60+ Game of Thrones Team Names [ Cool, Funny, Fantasy, Trivia ]

Who isn’t familiar with the famous HBO series ‘Game Of Thrones? The series took the world by storm. Even after its finale, it is still the most watchable show in history.

It keeps you glued to your screen from beginning to end. For fantasy enthusiasts, choosing GOT theme for their team name is surely the best idea to stay unique from other teams in any challenge.

The show has given us some of the most spectacular moments, from shocking twists to epic battles.

Each character in the series has a fascinating personality, such as Jon snow, Arya stark, Sansa stark, Tyrion Lannister, and Daenerys Targaryen. If you are also a fan of GOT, then you know the show is simply beyond compare.

Game of Thrones Team Names | Trivia, Fantasy, Cool GOT Team Names


If you want to show everyone, then there is no better fan of GOT than you, then the best way is to go for a GOT theme.

From breathtaking battles and locations to epic dialogues, the series is full of ideas that can help you to create a unique GOT-inspired team name.

Game of thrones Team Names

For your inspiration, we have listed 60+ epic team names that include even the minor details that you might have missed in the series.

These unique and epic team names will definitely help you to stay dominant in any competition.  Here are the best and most epic GOT-inspired team name suggestions for you:

1. The Kingslayers.

2. The Mad Kings.

3. Jon Snowmen.

4. A team Has No Name.

5. Night’s Watch.

6. The Onion Knights.

7. Three-Eyed Ravens.

8. White Walkers.

9. Team Stark.

10. Direwolves.

11. The Bastard Sons.

12. The Lannisters.

13. Crows Before Hoes.

14. Night’s Watch.

15. The Red Women.

16. Queens Of Throne.

17. Daenerys’s Dragons.

18. Winterfallen.

19. The Exiled Knights.

20. The Dothrakis.

21. Faceless Men.

22. Self-Crowned Queens.

23. Valar Dohaeris.

24. Astapor Unsullied.

25. The Wildlings.

26. We Know Nothing.

27. The Lamb Men.

28. High-born Party.

29. House Of Matriarchs.

30. Kings Of Winterfell.

31. The Northerners.

32. The Stormlanders.

33. A Team Has No Name.

34. Gods Of Death.

35. Protectors Of The Realm.

36. Wild Raiders.

37. Winterfell Wolves.

38. Stormbringers.

39. The Sand Snakes.

40. Girls Gone Wildling.

41. True Kings.

42. The Faceless Men.

43. Guardians Of Winterfell.

44. Nobodies.

45. Mothers Of Dragons.

46. Cats Of The Canal.

47. Ladies Of The Dreadfort.

48. Night Wolves.

49. Blacksmith Apprentices.

50. Scar-Faced Warriors.

51. Lumpy Faced.

52. Queens In The North.

53. The Winged Wolves.

54. Little Lords.

55. The Black Bastards Of The Wall.

56. The Silver Queens.

57. The Princesses That Were Promised.

58. The Mockingbirds.

59. Ladies Of Winterfell.

60. Arya Ready For This?

61. Wardens Of The North.

62. The Bell Ringers.

63. The Sword Swingers.

64. From Iron Islands.

65. Ladies Of Dragonstone.

66. The Mountain Men.

67. Dark Wings.

68. Breakers Of Chains.

69. The Unburnt.

70. Protectors Of Seven Kingdoms.

Guidelines to Create Game of Thrones Team Names

Here is how you can follow the following given tips and tricks to make the best GOT team name for your squad.

Game of thrones Team Names

Do you think you are a bigger fan of GOT and want to create your own team name? Do not worry because the following guidelines will help you to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Take Inspiration From The Series:

GOT is full of incredible locations, characters, battles, engaging scenes, and epic plots that can help you to write so many creative names.

Write down all the famous dialogues you can think of, and then use them to create your own unique team name.

2. Use Your Favorite Character:

Who is your favorite in GOT? Who do you admire the most? Think of your favorite character and think of his qualities.

This will help you to create unique names. For example, Stark’s Army, Lannisters Club, etc.

3. Do Not Copy Old Names:

The internet is full of GOT-inspired team names that are either old or already in use. Do not copy from those links. Be original and go for unique names.

Mainstream or old names will just ruin your team’s impression. Go for a name that you think will create hype in the ground.

4. Look Up Facts About GOT:

The internet is full of GOT gossip, interesting theories, and lesser-known facts that can help you to create unique names.

Be creative and find ways to incorporate those facts into a team name.


If you want your team to conquer any challenge, then you definitely need a GOT-inspired team name. The medieval fantasy and epic names will definitely help you to dominate any task.

Hopefully, these above-listed names will bring a new ray of creativity to your team.