100+ CSGO Names | Funniest, Cool, Pro, Hilarious CSGO Names

Your name is your introduction. In this digital world, where we all buy things by checking their names, you can get an idea of how names play an important role.

If the names fascinate us only then, we buy the things. Similarly, in the game world, no one will notice us if our name is not interesting enough to grab everyone’s attention.

Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) Names  List, Ideas, Suggestions


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is thrilling and full of action games and having an epic name makes it more exciting.

However, choosing a perfect name that is hilarious and funny is not an easy task. Sometimes, people spend hours on the internet and still find nothing.

Keeping this in mind, we have written a huge list of options for you that will make people notice your profile.

Each name in this list is hilarious enough to tickle your funny bone.

CSGO Team Names

We have high hopes that you will definitely find your perfect name on this list. However, if you are interested in creating your own CSGO name, then do check out the tips at the end of this article.

Funniest  CSGO Names

We have listed some hilarious and funny names that will instantly lift up your mood and make you smile:

1. Triggerbots:     They cheat by using codes to shoot the enemy as soon as he is in their crosshair.

2. Dancing With The Deagles:  Deagle is a desert eagle.

3. Savage:    Never cared about rules.

4. Casanova:  Ladies, beware.

5. Kiss My Axe: Say that aloud, and you will get it.

6. Bitchy And Bossy:    Badass.

7. If I Die  Then It is a Lag:  A Common excuse after losing.

8. The Lannisters:  Like to mess with everyone.

9. Grumpier:     Moody.

10. Tension Free:     No drama here.

11. Pro Thugs:  Pretty rough.

12. Corona Virus:  If they get you, you are gone.

13. Wall Bangers:    Hitting someone with a bullet through the wall.

14. Dyslexic Brain:    Seeing things differently.

15. Nerd Club:  Group of geeks.

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Cool CSGO Names

16. Osama Bin Lagging:  A wordplay.

17. Jobless Players:  Poor you.

18. Abortion Survivor:     He’ll surely achieve a lot in life.

19. Total Noob:  Go easy on this poor guy.

20. Ninja In Pajama:  Hilarious.

21. Albus Doubledoor:  If you are a fan of Harry Potter.

22. Carry Potter:  Similar to above.

23. Missed Shots:  Pros at shooting in the wrong places.

24. Wipe Out:  Eliminating all enemies completely.

25. Attention Deficit:     Lost in own world.

26. Game Of Throws:‘  Game Of Thrones reference.

27. Battle Cry:  Probably going to cry in the middle of the game.

28. Suck it:  Lacking morals.

29. Crybaby:    Cries about anything.

30. The Escapist:    You will find him probably hiding somewhere.

CSGO Pro Names

31. Professional Noobs:  Probably playing the first time.

32. Groovy:    The Funkiest.

33. Angry Birds:    Too cute to be taken seriously.

34. Meme Boy:     Loves to share memes.

35. The Furious Fantasies:  They have some pretty wild fantasies.

36. The Farty Killer:  Cover your noses.

37. Heart Breaker:    Careful with this one.

38. New To This Game:    Good name to distract the enemies.

39. Play Hard, Party Harder:    Their rule for living.

40. Game Over:  For the other players.

Stupid Steam Names

41. I Was A Mistake:  Feeling sorry for you.

42. Yuck Fou:    Crack it yourself.

43. Sarcasm Provider:    Well, someone has to provide it.

44. Nicky Mirage:  A wordplay.

45. Relaxin’  Rhino:  Go easy on the food, dear.

46. Shit Aim:  You probably need some aiming classes.

47. Pokeymom:  A wordplay.

48. The Big Show:     Chubbiness runs in the family.

49. No One Can Tame Me:    If you say so.

50. 1 Pack Beer Belly:  Such perfect round bellies.

51. Clumsy Jerk:  Awkward and Graceless.

52. Assman:    Just can’t stop staring.

CSGO Clan Names

53. Couch King:     Would prefer to sit around all day.

54. Your Stepdad:  How rude.

55. Ariana Grenade:  A wordplay.

56. Flick Or Die:  No option in between.

57. Sold Brother For Rp: They have no shame.

58. Nun Who Gets None:  Strong morals, clearly.

59. Life’s A Bitch:    It surely is.

60. Toggling Joggling:    Turning on hacks.

61. The Keyboard Destroyer:    Keyboard won’t look the same after one game.

62. Anti-Feminist:     Needs some knowledge classes.

63. Space invader:    Not familiar with the concept of boundaries.

64. No balls:    And no guts.

65. Braindead:    Do not mess with these immortal zombies.

Counter Strikes CSGO Names

66. Really Bad At This:  Poor newbie.

67. Joker:  No less than a comedy show.

68. What’s In The Name:  Yeah, tell me?

69. Mud Dog:    Not afraid to get dirty for winning.

70. Low Expectations:  Not having any positive vibes about their performance.

71. Crazy Ass:    Expect brass behavior.

72. Not Last Place:    As long as they ain’t the worst team, it is fine.

73. Mute Assassins:    Silent Killers.

74. Evil Genius:  Always have some evil strategies in mind.

75. The Hang Over:  Had too much to drink last night.

CSGO Profile Names/ Nicknames

76. Come To Daddy:  That’s what he said.

77. Bad Intentions:  There’s always some evil plan going on in their mind.

78. Crackhead: Pretty crazy.

79. I Awwpologise:  You better.

80. Gold Digger:  At least he’s honest about it.

81. Pinky-Pinky What Color:    Pretty childish and cute.

82. Ass Saver:    Knows how to fix mistakes.

83. The Stalking Dead:  Stalking you till you are dead.

84. Liquid Demon:    An evil spirit.

85. Critical Failure:  Worthless and Hopeless.

Hilarious Csgo Names

86. Chauvinist:    A little backward.

87. Your Daddy:    One who knows everything.

88. Kick Chick:    Fighting chicks.

89. Cereal Killer:  Do not expect much.

80. Stink Bomb:    It’d be better to stay at a great distance.

91. No Talent:  Pretty Useless.

92. Captain VAC Sparrow:    VAC means valve anti-cheat.

Crazy Suspect CSGO Names

93. The Empire Strikes VAC:    Similar to above.

94. Chick Magnet:    And proud.

95. The Slow Motion:  Too slow for the game.

96. Catalyst:    The first to start a fight.

97. Big Time Flirt:    Just can’t help themselves.

98. Drunk Damsel:    Might be drunk but always in style.

99. Sniper Got You:  You cannot escape them.

100. Small Hands:    Best for the petite group.

101. JailBird:    Always looking to cause trouble.

102. Trash Talker:    Can talk trash for days.

103. Maniac:    A bit unpredictable.

How to Create a CSGO Name: Few Advanced Tips

We have listed some tips for you, after which it will get easier for you to create your game name in no time.

How to create your own CSGO Name

1.   Define Your Personality in Your Name:  Use words that define your personality. What are your hobbies? Are you a nerd or a gamer?

Are you lazy and prefer to sit all day, or are you an active person? What are your likes or dislikes?

What are your goals? Think of these things and write down the words that come to your mind.

2. Merge Words:   When you are done writing down all the words, merge them with funny and hilarious words to create an epic name.

3. Use Puns:   Puns are the best way to add fun to your name. Choose the wittiest, funniest, sarcastic words to create an epic name.

4. Keep it Short & Catchy:   No one will even bother to read your name if it is too long or complicated, and obviously, you wouldn’t want that. So, choose words that are simple but catchy.

5. Go Easy on Offensive Words:  Your name should be funny and hilarious, but it should be offensive enough to hurt someone’s feelings.

So, do not choose offensive words because it will make you look arrogant and rude.

6. Take Suggestions:   Take suggestions from your friends. They must have so many ideas in their mind too. You will get plenty of suggestions from them to choose from.

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CSGO is a thrilling game, and choosing a hilarious name makes it more exciting.

We have listed so many options for you so feel free to choose any name that fits your personality.

If you have more ideas, then do not forget to share them with us.