70+ Worst Team Names Ever!

Every person has his own preferences. Some like to choose trendy names for their teams, while others prefer something different.

After all, who are we to judge? One person’s favorite name can be another person’s last preference. We have been writing best and unique team name suggestions for so long, but this time, we decided to write names a bit more strange, or you can say….worst.

For many teams, the most difficult task is to decide on a good team name. But you can set your team apart by doing something unusual-choosing the worst team name.

Anyone can come up with the worst ideas, but not everyone gets the chance to choose the worst name for his team.

The good thing is that you do not have to search for hours to find a name; just write down all the worst words that come to your mind, and tada! You are done.

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In this article, we have listed 70+ worst name suggestions. After hearing these names, everyone will definitely notice your team and wonder what you were thinking while choosing this name.

Worst Team Names

If you also want to add some worst suggestions, then check out the guidelines below this article that will help you to create the worst name of all times.

1. Kings Of Drews.

2. Red Skins.

3. Secondhand Lions.

4. Bad Asses.

5. Hotties & Notties.

6. Knickerbockers.

7. Ignorant Pitches.

8. Wildmild.

9. Worst Of All Times.

10. Saber-toothed Predators.

11. Flying Warriors.

12. Cardinal Athletics.

13. The Score Wizards.

14. Team Magic.

15. The Clippers.

16. The Brewers.

17. Fighting Chihuahuas.

18. The Rubberducks.

19. Buffalo Wings.

20. Dumbo Drop.

21. FART.

22. Santas With Muscles.

23. Fully Loaded.

24. Lucky Numbers.

25. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

26. Newsies.

27. Megaforce.

28. Little Fockers.

29. Baby Geniuses.

30. 2 Fast 2 Furious.

31. Hashbrowns.

32. Wingnuts.

33. Savannah Banana.

34. Iron Pigs.

35. The Raptors.

36. The Red Sox.

37. The Fake Saints.

38. The Dash.

39. Chicken Nuggets.

40. Rising Supergiants.

41. Black Cokes.

42. Blackhawks.

43. Seminoles.

44. Black Rocks.

45. The Lakers.

46. Golden Hurricane.

47. The Organic Ducks.

48. The Ultimate Disasters.

49. Maple Pelicans.

50. The Fakers.

51. Crazy Panthers.

52. Thunderbolts.

53. The Bobcats.

54. Mighty Twins.

55. No Scope.

56. Burners.

57. Wuzz Up.

58. Bingo.

59. Fried Chickens.

60. Regular Sized Apes.

61. Funk Lords.

62. Blue Devils.

63. Holy Crusaders.

64. Mighty Ducks.

65. Multiple Balls.

66. Chicago Cubs.

67. Wham! Bam!

68. Inglorious Bastards.

69. Irritable Ball Syndrome.

70. Yard Goats.

Guidelines to Create Worst Team Name Ideas For Your Squad

The following guidelines will help you to create the most terrible name in history:

1. Use Worst Words:

Take Inspiration from things that you do not like or the ones that you think annoy your friends.

Make a list of things that you and your friend find worst or unusual, and then incorporate them into a team name.

2. Use Synonyms:

Do not worry if you are out of ideas and unable to think of unique words. Just search for the synonym of the word that you like, and you will see a wide range of options to choose from.

3. Use Alliterations Or Rhymes:

Names in which both words start with the same letter or that rhyme are easy to remember and will stick in minds for a longer duration.

So keep this strategy in mind and create a name. For example, Worst Witches, Mean Queens, etc.

4. Browse the Internet:

Browsing through the internet will help you in getting a wider range of options. Search the mist cringeworthy words in English.

Make a list of words that you think are so cringe and then incorporate them into a team name.


It is totally cool if you want a team name that is unusual and different. Honestly, it is a good strategy if you want everyone to notice, discuss and remember your team.

We have tried to compile a list of all cringe and worst words that we could think of. Hopefully, this list will meet your worst expectations.