Patrick Mahomes Team Names [ Fantasy Patrick Nicknames ]

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You all must be well aware of the saying “look good and play good”, right? Well this applies to your team as well. We do not have any evidence to show whether you will win the trophy or not but we do know one thing; a good name will definitely get you the attention that your team deserves.

Team names that include a professional player name have always been a classic in fantasy football. Honestly, nothing will get your excitement and energy flowing like including your favourite player’s name in your team name.

Patrick Mahomes Team Names | Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Football Nicknames, Funny Clever Group Name Ideas

This article is for all those players who are a big fan of Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes is the top player of all times who set the record for most total yards in a game. He also won the MVP as an NFL starter and super bowl next year. So, if you are crazy about him then we do not blame you, he has earned this respect. As a tribute to our player, we have arranged a list of 60+ team name suggestions after Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes Team Names



Patrick Mahomes Team Names

1- Home Is Where Mahome Is.

2- Mahome Fever.

3- Mahomes Attack.

4- Patrick’s Alliance.

5- Drunken Mahomes.

6- Chilling With Mahomes.

7- Sherlock Mahomes.

8- Mahomes Boys.

9- Mahome Squad.

10- The Lone Patricks.

11- Mr. Patrick’s Residence.

12- Game OfMahomes.

13- Bad Mahomes.

14- Mahome Alone.

15- Mahome Sweet Mahome.

16- Mahome Missiles.

17- No Place LikeMahomes.

18- East Or West, Mahomes’ The Best.

19- Sweet Mahomes.

20- Mahomes Time.

21- Mahomes Era.

22- Mahome Is New Home.

23- Pat Me Crazy.

24- Chicken Patties.

25- Pat On Your Back.

26- Crazy Patricks.

27- Mahomes Play Like That.

28- Honey, We Are Mahome.

29- Mahomes Sickness.

30- Go Big Or Go Mahome.

31- Patricks Show Time.

32- AM/PM.

33- Pattycakes.

34- Pour One For Mahomes.

35- MahomeOver Everything.

36- Dancing Mahomes.

37- Mahomes Magic.

38- Mahomes Department.

39- Patrick Wall.

40- Pat To The Future.

41- Mahomes Rule The World.

42- 12 Angry Mahomes.

43- Keeping Up With The Mahomes.

44- Super Mahomes.

45- 50 Shades OfMahomes.

46- How I Pat Your Mother.

47- Country Home, Take Mahome.

48- Pats And Giggles.

49- The Mahomes Family.

50- Remember The Mahomes.

51- Raising Mahomes.

52- Pat-Men.

53- The Mahome Zone.

54- Go Pat Yourself.

55- The Mind OfMahomes.

56- One Hit Mahomes.

57- One For Us, One For Mahome.

58- Mahomecoming.

59- Patrick Is Ma-homie.

60- All Ma-homies.

61- The millennium Mahomes.

62- Followers OfMahomes.

63- MahomesOn Fire.

64- Mahomes Vision.

65- Pat & Destroy.

66- A Real Mahome Show.

67- Victorious Mahomes.

68- Moves LikeMahomes.

69- Drop It Like Mahomes.

70- PM masterpiece.

Tips For Creating Your Own Patrick Mahomes Themed Team Names

These guidelines will help you turn your ideas into epic team names:

1- Create Puns Based OnMahomes’ Name:

You can combine Mahomes’ name with your favourite descriptive words or play on words to create unique team names. Look for words that rhyme with Mahomes’ name that you can swap out, like Mahome Alone, Sherlock Mahomes etc.

2- Think About Your Team Members:

If everyone in your team loves Mahomes then you can also use obscure re references that only serious fans of Mahomes would understand. You should also consider what you think fits your team perfectly and it is okay to use crude humor or harsh terms.

3- Watch The Game For Inspiration:

Nothing will get your creativity flowing like watching your favourite player play. Watching your favourite player playing your favourite sport will definitely get your creative juices flowing. You may get surprised seeing how many options you find.

4- Keep It Fun:

No one likes to support a team with a dull or boring name. If you want to everyone to cheer for your team then make sure your team name is fun and exciting. If your favourite player’s name reminds you of a funny song or a phrase then find a way to include it in your team name.


Fantasy football is a sport where you get to own a team and it’s an experience that many players take pride in. Your team name should not be different. It should be the one that you feel proud of. Hopefully the above listed names inspired by Mahome will definitely make your team stronger and confident. Just pick a name and show everyone how proud you are of your team and how much your admire Patrick Mahomes.

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