60+ Funniest Catchy & Agile Scrum Team Names

Do you think that your funniest scrum team lacks the spirit it really needs? Or are you looking for some hilarious team names to boost your team’s morale to work with more enthusiasm? Well, do not worry because you are at the right place.

A scrum team is a group of collaborators who give their best in completing and delivering products in a given time. Normally, a scrum team includes a scrum master, a product owner, and some developers.

Scrum teams are all about coordination and collaboration. If you have a good team, then you can not only complete your project in time but also get opportunities for improvement.

Choosing a funny team name is the best way to create a friendly and fun atmosphere within your team. It plays a bigger role in boosting your team’s spirit than you expect. It is the best way to show your creative and fun side.

Funny Scrum Team Names | List of Crazy, Funniest Scrum Team, Squad Names – 2022


For your inspiration, we have listed 60+ funny team names that will definitely make your team members smile.

Funny Scrum Team Names

However, if you think you know your team perfectly and want to create your own team name, then check out the guidelines at the end of this article for some fresh ideas.

1. No Ducks Given.

2. Sleeping Pills.

3. Party Managers.

4. Work-a-joylics.

5. Work & Booze.

6. The Untoucha-balls.

7. Disastrous Squad.

8. Project Comedians.

9. One Goal:Party Harder.

10. Procrastinators.

11. Game Of Scrums.

12. Research Rats.

13. Loose Ends.

14. Scrum & Coke.

15. Sleeping Asses.

16. Scrums Up.

17. Time Wasters.

18. Couch Kings.

19. data Devils.

20. Misconception Crew.

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21. Butt-Kickers.

22. Problem Makers.

23. Honorable Ducks.

24. Scrumdog Millionaires.

25. Easy Scrum Easy Go.

26. Coffee Addicts.

27. Rest Machines.

28. The Scrummy Bears.

29. Couch Potatoes.

30. Work Ass-Kickers.

31. Bunk Machines.

32. Chipmunks.

33. Total Disasters.

34. Epic Failures.

35. Resting Flamingos.

36. Sleep Deprived Nerds.

37. Deadline Workers.

38. Red Bull Gave Us Wings.

39. Mind Benders.

40. Baby Got Back.

41. Workday Warriors.

42. Project Survivors.

43. Gigglers.

44. Brain Dead.

45. French Toasts.

46. Dreams & Alcohol.

47. Unpredictable.

48. Surprisingly Smart.

49. Scrum At Me Bro.

50. Showstoppers.

51. Project Thugs.

52. Internet Surfers.

53. Bit By Bit.

54. Byte Me.

55. Workload Madness.

56. Mind Bogglers.

57. Lords Of The Scrum.

58. Game Of Scrums.

59. Brogrammers.

60. Scrum Box.

61. Mean Machines.

62. Booze Club.

63. Chatterboxes.

64. Afternoon Nap Club.

65. Time Out.

66. Always Hungry Apes.

67. Work Hard, Party Harder.

68. Ctrl+Alt+Del.

69. Bits Magnet.

70. Our Time Is Gonna Scrum.

Guidelines to Create Funny Scrum Team Names

Still cannot finalize one epic team name? Do not worry, the following guidelines will help you to create a fun team name in no time.

1. Use Humor:

Since the project work is all about theorizing, organizing, and troubleshooting, sometimes it gets hectic and boring.

That is why it is important to maintain a fun element in your team, and that is only possible if you choose a funny team name.

Use humor, pun, anything, even inside jokes, if you guys have any, to create a hilarious team name. This will always create a friendly and cooperative atmosphere in your team.

2. Choose A Theme:

The best way to narrow down your search is by picking a theme. Take inspiration from your favorite move, characters, animals, quotes, or phrases. This will give you plenty of unique ideas.

3. Think About Your Team:

What comes to your mind when your think about your team? Are you guys innovators or problem solvers of your company?

Write down the words that you think describe your team. This will help you to come up with unique ideas.

4. Have A Brainstorming Session With Your Team Members:

There is no point in working in a team if you guys do not cooperate with each other.

If you want your team members to give their best in the project, then make sure to ask for their opinion before every decision. Ask everyone in your team to give team name suggestions.

After that, take votes and finalize the one that gets the majority of likes.


In the end, your goal should be to come up with a fun name that represents your entire team as well as boosts their spirit to work with more dedication.

Hopefully, these names will enhance the bonding of your team members and help you to start your project with the right steps.