41+ Color Street Group Names [ Catchy Nail Party, FB Color Street ]

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Color street offers a wild fusion of colors, nail art design and vast array of colors to its clients. They have the most amazing nail strips collection perfect for every mood and occasion, from swaggy to formal, decent to edge, they got you. Moreover, they provide you the best platform to connect with other people, share your stories and chat about trending fashion.

Color Street Group Names | Color Street Group Name Ideas

However, finding a perfect name for your color street group requires special time. You need to find a name that reflects the beauty and glamour of nail art and this requires brainstorming. Luckily, you do not have to worry about that anymore because we have written 41 name suggestions for you. Take a look and see if you find a name that suits your fashion style. But if you want to create your own group name and you have ideas in mind then checkout the tips at the end of the article. Color Street Group Names

Below are some colorful  and classy group name suggestions:

1-Confident Nails: Good nails really make you confident.

2- Glam For The Gram:    They just love posting little details on Instagram.

3-Nail Art Pros:    The best nail art girls in the town.

4- Manicures And Martinis:    Love that combination.

5-Brushes And Strokes Experts:    After all, it is about the technique.

6- Nail Art Magic:    Anything can happen with some magic.

7- Topcoat:    The armor to your manicure.

8- Iridescent Nails:    Creating a display of rainbow-like colors.

9- Color Fusion:    They love to experiment with colors.

10-Colors All The Time:    Life is too short to not wear beautiful colors.

11- Nails Day:    If possible, everyday would be nail art day for them.

12- Pink Nail Pals:    They just love pink color.

13- Nail-Aid:     Coming to polish your life.

14- Limitless Art:    No nail art is too much.

15- Glitter Girls:    No nail art is complete without glitters.

16- Nail Art Passion:    Never ending love for nail art.

17- Super Nail Girls:    With a cape to match.

18- Filled With Colors:    Because color changes everything.

19- Pampered Hands:    You can never go wrong with a manicure.

20- BTS:    Behind The Scenes.

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21-Red Nail Love:    Never underestimate the power of red nail polish.

22- The Nail Lab:    They love to experiment with nail art designs.

23- Smiley Nails:    Look good, feel good.

24- The Glam Girls:    Shining all the way.

25-Nails Revolutions:    Because color changes  everything.

26- Creativity Outburst:    Its amazing to see how brilliant they are.

27- Nails Before Males:    That’s the spirit.

28- Floraison:    Bloom.

29-Glamorous Nails:    What’s glamour without glamorous nails.0

30- Happy nails, happy me:    There is nothing a manicure cannot fix.

31- Trend Setters:    Setting new trends with nail art.

32- Feel Elegant:     Show your elegance with your nails.

33- Elite And Classy Nails:    Nice nails are not cheap and cheap nails are not nice.

34- Fingers To Toes:     Beauty from fingers to toes.

35- New Day, New Color:    A rule every girls wants in life.

36- Manicure Madness:    Manicures are the stress-relievers.

37-Always In Style:    365 days of the year.

38- Bright Nails:    Simply the best.

39- Nail Revolution:    Taking nails to next level.

40- Sassy Shades:    They love to play with colors.

41- Bold Nail Paint Brigade

Guidelines to Create Your Own Color Street Group Names?

Create your own color street group name using the following guidelines:

1-Choose Easy Words: Do not use complex words in your name as it will lose its charm. Use classy, unique and cool words that are easy to read in flyers and logos.

2-Choose An Inclusive Name: Don’t use any name that is exclusionary e.g. Just Ladies. You need to choose an inclusive name that welcomes every community.

3- Get Creative: Do not use company’s terms like nail bar or color street. Get creative, think out of the box to make it more memorable and fascinating to customers.

4- Choose Positive Words: Your group name should convey a positive and happy vibe. Do not use dull words in your name. Make sure that the words you choose bring smile on other people faces.

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A name inspired with nail art and lighthearted vibe gives a good welcoming sense of community. In this busy world, it is the perfect way to share the fantastic nail strips with others. After all, who does not love to get together to spend fun time? So, pick any name from the list and show your creativity and style.

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