Space themed Team Names to Outshine in Every Combat!

Spaced-theme team names are the best way to make your team look interesting and amazing. You can easily create so many names with this theme.

In this universe full of stars, planets, galaxies, dust clouds, and lights, you have plenty of options to take inspiration from.

The sky is not the limit when it comes to finding a perfect Space-theme name. Just think of the word ‘Space’ and see how many ideas you get.

List of Space-themed Team Names Suggestions & Ideas.


However, to make your work easier, we have already done brainstorming for you. So, if you are stuck on coming up with a space-themed team name, then you are at the right spot.

This comprehensive article has the best and most unique team name ideas-from funny to creative ones.

spacethemed team names

Cool Space Related Names

Not to speak of name that relates to aliens, sci-fi, or coolest Nasa names, here we come to spread a smile on your face with aesthetic space-inspired names

1. Saturn Psychos: Expect trash talk.

2. Brothers from another planet: A lot of romance here.

3. Off to Mars: They are probably done with this planet.

4. Evil Galaxies:No other team is wicked than them.

5. Too hot to handle:    Can you beat this hotness?

6. Crazy Meteors:  It is so peaceful before they all show up.

7. K2 Punks:  Some gigantic players.

8. From Area 51:  Crossing this team would be a bad idea.

9. Lost in Space:  Always lost in their own thoughts.

10. Now in Motion:  Good to see their lazy ass moving.

11. Solar Eclipsers:  Not good for another team.

12. Drunken Green Men:    Every night, they are out to booze.

13. High Life:  You can find them in the nearest bar.

14. Space Thrashers:    They create a big mess wherever they go.

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Awesome Space Usernames

For one who is geeky about cosmos, here we go with sweet space-related usernames for anything to go with!

15. Black Holes:  Destroying everything in their path.

16. Aliens with balls:    They just do not take crap from anyone.

17. Saturn Suckers:  Stay away from these tricksters.

18. Not from this Planet:  Their appearance tells that too.

19. Stratosphere:    Their aims are so high that they are probably reaching outer space.

20. Mars Survivors:  Now they have no fear.

21. Aliens from Jupiter:  Crazy different.

Creative Galaxy Team Names

Here is the list of cool team names that will definitely make you look the best among other teams:

22. SuperNovas: No one really has speed except this team.

23. Fiery birds: They fly and breed fire.

24. Maximum Speed: Always giving their best.

25. Shooting Stars:    Like fireworks.

26. Invaders:  They take what they want by force.

27. Center of Gravity:  Everyone just gets drawn to this team.

28. Space Intimidators:    They have good convincing powers.

29. Guardians of the Galaxy:  They keep the order.

30. Dark Matter:  Bringing own everything in their path.

31. Men in Black:  They have mastered their job.

32. Earth Defenders:  Team with a real cause.

33. Venus hotties:    Will work best for a cheerleading team.

34. Jupiter Gems:  Different but Pretty.

35. Galaxy Chaos:    Disorder has been restored.

Galactic Girls Name Ideas

Here is another combination of space-inspired galactic girls’ names for you!

36. The Predators:   Not a nice bunch to mess with.

37. Shining Stars:  They shine wherever they go.

38. Night Flyers:  They will use their special powers for victory.

39. Time Masters:     They are best with time management.

40. ThunderBirds:  Everyone in this team has remarkable skills.

41. Galaxy Fixers:    There is no situation that they cannot fix.

42. The Space Runners:  They decide how everything happens.

Space themed Nicknames

Here is the list of creative space-themed nicknames for you to show everyone your creativity and smartness:

43. Dark Eclipse:  For the other team.

44. Space Raiders:    When they fight, they destroy everything in their path.

45. Battle Stars:  Ready to fight on the field.

46. Space Conquerors:    No task is too big for them.

47. Energetic Stars:  Always in high spirits.

48. The Space Cadets:  Whatever they do, everyone follows them.

49. Space Annihilators:    They do not just dominate every game; they destroy their opponent.

50. Lunar Ladies:    They can even rule outer space with their skills.

51. Space Pythons:  They are vicious and deceptive.

52. Green Lantern:  They Keep the righteous ones safe.

53. Earth Avengers:    No one gets away after doing wrong with any of them.

54. Neptune Nuggets:  A name for a cooking team.

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Cute Outer Space Names

Here we go with awesome and wonderful outer space names suggestions for you!

55. Astrophels:    Stars Lovers.

56. Beyond the Stars:  They have dreams that no one has dreamed before.

57. Jupiter Knights:  A team with impressive talents.

58. For the love of science:  A team with real goals.

59. Saturn Savages:    They live without rules.

60. Smart Suns:  The genius men in the room.

61. Elite Stars:    Their team is on top of it all.

62. Neptune Nerds:  The geek club.

63. Through Hardships to the Stars:    Never giving up till the end.

How to Create Your Own Space Themed Team Names

Creating your own spaced-theme name is not difficult. In fact, it is an interesting and easy activity.

Every day in our life, we watch so many movies that are related to space. We grew up watching Star Trek and Star Wars.

So, it will be a matter of minutes for you to come up with unique ideas for creating your own team name.

Be Creative

Do not be afraid to think out of the box and get creative. Just decide the type of name that you want for your team.

Do you want a funny team name, cool team name, or badass team name? After choosing the category, it will get easier for you to search for specific words that relate to your category.

Make a List

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Space’? Note down all the words that come to your mind.

You can merge those words with something funny or creative to create a unique combination.

Take Inspiration From Movies or Shows

There are so many space-themed movies and shows to take inspiration from.

You will find a huge list of space movies that can be used to generate ideas.

Take Ideas from Astronomy Dictionary

You will find so many words on the internet that are related to astronomy and space.

You can choose different words and try to make a combination of them to create your own unique name.

Research About Latest Discoveries

The internet is full of the latest discoveries. You will find so many articles and stories about space exploration.

Use them as an inspiration to create a unique name that will be new to anyone.

Take Feedback

Feedback is very important. Best suggestions always come from dear ones. So, do not forget to take ideas from them too.

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You can come up with so many ideas by just thinking about the word space.

If not, you can always count on this article to provide you with the best and most amazing team names.

These names will not only make you look the smartest but the puniest too.