Arena Team Names [ Good, Funny, Vow, Common ] List -2022

A lot of people come up with creative arena team names. Everyone tries their best to come up with a name that is better than other players in the arena.

Honestly, in such a case, it won’t be easy for you to create a name that raises the bar for other players, but we can help you in this matter. This list is especially for arena players who are looking for unique and super fresh name suggestions.

70+ Arena Team Names | Perfectly Funniest, Mostly Common, Vow Arena Team Names Ideas for Your Squad

Arena games are pretty engaging and bring out the best in every individual while enhancing relationships.

While you play in one, it is important you give your team identity, and that starts with a perfect team name.

A good team name is the best way to motivate and have fun with your team members. It also helps to intimidate your opponents and shatter their confidence before competing with you.

Arena Team Names

Arena Team Names

1. Killing Moves.

2. Skills That Kill.

3. Death Threats.

4. Dead Bunnies.

5. Panic Attacks.

6. Tone Issues.

7. Bros Before Hoes.

8. Brass Behaviour.

9. Are We Dead Yet?

10. Losing Committee.

11. Druid Warriors.

12. The Aristocrats.

13. Famous Losers.

14. Hot Stuff.

15. Gnomosexuals.

16. Fighting Bulls.

17. Golden Warriors.

18. Beast Land.

19. Surviving Rebels.

20. The Last Ones Standing.

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21. Damage Alert.

22. Unordinary.

23. High Power.

24. Tackle Society.

25. Toxic Beasts.

26. The Enforcers.

27. Mad Arena.

28. Ash & Dust.

29. Eradication Squad.

30. Starfallen Angels.

31. Shadow Hunters.

32. Your Karma.

33. Paradise Complex.

34. Manslayers.

35. The Reapers.

36. Blacksouls.

37. The Psycho Attack.

38. Revolutionary Agenda.

39. Nightfall Guards.

40. Salvation Academy.

41. The Forsaken.

42. Lost Souls.

43. Bloodstains.

44. The Puppetmasters.

45. The Hellion Coliseum.

46. Lawbreaking Alliance.

47. The Crimson Coliseum.

48. Riot Makers.

49. The Hollows.

50. Find & Destroy.

51. Kill At Sight.

52. Fighting Rage.

53. Fighters Wrath.

54. Straight Outta Prison.

55. The Firebirds.

56. Spine Breakers.

57. Fan Of Knives.

58. Many Inches Of Stardom.

59. Ugly Trollers.

60. Fine Skills.

61. Shadowfrost.

62. We Swing Both Ways.

63. Venomcleave.

64. Nope, Not Asians.

65. Enraged Nerds.

66. Dead Niggas Storage.

67. Priests Vs Beasts.

68. The Elite Deviants.

69. The Real O.G.

70. Squid Squad.

Tips for Choosing Awesome Arena Team For Your Squad

For your inspiration, we have listed these 70+ cool and unique arena team name suggestions that will help you to create a strong impact on the battlefield.

Go ahead and choose your ideas name to make an epic entrance in the game. .

Still haven’t found your perfect name? Don’t worry, the following tips will help you to create your own exciting arena team name.

1. Choose Theme:

Before you start brainstorming, think how what you want your team name to portray. Do you want it to be tough-sounding?

Or do you want to make everyone laugh? Setting your parameters will help you narrow down your options.

2. Take Inspiration:

You can use your favorite songs, lyrics, or from your favorite players. You can also take inspiration from your team members like your last names, your common interests, likes or dislikes, or the first letter of the cities you guys are from.

3. Use Game Terminology:

The best way to create an arena team name would be to take inspiration from game terminology.

The game must have a lot of rules and other features that can help you a lot in creating your own team name.

You can use them as it is or changes a word slightly by adding another descriptive word to it, or change the spellings to create a unique pun.

4. Use Symbols or Special Characters:

You can also include symbols and special characters to make it distinctive and unique. This way, you will be able to stand out among other teams and have an impactful appearance.


There you go! We have tried to list the best name suggestions that will help you to create fear in your opponent’s mind.

These names will surely enhance your gaming experience and give your team members a sense of belonging.