Terraforming Mars Rules | How to Play [ Instruction & Strategy ]

Nobody would disagree with terraforming being a wonderful, fun, and creativity-loaded board game. It is, in fact, one of the most sought-after board games.

Here we have explored terraforming with simple rules, game strategy, and detailed instructions to play terraforming as a Pro player.

Terraforming Rules | How to Play Terraforming Board Game


Mars Terrain Deformation Rules:  Humans began to make Mars come to life through terrain deformation.

Huge companies sponsored by the Earth World Government are racing to change the temperature, oxygen content, and oceans to make the planet healthy for humans.

Every company is working on this project which is named Terraforming Mars.

Game Summary

  • Terraforming Mars is a board game suitable for 1-5 players.
  • Terrain modification or terrain modification literally means “from/shape the earth”.
  • It is a hypothetical process in which the atmosphere, temperature, surface topography, or ecology of a planet, moon, or other object is deliberately changed to make it similar to that of the earth’s environment.
  • This makes it easy to live in by making it an Earthly life.
  • In “Terraforming Mars”, players play the role of a company.
  • They topographically transform Mars by raising the temperature, adding oxygen to the atmosphere, covering the planet’s surface with water, and producing plants.

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Game Setup

  • Here a standard game setup for 2-5 players is illustrated.
  • The game board is placed in the middle of the surface area.
  •  Place 9 ocean tiles in the reserved space.
  • Attach temperature and oxygen marks to their starting positions.
  • Also, put the generation mark on the TR scale.
  • The resource cube and the remaining tiles are placed in a way that everyone can reach them.
  • Make sure there is no Corporate Age card owned by any company on your project deck.
  • They are marked with red and white symbols in the lower left corner.
  • Randomly play the project card, and then place the project platform next to the board.
  • Reserve a storage space for the discard pile next to it.
  • The players who have recently won the Terraforming Mars game will receive their first player token/marker.
  • Players choose their color and choose the corresponding player mark and game board.
  • You first need to make all the resources on the board.
  • Therefore, place the player marker on the starting position.
  • Each player also places a marker at the beginning of the TR track (20).
  • New players get a beginner card that is colorless and follow its instructions to get 42 Mega credits.
  •  Moreover, they draw 10 project cards to form their starting hand.
  • They can then explore their own cards, and experienced players can continue this setting without them.
  • Shuffle the 10 standard corporation cards, and deal 2 cards to each remaining player.
  • Here you exclude the 2 Corporate Era corporations.
  • Give each remaining player 10 cards.
  • These are the cards that players can buy at the start (3 million euros each).
  • Players are now exploring their starting hands and company choices.
  •  The player chooses which company they want to play with, and which of the 10 project cards they want to keep as the starting hand.
  • Unsaved cards will be discarded.
  • The discarded company is put back in the box.
  • The cards are always thrown away face down!
  • Remember, before you start economic development, your resources will be used by future generations.
  • The game starts-there is no player subscription phase at the beginning of the first generation and no exploration phase.
  • Because you just completed these phases during the setup process.
  •  The first player only initiates the action phase.

Terraforming Mars Strategy

Players represent competing businesses that all have a stake in terraforming Mars. The game board stands for the planet’s surface.

It is represented by an attire of sixty-one contiguous hexes/magic spells. Each hex depicts almost 1% of Mars floor area. There the gamers can set oceans, greenery, towns, and different unique features.

The object of the game is for gamers to finish three terraforming situations: enhance the atmosphere’s oxygen degree to 14%; enhance the temperature from -30 to +8 degrees Celsius, and cover 9% of Mars floor through the ocean.

This is represented in-game as having nine ocean tiles placed on Mars. Players reach those goals by playing cards that show different technologies used to terraform Mars.

A number of generations play this game, each depicting one game round. A generation begins with gamers drawing playing cards, then gamers take turns performing actions.

This may be playing cards, the use of the capacity of a card already in play, or paying for one of the several actions depicted on the board.

Ultimately, when all gamers have stopped taking further action, gamers gather profits and benefits according to their creation of unique resources, then the next generation starts.

One of the perfect parts of Terraforming Mars is the Terraforming Rating (TR) system.

Whenever a participant plays an action that improves any of the terraforming situations, the gamer’s TR grows.

A gamer TR represents not only the victory points they have earned throughout the game but also a gamer’s cash profits while collecting income and resources at the end of each generation.

The game ends when the three terraforming conditions have been met.

Then, gamers count up their points, which come from their TR at the end of the game.

They also count cities, and greeneries that they have placed on Mars, achievements they have got claimed throughout the game, and playing cards they have performed.

The participant with the very best score wins.

End of Game

If all three global parameters (ocean, temperature, and oxygen) reach the goal, the game will end at the end of this generation.

After the production phase, players can use other options to convert plants into vegetation tiles. Then proceed to the final scoring.

The players collect all remaining cards and calculate VP. The player with the highest score is the winner! Each draw is won with a maximum of €M.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have tried to attempt the most common question asked in respect of terraforming board game.

1. What is a good score in Terraforming Mars?

For solo, 100+ is considered a really good game.

2. Can we plant trees on Mars?

Yes. To do so, you have to compress the air in the greenhouse and plant it in soil filtered from the perchlorate salt of Mars. It is toxic to higher life forms.

The soil is not suitable for plants. There are not enough minerals and no water. If there is liquid water, it will be very salty.