Twerk Team Names [ Good, Unique, Real, Tech Challenge ]

Mizz Twerksum and Lady Luscious are known as the Queens of twerking. This duo formed this dance move and created an empire out of it with their passion.

It is because of their practice and passion that this dance move is now loved by everyone. Whether you are at a party or chilling with friends, no dance is complete without twerking.

If you and your gal pals have a deep love for this move and want to become recognized in the world as the best Twerking Squad, then this list might help you out in getting the game you deserve.

Twerk Team Name Ideas for Your Group | Unique, Funny, Real Mixed Tech Challenge Twerk Team Names


No team gets recognition without a team name. If you want your team to get noticed, then make sure your team name is as exceptional as your twerking skills.

A good name will not only make you a star on any stage, but it will also boost your team’s spirit.

Twerk Team Names

Twerk Team Names

1. Drizzling Divas.

2. Twerk Rhythm.

3. Shake It Up.

4. Banging Beats.

5. That’s How You Twerk.

6. Heat Wave.

7. We Speak Dance.

8. Chillin’ & Twerkin’.

9. Rhythm Stars.

10. Perks In Twerks.

11. Beat Magic.

12. Chaotic Steps.

13. Shaking It Like A Pro.

14. Twerk It.

15. Soulful Shakers.

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16. Twerking Gold.

17. Twerk Goals.

18. Rapid Thigh Movements.

19. Twerking Spirit.

20. So You Think You Can Twerk?

21. Lit n Fit.

22. Twerkumentary.

23. Ignited Spirits.

24. Beat The Heat.

25. Shaking Robots.

26. Twerk Stars.

27. Twerk Movement.

28. Keep Calm & Twerk.

29. Crazy Moves.

30. Shining Bright.

31. Twerking Dolls.

32. Rise n Twerk.

33. Twerk & Drill.

34. Booty Shakers.

35. Twerking Beauties.

36. Elite Steps.

37. Rhythmic Moves.

38. Twerk In Motion.

39. Charged Up.

40. Twerking In Style.

41. Booty Poppin’.

42. Making It Clap.

43. Jumpin’ & Twerkin’.

44. Finest Twerks.

45. Twerking Terrorists.

46. Twerk Effect.

47. Twerk Gods.

48. Rocking Rebels.

49. Booty Bouncers:

50. Bouncing Souls.

51. Twerk If You Can.

52. Candy Shop.

53. Fancy Moves.

54. Twerk-Struck.

55. Pump Up The Jam.

56. Spicing Things Up.

57. Twirling Stars.

58. Too Hot To Handle.

59. Beat Legends.

60. Twerk Queens.

51. The Candy Girls.

62. Sparkling Crystals.

63. Drop It Low.

64. The Spice Girls.

65. Wild Cats.

66. Spicy Shakers.

67. Beat Synergy.

68. Backing That Azz Up.

69. Baby Got Back.

70. Twerkalicious.

Guidelines for Creating Your Own Twerk Team Name Instantly

Whether you want a super fresh name for a team that has the coolest vibes or a kickass name for a team that always rocks the dance floor, this list got you covered.

We have listed these 70+ cool and exciting name suggestions that will help you to get noticed on any platform. So get grooving and show everyone your everlasting love for dancing.

The following guidelines will help you to create an exceptional twerking team name:

1. Put Your Excitement Into Words:

Obviously, twerking makes you happiest. Make a list of words that come to your mind when you think about twerking. Put your excitement or other feelings into words and then incorporate them into a team name.

2. Use Dancing Terms:

Make a list of all dancing terms that you know. Use them as it is or merge them with descriptive words. For example, Twerk Queens, Chilling & Twerking.

3. Take Inspiration From Movies:

You will get plenty of ideas from dance movies. Make a list of dance movies and shows that inspire you the most. Use them in your team name. All you gotta do is do a little brainstorming and get creative with words.

4. Take Suggestions From Team Members:

Ask your team members about their opinion. Ask them what inspires them to do twerking, how they describe twerking, and what comes to their mind when they think about twerking.

After that, use these words and merge them creatively to create your team name.


While choosing a team name, you can be as badass or fun as you want. Always remember that you owe no one an apology for choosing a badass twerking team name. So go ahead and pick any name from this list to rock the dance floors.