teams.

141. The Tomboys:    Not even a bit girly.

142. Cunning Stunts:    Keep your wits close.

143. Gold Diggers:    At least, they are being honest.

144. Girls With Balls:    Careful guys, you will get hurt.

145. Chatterboxes:    They talk a lot..

146. Lunachicks:    Crazy chicks.

147. Darkside Hookers:    Insanely hot and dangerous.

148. Don’t Shoot!:    Anything else?

149. Gangsta Chicks:    Troublesome girls.

150. Extraordinary Slackers:    Their laziness is on another level.

151. Panic Monsters:    Not so brave when it comes to fighting.

152. Clueless Shooters:    Empty minds.

153. Dolls With Guns:    They do not take crap from anyone.

154. Team Misfits:    They do not fit in with anyone except with each other.

155. Hide, Hide, Run:    A simple way to last in the game.

Pro Tips For Creating Your Pubg Name

Still cannot decide one final name? Do not worry, the following tips will help you to create your own PUBG name in no time.

It’s indeed best to have girls’ squad names, but, in the end, you might need to look at pubg guys squad. For sure! guys, Pubg players are always fierce!

How to Find Best Pubg Girl Name

1. Pinpoint Your Style:

There are so many ways to classify your personal style-funny, soft, cool, dark, or stylish. Defining your style is the first step in finding a perfect name. Think about how you want everyone to perceive you, and then choose your name.

2. Include Symbols And Characters:

You can also include letters or characters with significant meaning to you. Do not choose a name just because you find it cute; just think about how you want other players to remember you, then choose a name and symbols that represent you on the battlefield.

3. Take Inspiration:

There are so many places to take inspiration from. For example, your favorite movies, actresses, comics, and superheroes. You can also take ideas from the machinery and characters used in the game.

4. Take Suggestions From your Gal Pals:

Do not forget to take suggestions from your girls too. More minds will generate more creative ideas that will help you to steal the limelight in the game.


A huge number of girls are addicted to PUBG, and they prefer to choose a name that helps them to stay popular in the game.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned name suggestions will help you to get the attention you deserve and will also make everyone nervous before facing you.