Rage Cage Rules | Equipment, Skills & Strategies

Rage Cage Rules, How to Play

Explore the rage cage drinking game that’s a perfect game for any party to energize the environment and get excited. Here are complete rage cage rules, how to play with strategies and equipment. Rage Cage Drinking Game This is a ball game. Rage Cage is a fast-speed, ball-drinking game. This game needs big groups of … Read more

Chase the Ace Rules | How to Play Pass the Ace Card Game

Chase the ace rules

Since 2013, Chase the Ace is a variant of the lottery, which is very popular in parts of Canada. The game is used to raise funds for charity. If Ace Chase is an easy-to-learn five-card game suitable for five or more players, the lottery winner will also draw a deck of cards and win the … Read more

Spicy Uno Game | Rules, Instructions & Strategy

Spicy Uno Rules, how to play

Are you excited to learn more about this wonder inspiring game called Spicy UNO? Explore the game with different variations as crazy uno, how to start, play or win the game. But before, let’s peep into what this game is really for? Spicy UNO- the Game To play this, many of the rules are the … Read more

Connect 4 Rules [ How to Play Connect 4-Instructions & Strategy ]

Connect 4 U Rules

Connect Four is a two-player connecting board game in which players choose a color and take turns placing colored discs in a seven-player column. Let’s discuss here complete rules of connect 4 with instructions and strategies how to play connect 4 This is a classic game that you will enjoy playing with your friends and … Read more

Pitty Pat Rules | How to Play Pity Pat Cards Game

Pitty Pat Rules | How to Play

Pitty pat is one of simplest game with quick rules and strategies to play. It is in fact a wonder pairing game that you requires you to know the pair of cards! Let’s move on how to play pitty pat What’s Pitty Pat ? This game named pitty pat is a very simple matching game … Read more