59 Anime Guild Names [ Best, Cool, Powerful, Girl & Boy Anime Groups ]

Guild members live and work together by hunting or going on quests together. That is why a guild name is very important to give you an efficient identity.

If you enjoy playing games by creating guilds, then you definitely know how important it is to choose an impactful guild name, a name that is strong enough to make your guild members motivated and energetic to ace every quest.

When choosing a guild name, anime is the best way to get inspiration. If you are also looking for some anime guild names suggestions, then you are in the right place.

You do not need to worry about creating a cool and impressive name because we have already done this job for you.

In this article, we have listed plenty of options for you to choose from.

However, if you want to create your own anime guild name, then follow the tips at the end of this article. These tips will help you in creating super-efficient names.

List of Cool, Funny, Powerful Anime Guild Names


In this article, we have listed guild names under different categories, so it will get easier for you to choose a name of your choice. We have listed the following categories:

Good Anime Guild Names

A good guild name provides you with an efficient identity. It also encourages your team members to give their best during every mission.

We have written some good suggestions for you in this list. With these suggestions, you are surely going to rule the game.

1. The Silent Voices.
2. Naruto’s Army.
3. Crescent Wings.
4. Megamind’s.
5. Point Of No Return.
6. The Yorozuya.
7. Michio Force.
8-Dragon Masters.
10. Honored Strikers.
11. Fearless.
12. Senpai Mentors.
13. Black Bull Squad.
14. The Z Warriors.
15. Night Raiders.

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Cool Anime Guild Names

If you prefer a cool guild name, then this list is for you. These names will seriously make your opponent think twice before competing with you.

Cool anime Guild Names

16. The Phantom Troupe.
17. Stray Gods.
18. The League Of Villains.
19. Demon Slayers.
20. Sacred Society.
21. Soul Reapers.
22. Whispering Knights.
23. Black Eclipse.
24. One Punch Men.
25. Red Ribbon Army.
26. Immortals.
27. Mad Castle.
28. The Chibi Crew.
29. The Rule Breakers.
30. Resident Evils.

Best Anime Guild Names

These are some of the best guild names that are perfect for every age group. Every name in this list is unique and epic enough to make your guild look the best among the rest.

31. War Brothers.
32. The Akatsuki.
33. Forsaken Frost.
34. Hunters Association.
35. Beastly Alliance.
36. High-Rise Invasion.
37. Shadow Knights.
38. Deadmen Wonderland.
39. Horde Of Immortals.
40. The Order Of Black Knights.
41. The Survey Corps.
42. SOS Brigade.
43. Shadow Hunters.

Anime Girl Group Names

This list is for all the super girls out there. Choose any name from this list to show the unity of your guild. These names will show how much fearless and strong you get when it comes to competition.

Girl Anime Guild Names

44. Slaystation.
45. Phoenix Tears.
46. Backstreet Girls.
47. Dark Pegasus.
48. Girl Power.
49. Psycho Check.
50. The Magical Girls.
51. Girls Gone Wow.
52. Blizzards.
53. Celestial Witches.
54. Irresistible Queens.
55. The Sugoi Squad.
56. Kitty Dance.
57. The Elric Sisterhood.
58. Kamiko Army.
59. Kamikaze Penguins.

Points to Consider while Looking for Anime Guild Name

If we have some tips that will help you to narrow down that list of options:

1. Take Inspiration:  There are tons of inspirations for you to take ideas from. The internet is full of animated works.

Make a list of your favorite anime. You can also alter the name of anime to create an impressive guild name.

2. Choose A Distinctive Name For Your Guild: Do not settle for less. Choose a name that sets you apart from other guilds out there.

3. Do Not Choose Difficult Words: Do not choose words that are difficult to understand. Go for names that are direct and to the point.

4. Put Words To Work: Visit the online dictionary to find a wide range of words related to the guild.

5. Online Name Generator: If you are still in search of more ideas, then search for an online name generator.

You will get plenty of ideas there that will help you to create an anime guild name with just a click.

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We have tried to list all the cool, best and unique anime guild names in this list.

These names will surely make your guild stand out among the rest. If you also have any ideas, then do share them with us in the comments section.