70+ Pokemon Team Names [ Mystery Dungeon, Super Trivia ]

Who does not love Pokémon? It is the most popular series that has captured the attention of kids as well as adults. With this much craze, it is impossible for us not to become a part of Pokémon culture.

If you are also a big fan of Pokémon and looking for a Pokémon-inspired name for your team, then this list is for you.

We know scrolling through endless possibilities could be tiring; that is why we have decided to arrange some of the best suggestions for you to consider that are unique and have not been taken yet.

Feel free to pick any name that you can relate to your team with.

Pokemon Team Names | Best, Super Mystery Dungeon, Funny Pokemon Squad Names Ideas-2022


With a mixture of unique twists and creative ideas, Pokémon-inspired team names can be perfect for every sport or event.

Keeping this in mind, we have arranged this list of 60+ epic Pokémon-inspired team names after taking inspiration from top-rated Pokémon characters, known spells, and episodes for every Pokémon fan out there.

Pokémon Team Names

So, without any delay, let’s get started because we have got to catch so many names.

However, if you also have some a-mew-sing ideas and want to create your own team name using your favorite characters, then check out the guidelines below to get some fresh tips:

1. Bad To The Bone.

2. Onixpectedly Smart.

3. Lights, Camera, Quacktion.

4. The Stray Pokemons.

5. Johto League Champions.

6. Kakuna Matata.

7. From Orange Island.

8. We Choose You, Pokemon.

9. Battle Frontiers.

10. Firebreathers.

11. Zenigame Squad.

12. Thunderbolts.

13. The Charmanders.

14. Air Slashers.

15. Ancient Power Holders.

16. The Kangaskhan Kids.

17. Baddy Bad.

18. Black Hole Eclipse.

19. Bolt Strikers.

20. The Bridge Bike Gang.

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21. The Battling Eevee Brothers.

22. Breakneck Blitz.

23. Clangorous Souls.

24. Core Enforcers.

25. Dynamic Punchers.

26. Scare In Air.

27. The Lost Lapras.

28. Meowth Rules.

29. Charizad Chills.

30. Viva Las Lapras.

31. The Stray Shinx.

32. The Budding Masters.

33. Cunning Lupras.

34. Deceiving Appearances.

35. The Shapeshifting Metamons.

36. Smiley Quagsires.

37. The Fire Starters.

38. The Brainy Pichus.

39. The Wandering Shinx.

40. Sky High Battlers.

41. The Bicker The Better.

42. Six Pack Attack.

43. Disasters In Disguise.

44. The Masked Coordinators.

45. Cheer Pressure.

46. Poke-Block Army.

47. The Jigglypuffs.

48. Poached Egos.

49. Better Eight Than Never.

50. Claim To Flame.

51. Ties That Bind.

52. Psycho Psyducks.

53. Drooling Dittos.

54. Charming Charmanders.

55. One Trick Phonies.

56. Bowls Of Fire.

57. Charismatic Charizads.

58. The Snoring Snorlax.

59. Pike Queens.

60. Misty’s Magic.

61. Rage Of Innocence.

62. Extreme Pokemon.

63. Art Of Pokemon.

64. Hook, Line & Stinker.

65. The Hasslers.

66. Flower Power.

67. The Fortune Hunters.

68. The Psychic Sidekicks.

69. The Fire-ing Squad.

70. Grin To Win.

Guidelines to Create Your own PokeMon Team Names For Your Squad

Create your own Pokemon-inspired team name using the following guidelines:

1. Name Your Team After Your Favorite Pokémon Character:

Whether you are a fan of the abilities of Pokémon, cunningness of misty, or strength of ash, they can be the perfect inspiration to create epic team names.

Just use your favorite character and their skills and then incorporate it into a team name. For example, if you love Blastoise, then your team name could be Mega Launchers.

2. Take Inspiration From Your Favorite Episode:

There are 1200+ episodes of Pokémon. All of us have spent our childhood watching these episodes.

There must be a lot of episodes that you like a lot and love to watch again and again. These episodes and their names can be the perfect inspiration to generate new ideas.

3. Use Uncommon Words:

Never choose common words for your team. It makes your team look dull and boring. Choose exciting words just like Pokémon.

Search for unique words with meanings so that you can be a surety that the name you are choosing for your team is not offensive and cool.

4. Take Inspiration From Pokémon Attacks And Spells:

Being Pokémon fans, we know a lot of Pokémon attacks and spells. Attacks like air cutter, air slash, agility, pound, double slap, and comet punch can be the best inspiration to create unique Pokémon team names.


We have narrowed down our favorite Pokémon-inspired names for you to consider. These names are perfect for all true fans of Pokémon.

So, pick any name that everyone in your team likes and show everyone that no one is a true fan of Pokémon than you. These names will surely make you relive your childhood memories.