70+ Cool Racing Team Names [ Unique, Professional, Street, Dirt Track ]

You might have wondered what gives a team name that ‘cool’ factor, right? The answer is that you will know that when you hear it.

Though giving your team a motivational name is a good option, you cannot deny the fact it is a cool name that stays in the minds of people for a long time.

Your team can be strong as a rock, but if you do not have a fun element in your team, your team will be forgotten. So, if you want your team to get noticed, go for a cool team name.

Racing Team Names For Your Squad


We know that the most daunting task for teams is to decide on a cool team name. If you are wondering what cool names will suit your team perfectly, then this list is your answer.

We have listed 60+ cool team name suggestions that will make you the center of attraction in any competition.

Cool Racing Team Names

These names are perfect for any group who thinks they are racing enthusiasts. So ahead and pick any name for your team because these names have an element of spunk and style to become memorable.

However, if you have some ideas and want to create your own team name, then read the tips below this list for some fresh ideas.

Here are some epic racing team name suggestions:

1. Street Cats.

2. Mad Men.

3. The Savages.

4. Gentle Dons.

5. Chilling And Cruising.

6. The Roadskills.

7. Kings Of Nowhere.

8. Street Mafia.

9. Race Gods.

10. The Wheelers.

11. Wrecking Crew.

12. Bleeding Streets.

13. God’s Speed.

14. Black Panthers.

15. Worst Nightmares.

16. Street Kings.

17. We Belong To Streets.

18. Road Crashers.

19. Uncontrolled Drivers.

20. Road Warriors.

21. Street Saints.

22. Rock n Roll.

23. Catch Up If You Can.

24. Grim Reapers.

25. Drifting Devils.

26. Racers Gone Wild.

27. Road Rashers.

28. Inglorious Basterds.

29. Maximum Potential.

30. Baby On Track.

31. Lords Of The Tracks.

32. Speed Maniacs.

33. Beyond Limits.

34. Tyre On Fire.

35. Adrenaline Rush.

36. Start To End.

37. Road Rage.

38. Bruising And Cruising.

39. Speed Demons.

40. Track Mates.

41. The Extreme Force.

42. Mud, Sweat & Tears.

43. Faster Than Snails.

44. The Racing Dead.

45. Run Like The Winded.

46. Roadside Missiles.

47. The First Finishers.

48. Past You.

49. Lap Dancers.

50. Victorious Speedsters.

51. Keep Calm & Race On.

52. The Go-Getters.

53. Backstreet Boys.

54. Snorts In Shorts.

55. Lap Maniacs.

56. Fireballs.

57. Miserable Legs.

58. Sweaty Buddies.

59. Marathon Maidens.

60. The Wild Racers.

61. Fast Five.

62. Speed Kings.

63. Deadly Shins.

64. Rush Hour.

65. Fully Loaded.

66. Speed Madness.

67. High Speed.

68. Born Racers.

69. Pain For Gain.

70. Excuse The Dust.

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Guidelines to Create Your Own Racing Team Name in 2022

Create your own swaggy and cool team name using the following guidelines:

1. Keep It Fun & Light-hearted:

Though choosing a motivational team name is a great option but choosing a fun team name is the best way to keep your team motivated.

A fun and cool team name will make your team members smile long after the end of the race. Use fun words or see if you are able to create cool puns about racing.

2. Choose Names Unrelated To Racing:

Cool team names do not necessarily have to relate to racing. If you think that you and your team members have common traits like a favorite hobby or the same music style, then you can use these things to create a unique team name.

3. Take Inspiration From Racing Terms:

If you are unfamiliar with racing terms, then search for lists of racing terms. Or, if you know racing terms, then jot down your favorite words and use them to create unique team names.

You can also use them as a starting point and merge them with unique words to create a new and epic team name.

4. Take Approval From Your Team:

Make sure to include your team members too before finalizing a team name so that you end up with a variety of unique options. After that, use these suggestions to form a cool and funny term.


If you want to set yourself apart from your competition, then choosing a cool team name is the answer. Choosing a cool team name is the best way to show the positive and fun side of your team.

The above-listed names surely fulfill those criteria and include a hint of swag and style. Hopefully, this article will be useful to everyone looking for a cool team name.