150+ Clan Names for COD | Cool, Modern Warzone, Zombie, Black OP3

Call Of Duty is a first-person shooter video game. The game originally focused on World War II, but with time, the series has seen game sets in the midst of Outer Space, Cold Wars, and many futuristic worlds.

This multiplayer game is always on trend in the world of gaming.

Clans have been an important part of COD for several years, which allows the opportunity for the players to include other players in their team and earn rewards.

However, an important confusion every player faces after making a clan is choosing the best clan name.

Sometimes, players spend hours and hours on the internet to find a good name but still find nothing.

If you also have the same confusion, then worry no more. In this article, we have arranged a huge list of suggestions that are unique and interesting.

Pick any name that you like, and get ready to shine in the game.

List of Clan Names | Good, Cool, Warzone, Modern Warfare, Tags, OP3 COD Name Suggestions


For your ease, we have listed names under different categories, which include:

Good Clan Names for COD

Without a good clan name, no one is going to consider your team a threat. No one is even going to remember your clan if your name is boring or dull.

Good Clan Names for COD

That is why, to save you from the struggle of finding the best clan name, we have arranged this list of good clan names. Hope you like them!

  • Hawk Eyes.
  • The Special Forces.
  • Elite Reborn.
  • Fearless Warriors.
  • Sniping Legends.
  • Samurais.
  • The Eliminators.
  • Undefeated Army.
  • Eagle Assassins.
  • Undead Killers.
  • Men Of Steel.
  • On Point.
  • Game Dominators.
  • Sharp Shooters.
  • Peak Performers.
  • Unstoppables.
  • Gladiators.
  • Bullet Proof.
  • Contract Killers.
  • Black Hawks.

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Cool Clan Names for COD

No one wants to stay in a clan that has a dull and boring first impression. Everyone will love to join your clan if it has a cool name.

A cool clan name is the best way to show your opponent what your clan is capable of and how smart your clan can be when it comes to competition.

Here are some cool clan names’ suggestions for you that you are definitely going to like:

  • Digital Devils.
  • Death Machines.
  • Death Dealers.
  • Headhunters.
  • Dispatched Demons.
  • Clan Busters.
  • Superiority Complex.
  • Death Defiers.
  • Black Knights.
  • Swag Kings.
  • Angry Wolves.
  • Your Executioners.
  • Head Shots.
  • Troll Kings.
  • Anonymous Reapers.
  • Enraged Psychos.
  • Red Dragons.
  • Eternal Young-bloods.
  • Vicious And Delicious.
  • Undercover Agents.

COD Regiment Names

In COD Modern Warfare, regiments are the same as clans which allow players to join up in a group together and play against other regiments.

We have listed some amazing regiment names in this list to make your gaming experience more exciting.

COD Regiment Names

  • Gunslingers.
  • Sixth Sense.
  • Red Bulls.
  • Magnificent
  • Unbreakable Warheads.
  • Old Iron Sides.
  • Black Flash.
  • Clan Destroyers.
  • Mean Villains.
  • Armored Farmers.
  • Death Conquerors.
  • Roaring Tigers.
  • Lone Wolves.
  • Hellhounds.
  • Great Saints.
  • Serial Killers.
  • Rocketeers.
  • The Professionals.
  • Killing Code.
  • Untamed Soldiers.

Best Warzone Names in COD

In order to become a strong clan, you need a lot of hard work and teamwork, but to show other opponents that you are strong, you need the best clan name too.

That is why we have listed the best war zone names in this list which will surely impress and intimidate other clans.

  • Deathstalkers.
  • Blood Circle.
  • Accurate Shots.
  • Bloodbath And Beyond.
  • The Eliminators.
  • Killing Machines.
  • Blackstock.
  • Mercenary Shooters.
  • War Hounds.
  • Blood Battalion.
  • Last Men Standing.
  • Coldhearted Assassins.
  • Bounty Hunters.
  • Night Watchers.
  • Delta Guns.

Good Modern Warfare Names for COD

Coming up with a good name might sound difficult. You want something that is nice, but you also want a name that says, don’t mess with me.

But do not worry because we have written some suggestions for you that are strong, good, and unique.

Good Modern Warfare Names

We are confident that you are definitely going to find a name in this list that suits your team perfectly.

  • Supreme Commandos.
  • Power Rangers.
  • Rise Of The Fallen.
  • Resolute Crew.
  • One Shot Killers.
  • Serpents.
  • Without Remorse.
  • Dark Shooters.
  • Annihilators.
  • Dropping Bombs.
  • Wild Wreckers.
  • Righteous Vengeance.
  • Battlefield Warriors.
  • Blackjack.
  • Calm Phantoms.
  • Light Bringers.
  • Night Raiders.
  • Veterans.
  • Thunderbeasts.
  • Mafia Gang.

Black OPS Team Names COD

COD: Black Ops is a first-person shooting video game released in 2010.

The game gets pretty intense, especially when black ops forces have to fight in secret wars and operations that occurred under the veil of the cold war.

In this game, good clan names play an important role in striking fear in the opponent’s heart. If you are also looking for suggestions, then this place is for you:

  • Occupiers.
  • Sharpshooters.
  • Ak-47s.
  • Special Forces.
  • Black Tiger Forces.
  • The Prodigies.
  • The Captivators.
  • Achievers.
  • Range Control Group.
  • Soaring Eagles.
  • Unlimited Legends.
  • Alpha Team.
  • Shielding Agents.
  • Black Riders.
  • No Sympathy.

Clan Tags Black OPS 3

A clan tag is a prefix that is attached to a gamer tag. It appears in brackets before a player’s name. A clan tag is the best way to show your creativity.

Your clan tag is your clan’s first impression, so make sure to choose your tag wisely.

For your brainstorming, we have also listed some suggestions for you below:

  • RTBH: Raising The Bar High.
  • CCCF: Combat Clan Collective Forces.
  • TOTT: Tyrants On The Trucks.
  • TCOD: The Clan Of Darkness.
  • AHIP: Always High In Progress.
  • CFY: Coming For You.
  • TABF: The Anonymous Furious Beasts.
  • GRYA: Gonna Rip You Apart.
  • TRR: The Rising Rebels.
  • TUS: The Usual Suspects.
  • NPNG: No Pain No Gain.
  • DON: Downfall Of Noobs.
  • NERD: Nobody Ever Really Dies.
  • OOS: Out Of Sight.
  • RKAS: Rapid Killing Assassins Squad.
  • AQUA: Another Quick Unique Assassination.
  • AAPA: Amazing And Powerful Assassins.
  • IDEA: Investigate, Define, Explore, Action.
  • TSTC: Too Smart To Care.
  • FEAR: Facing Everything And Rising.

Zombie Trick Shooting Clan Names

The infected ones are running and taking control of the world. You must defend yourself and the world.

However, before that, you need to name your clan too. You need a clan name to give a glimpse of your team and tell your opponent how seriously you take the game.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed some amazing suggestions for your zombie trick shooting clan.

  • The Living Dead.
  • Z Nation.
  • Braindead Immortals.
  • Army Of Dead.
  • Cemetery Men.
  • Zombie Clan Busters.
  • Day Of The Dead.
  • Dispatched Demons.
  • Creepy Forces.
  • Terror Horde.

Additional Names; Xbox, Sweat, Bo2 Clan Names

To make your gaming experience more interesting, we have listed some additional names for Xbox, Sweat, and BO2 clans. These names will surely fit right into your squad.

  • Outlaw Kings.
  • Braveheart.
  • Backstabbers.
  • Sniper Instincts.
  • Courage Under Fire.
  • Mind Hunters.
  • Alpha Returns.
  • Beasts Of No Nation.
  • Mighty Mafia.
  • Greyhounds.

Points to Consider While Creating a COD Name

If you want to create your own COD clan names, then read the following guidelines. We have listed some tips which will help you in brainstorming some best ideas.

Clan Names for COD- How to Create your own

1. Keep COD rules in mind: While choosing a name, read official rules for COD challengers.

They have written more details about things that you should keep in mind while choosing a name.

Some of those rules include that you cannot use offensive words, you cannot use words that are against race or gender, you cannot use any product names, etc.

2. Take Inspiration: Take ideas from your favorite action movies, characters, and comics to come up with a good clan name.

COD has so many rules, so you can also use those rules to create puns.

3. Search For Military Terms: COD is a war-based game and includes a variety of military terms.

Write down all the military terms you can think of, and then create a name combining those terms. For example, War, Strong, Armed, Weapon, Battle, etc.

4. Be Creative: When it comes to clan names, be as creative as you can. Think outside the box.

Only a unique and creative name will make your clan stand out among the rest.

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There you go! Feel free to pick any name from this list. Every name in this list is unique and creative.

These names will surely make your opponent nervous and boost up your team’s spirit.