50+ Sad Group Names ,Nicknames, Usernames [Deepest & Truly Felt ]

Sadness is an emotion that human beings definitely feel at some point in their lives. It is a natural reaction to any situation that is upsetting or depressive.

It results in unhappiness, low mood, and low energy to carry out activities of daily life effectively.

However, there are also some positive impacts of sadness on the brain, like it improves our memory and judgment and helps in increased motivation.

The best way to cope with sadness is to do a meeting with friends or create groups to talk to them.

Having compassionate and supportive groups definitely create a positive difference in life.

Sad Group Name Ideas that are Unique with Complete Guidelines


But the main thing that you are going to need after creating a group is a sad group name, a name that evokes feelings of sadness and despair.

For your inspiration, we have listed 50 group names to consider.

Sad Group Names

However, if nothing on the list captures your attention, then do check out the tips at the end of this article.

These tips will be of great help in creating a sorrowful group name.

Sad Group Names

Sadness includes a range of emotional states, from mild disappointment to extreme despair.

However, these sad feelings can quickly diminish, too, after the individuals resolve upsetting experiences.

In all of these sorrowful situations, the only thing that can help is the company of good friends and family members.

Sad groups are the best way to express your emotions with your friends and lighten your burden.

Whether the purpose of your group is to console or you just want a sad group name, we have listed 50 suggestions for your inspiration below:

  • Gloom Gang.
  • Broken Club.
  • Let It Go.
  • Sad Vibes.
  • Pessimistic Club.
  • Life Is Beautiful.
  • Staying Optimistic.
  • Old Memories.
  • Wiping Tears Together.
  • Sorrowful Souls.
  • Dead Inside.
  • Lost Illusions.
  • Pain Is Temporary.
  • Sad To The Bone.

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  • Despaired Thoughts.
  • Lost Pieces.
  • Never Let Me Go.
  • Mending Broken Hearts.
  • Sadness Hub.
  • Lost Dreams.
  • Numb Society.
  • Miserable Thoughts.
  • A Sad Affair.
  • Everybody Hurts.
  • Be Alright.
  • Falling Apart.
  • The Crying Game.
  • Broken Wings.
  • Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.
  • Saying Goodbye.
  • Stay With Me.
  • I’m  On Fire.
  • Let Me Be Sad.
  • Shattered Mind.
  • I Am Nobody.
  • This Too Shall Pass.
  • On The Verge Of Breakdown.
  • Sadness Warriors.
  • Heavy Hearts.
  • Miserable Nation.
  • Feeling Like Dying.
  • The Fallen Crew.
  • Sad Eyes.
  • Cherishing Happy Memories.
  • Never Losing Hope.
  • Crushed Minds.
  • Ruined Generation.
  • Hopelessness .
  • The Ugly Criers.
  • Unhappy Emotions.

How to Find/Make Your Own a Sad Group Name?

Below are some tips to help you in creating a sad group name:

1. Take Inspiration:  Everyone has that one special playlist to listen to when they are sad.

So, for sad name suggestions, the best way would be to take inspiration from your sad playlist. Browse through your track list to find unique sad names for your group.

2. Search For Synonyms: Sadness is not just one word. It has so many different meanings and emotions. Search for its synonyms on the internet and then create a unique name.

3. Try To Keep It Less Intense: Everyone suffers from sadness at some point in life. In these hard times, choosing an intense name will only trigger the situation.

That is why try to use words that are less intense but more optimistic and uplifting.

You can also add a little bit of humor or sarcasm to bring a smile to group members’ faces in hard times.

4. Take Suggestions: Sadness is a very intense and depressing emotion. If you are suffering from sadness, then high chances are that you might not be able to think of names on your own.

The best way would be to take suggestions from your friends and group members that are aware of your group.

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We all are going to feel sad at some point in our life, but we should not forget that every cloud has a silver lining.

Good times will arrive, too, and that will outweigh the sadness. Till then, you can count on our group name suggestions which will help you in creating a sad group name and share your worries with your friends.