70+ Tag Team Names For Wrestling, WWE, Rugby, TagLog [ List-2022 ]

What’s in the name? I believe a hell of a lot. Just ask The Dudley Boyz, The Hardy Boyz, The Brain Busters, and The Wild Samoans, who have created a lasting impact in the world of tag war.

No one would have remembered them if they had no identity.

Tag Team Names For Your Squad


Tag teams have always been an essential part of wrestling, where two established teams regularly wrestle as a unit and have an identity. It is sports as well as entertainment wrapped up as one.

Each year every team tries its best to come up with a name that is better than other teams.

Team names, especially badass ones, make tag games much fun to watch.

Tag Team Names

You might have seen so many villainous and coolest tag team names; after taking inspiration from all the famous teams, we have arranged this list of 70+ suggestions.

These names will surely make your opponent nervous and make everyone chant for your team.

1. The Bad Dudes.

2. Brain Busters.

3. Bones Breakers.

4. Big Bad Men.

5. Power Synergy.

6. The Mega Forces.

7. Blood Brothers.

8. Skull Crushers.

9. Smackdown Superstars.

10. Total Divas.

11. The Eliminators.

12. Iron Fists.

13. Eye Of Tiger.

14. Masked Men.

15. No One Spared.

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16. Wild & Crazy.

17. Mighty Hulks.

18. Neck Grippers.

19. Worst Nightmares.

20. Big Beasts.

21. Most Wanted Villains.

22. Jaw Breakers.

23. Bad Influences.

24. Cold-Hearted Rebels.

25. The Freebirds.

26. Hard Punchers.

27. Jumping bombs.

28. The Outlaws.

29. The Mighty Destroyers.

30. The Wreckers.

31. The Brothers Of Chaos.

32. The Destructive Alliance.

33. The Frightful Forces.

34. Unholy Bond.

35. The Headbangers.

36. Highly Spirited.

37. Great Risk.

38. The Violent Brothers.

39. Hard Luck.

40. The Bulldogs.

41. Superslammers.

42. The Bashers.

43. The Attitude Kings.

44. All Time Champions.

45. The Superstars.

46. Kings Of The Rings.

47. The Rumblers.

48. The Daredevils.

49. The Shockers.

50. The Unforgiving Force.

51. The Risk Takers.

52. The Survivors.

53. The Worst Event.

54. Natural Disasters.

55. Adrenaline Rush.

56. Mighty Morphins.

57. Hell’s Angels.

58. The Demolition Crew.

59. The Mighty Strikers.

60. Mighty Evilhood.

61. Painful Procedure.

62. Public Service Enemies.

63. Wild Stallions.

64. The Duo Power.

65. The Queen Bees.

66. Hotness Alert.

67. Deadly Sins.

68. Bad Breed.

69. Big Violence.

70. The Evil Villains.

Tips to Pick the Best Tag Team Name for Your Squad

Create your own tag team name using the following guidelines:

1. Choose Catchy Words:

While choosing a team name, make sure to choose words that are short and catchy-ones that your supporters turn into chants. Short names are usually crowd-pleasers and easy to remember.

2. Maintain Good Sportsmanship:

Tag team is all about fighting with dignity. Whatever fight you are in, you should always treat your competitors with respect. Try not to use threatening or offensive words to show good sportsmanship to other teams.

3. Choose Strong Words:

Tag sports is all about intimidation and strength, so the best team name will be the one that serves both purposes: make opponents shake in their boots with fear and motivate the team to do well in the fight.

4. Take Inspiration From Your Favorite Tag Teams:

Thinking about your favorite tag teams will help you a lot in creating a unique team name.

You do not have to use their names as it is; just take inspiration from them and create your own unique team name.

5. Take Feedback From Team Members:

Make sure to take input from other team members, too, while finalizing a name. It will make them more confident as they feel equally important in the team.


Tag is a very competitive and challenging game where only the team with the best name gets to create a strong first impression.

Just make sure to choose a name that reflects the skills and vibes of your team members, and for that, the above list will surely help you out.

Hopefully, you will find a name in this list that is liked by the crowd as well as your team.