Quidditch Team Names [ Best, UK National, Harry Potter, Slytherin ]

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If Hogwarts feels like a second home to you, then of course you must be aware of Quidditch. Gone are the days when it was only played between witches and wizards. Nowadays it is a common sport every muggle loves to play.

Quidditch Team Names | Harry Potter, Irish, Slytherin Quidditch Team Names

It is a super interesting sport where each player is mounted on a broomstick and tries his best to capture Quaffle. Though Quidditch is a fun game but it gets pretty competitive especially when you are in the race to capture Golden Snitch.Quidditch Team Names


1- Moaning Muggles.

2- Hit It &Quidditch.

3- Dumbledore’s Army.

4- Half Blood Alliance

5- Dumbledamn.

6- The Wanderers.

7- The Muggleborns.

8- Quafflepunchers.

9- Defensive Warriors.

10- The Harpies United.

11- All Armed.

12- All-stars United.

13- The Montrose Bats.

14- Jawbreakers.

15- The Bludgers.

16- Potterheads.

17- Mighty Defenders.

18- Seeking Vultures.

19- The Wimborne Bats.

20- Rebound Rebels.

21- The Madhouse.

22- Snitch Search.

23- The Ballycastle Wasps.

24- Winning Streak.

25- Victorious Secret.

26- Maximum Speed.

27- Pure Bloods.

28- The Secret Society.

29- Snitch Seekers.

30- The Hustlers.

31- Snape Attack.

32- Kickin’ &Winnin’.

33- Proud Snatchers.

34- Mighty Trollers.

35- The Hufflepuffs.

36- ThScaredy Cats.

37- Enchanted Spirits.

38- Trailblazers.

39- The Applyby Arrows.

40- Trouble Makers.

41- Trouble Makers.

42- Catch Up If You Can.

43- The Ravenclaws.

44- Peace Breachers.

45- Up For The Win.

46- The Seekers.

47- Winning Habit.

48- The Slytherins.

49- Broomstick Alliance.

50- The Kicking Chicks.

51- Bad Beaters.

52- Prisoners Of Azkaban.

53- Warlocks Attack.

54- The Sorcerer Brothers.

55- Knockout Kings.

56- The Falmouth Falcons.

57- Peace Destroyers.

58- Hungry Horntails.

59- Ferocious Forces.

60- Scarlet Kings.

61- School Rejects.

62- Goal Conscious.

63- Hamerheads.

64- The HolyheadHerpies.

65- Bar Raisers.

66- The Snifflers.

67- The Mad Muggles.

68- That’s How You Catch It.

69- Great Slytherins.

70- The Chudley Canons.

Tips For Generating one Best Quidditch Team Name

It would be unfair if you are playing this interesting sport but your team does not have a good team name. A good name is the identity of your team. If you want audience to cheer for you then make sure that your team name is as fun as the game. Luckily you do no need to spend hours on internet trying to find a perfect name because we have done this work for you.

Create your own epic Quidditch team name using the following guidelines:

1- Take Inspiration From The Game Itself:

The best way to create a unique team name would be to take inspiration from the game itself. There are various terms in Quidditch like the ball or the positions. You can incorporate them into your team name. For example, The chasers, The Seekers etc.

2- Take Inspiration From Harry Potter:

Since Quidditch is a game is inspired by Harry Potter so the series can be the best inspiration for you to create unique team names. Make a list of Harry Potter teams, spells, characters anything that you can make a perfect team name. Merge them with descriptive words to create a unique name.

3- Highlight Your Team’s Strength Or Weaknesses:

Find a way to describe your team’s vibe into a name. If your team has any strengths or weakness then find a way to incorporate them into your team name using a comedic twist. Light-hearted names will always add fun element to your team.

4- Take Approval From Your Team:

If you are choosing the team name in your own, make sure to take feedback from team members. Make sure that all your team members are on board before finalizing the name. This will boost motivation and compassion in your team members.


Quidditch is the most popular and exciting sport played around the world. Let’s not make it a boring sport by choosing a dull team name. Go ahead and pick any epic name from the list to make your team distinctive and show everyone that you are true Potterhead.

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