70+ Top WWE Tag Team Names For Your Squad

Everyone knows John Cena and The rock, even if they are a non-fan of WWE. We grew up seeing these inspirations on screen and even tried to copy their tactics at some point too.

If you are also a fan of WWE, then this list is for you. Whether you want a team name for a wrestling competition or a WWE-themed party, we got you.

If you want to win the fight, then your team should serve two purposes: make the opponents nervous and never lose hope.

These things are only possible if you have a cool team name- a name that makes your opponent shake in his boots.

WWE Tag Team Name Ideas | Cool, Great, Funny WWE Tag & Stables Squad Names List


Honestly, no one remembers second place. If you want to stay in the mind of people, then you need to look unique from other teams, and for that, you need a good team name.

This list contains 60+ epic and strong WWE team names. These names are not just tough-sounding; they are also perfect for every age and wrestling group.

WWE Team Names

Hopefully, you will also find a team-appropriate name on this list. However, if you want to go abstract or create a unique name, then read the guidelines below this list for a head-start.

1. Proud Jobbers.

2. Closet Champions.

3. Knockout Champions.

4. Clean Finishers.

5. The A-team.

6. The Giants.

7. Enforcers.

8. The Main Show.

9. Extreme Wrestlers.

10. Alive n Hittin’.

11. Punch Me Hard.

12. The Whackers.

13. The Real O.G.

14. One Punch Wonders.

15. Main Eventers.

16. No Power.

17. Punching Patrol.

18. The Skull Crushers.

19. Fighting Champions.

20. Endless Pain.

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21. Hardcore Wrestlers.

22. Punch After Punch.

23. The Giant Tower.

24. Undertaker’s Students.

25. Brothers Of Chaos.

26. Team Busters.

27. The Nasty Boys.

28. Strike Forces.

29. The Violent Brothers.

30. The Outlaws.

31. Aggressively Strong.

32. The Best Defenders.

33. First Timers.

34. Used To Winning.

35. Combat Champions.

36. Pumped Up.

37. Back To Rage.

38. Strike Mode On.

39. You Can’t Hurt Us.

40. Indestructible Forces.

41. This Is Gonna Hurt.

42. Cross Lockers.

43. Slam To The Ground.

44. The Choke Club.

45. Jumping Ninjas Strikes.

46. Super Finishers.

47. The Iconic Brotherhood.

48. Hurting Machines.

49. Jaw Breakers.

50. Kickoff Show Masters.

51. Last Ones Standing.

52. Block Experts.

53. Bones Crushers.

54. Strong Brotherhood.

55. Unstable Wrestlers.

56. Spotmonkeys.

57. Signature Move Experts.

58. The Eliminators.

59. Rushed Finishers.

60. Ring Warriors.

61. The Mighty Punchers.

62. Punch Pf Terror.

63. Mission Take down.

64. Hands Of Steel.

65. Strong Spirits.

66. The Head Shrinkers.

67. The All-Knighters.

68. Combined Powers.

69. Dirty Finishers.

70. Demolition Squad.

Guidelines to Create Your Own WWE Tag Team Names

Use the following guidelines to create a perfect name for your team.

1. Use Tough Words:

The best way to create a solid impression on your opponent is by choosing a tough team name. Write down the words that you think sound strong and tough, like combat, fighting, knockout, etc.

You can use them as it is or merge them with other descriptive words to create unique names. For example, Knockout Champs.

2. Take Inspiration From WWE Champions:

All of us have seen WWE fights at some point in our lives. There are so many WWE champions who have stolen our hearts with their strength and tactics, like Roman Reigns,

Undertaker, and Bret Hart. If you also have any WWE champion in mind who inspires you the most, then use his name or tactics and incorporate it into a team name.

3. Get Creative:

It is not necessary that you specifically include words like combat or fighters in your name. Words that are not specific to fighting can be just as strong.

Just make a list of words that you think can boost your team’s confidence and motivation. Think out of the box and create unique team names.

4. Take Suggestions From Friends:

The best way to make sure that your team name is tough, best, and a perfect fit for your team, make sure to take feedback from other team members too.

This will create an atmosphere of trust and encouragement in your team.


WWE is all about fighting and intimidation. You just cannot win it if your team is not motivated or encouraged. So, it is important to choose words that convey skills and power.

Hopefully, the names listed above will not just make your team confident but also make your opponent nervous.