70+ Zombie Team Names [ Killer, Survivor, Server, Walking Dead ]

Nowadays, almost every story in horror or thriller fiction includes zombies. Now, they have become an important part of the supernatural world.

Though zombies are considered dangerous, spooky, and petrifying beings who do not have any thinking capability or feelings, which makes them more vicious but they can be the perfect inspiration for a Halloween party or zombie-themed event.

Shows like ‘The walking dead, ‘Zombieland’, ‘World war Z’ and ‘V wars’ are the top-rated seasons and the best shows to take inspiration from. So, after taking inspiration from all the zombie-themed movies, we have assembled this list.

Zombie Team Names | Great, Cute, Zombie Killer, Survivor, Great & Powerful Zombie Squad Name Ideas


Whether you are participating in a zombie-themed party, getting ready for a world ravished by monsters, or just getting prepared for the zombie apocalypse, this list contains petrifying name suggestions that will create immense fear in your opponent’s mind.

These names are perfect for every group who is tired of hearing the same common words for zombies.

zombie Team Names

So, go ahead and feel free to use any name that you like and get ready to take over the world.

However, if you also have any favorite zombie character in mind that you like to use in your team name, check out the guidelines below this article for amazing ideas.

1. Living Dead.

2. We Never Die.

3. Dead Day.

4. Army Of The Dead.

5. Brains Only.

6. Dawn Of The Dead.

7. The Uncured.

8. Death Dreamers.

9. Cemetery Men.

10. Evil Dead.

11. Bloodlust.

12. Cold Bodies.

13. Lasting Men On Earth.

14. Zombie Kings.

15. Hit For Brains.

16. Zombie Horde.

17. The Walking Dead.

18. Hungry For Brains.

19. Braindead.

20. Day Breakers.

21. Dead, Set, Go.

22. The Returned.

23. Freakish.

24. In Flesh.

25. Undead For Dinner.

26. Alive Corpses.

27. Fresh Flesh.

28. Brain Buffet Lovers.

29. Dead Buddies.

30. Hunting Together.

31. Brain Matters.

32. Need For Brain.

33. Dead Folks.

34. Cureless Creepers.

35. The Rotten Dead.

36. Love For Brains.

37. Insomniacs With Eating Disorder.

38. Brain Over Matter.

39. Dead Heads.

40. Brain-Eating Walkers.

41. Infected Souls.

42. Bonies & Fleshies.

43. Long Live The Dead.

44. The Ghouls Alliance.

45. Chase Me If You Can.

46. Catching Up With The Corpses.

47. Hungry Corpses.

48. Having Brains With My Mains.

49. Highly Infectious.

50. Corpses chillin’.

51. Soulless Society.

52. Mindless Monsters.

53. Endless Entertainment.

54. Brain Magic.

55. Alive n Eatin’.

56. Infectious Bite Markers.

57. One Bite Wonders.

58. Eating With Spirits.

59. Brain Fry Addicts.

60. Happy Death Day.

61. Brain & Vodka.

62. The Dancing Dead.

63. Bones With Booze.

64. Heads Of Undead.

65. Cold-blooded Monsters.

66. The Nightmares.

67. Spooky Affairs.

68. Social Distancing Society.

69. Us vs. Everybody.

70. No Brain, No Problem.

Guidelines to Create Your Own Zombie Team Names 

Here are some guidelines that will help you to create a spine-chilling zombie-themed name:

1. Take Inspiration From Movies:

You must have seen so many zombie-inspired movies, serials, or shows. In fact, right now, almost every horror movie includes zombies or vampires.

So, do brainstorming sessions and make a list of all the zombie characters you remember. This will help you to create a new word out of those terms.

2. Think About Your Purpose:

Are you hosting a zombie-themed party or participating in a zombie-themed play?

Think about your purpose because it will help you to narrow down your list of options. For example, Braindead Zombies, Targeting Brains, etc.

3. Use Synonyms:

Using mainstream will just make your team name look dull or common. If you like a certain word, but you are worried that it is too common, then search for its synonyms to avoid common names for zombies like ‘undead,’ ‘monsters,’ etc.

4. Take Suggestions:

Involving your team members in the name selection process is the best way to generate unique and creative ideas.

Think about their ideologies, fears, assumptions, and ideas about zombies, and then write down interesting ideas.

Combining these terms or incorporating them into a name would be the best way to generate creative and unique names.


Who knows, a zombie apocalypse could happen any day, and what better way to get ready for that than choosing a spooky name, right?

Hopefully, these spine-chilling names will get the attention of the audience and make other monsters fear for their lives.