100+Fantasy Basketball Team Names [ Popular, Cleveland, NCAA ]

Are you looking for a fantasy team name that excites the spirit? Surely, the name is the real game.

Fantasy basketball is a pretty competitive game, and you need a lot of practice for it.

Apart from practicing, there is another thing that you need to worry about, and that is the need for a good team name.

Your team’s popularity does not depend only on your performance; it also depends on a good team name.

Most of you will agree to this that choosing the best team name is hectic enough to make you want to give up.

Fortunately, if you are reading this, you do not need to worry about a team name anymore.

After writing this article, we have high hopes that you will definitely finalize your team name by the end of the day.

We have arranged a list of basketball team names under different categories so it will be easier for you to choose a name according to your team’s personality.

But, if you are interested in creating your own team name, then do not forget to check out our guidelines at the end of this article.

List of Fantasy Basketball Team Names | Unique, Creative, NFL, NCAA Basketball Team Name for School or College Team


We have arranged a list of Funny, Cool, Creative, and Best team names in this article.

Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Cleveland Fantasy Football names

If your team members have a jolly soul and you guys prefer a funny team name, then this list is definitely the right place for you:

1. Curry in a Hurry:    In reference to Stephen Curry.

2. Team Busters:    The other team won’t look the same after playing with them.

3. Unprotected Sexton:    In reference to Collin Sexton.

4. Bobby Pins:    In reference to Bobby Portis.

5. Play Now, Moan Later:    Crybabies.

6. Crying Jordans:     In reference to DeAndre Jordan.

7. Lowry Expectations:    In reference to Kyle Lowry.

8. Burn Unit:    Here’s some ice for the other team.

9. Harden Horny:    In reference to James Harden.

10. Drunken Dribblers:  Because who likes to play basketball soberly?

NCAA Basketball Teams Names

11. Donald Dunk:    Their actions are no less than cartoons.

12. Misfits:  A team you shouldn’t worry about.

13. Nothing but Netflix:    Situation nowadays.

14. Grasshoppers:    No other team member can jump as high as them.

15. The Usual Suspects:  When anything unusual happens, they are the obvious suspects.

16. Hardcore Balls:    They like it rough.

17. The Screwballs:    More clowns than basketball players.

18. Lamb Curry and Rice:    In reference to Jeremy Lamb.

19. The Chubby Dunk:    They are a little round.

20. Sore Muscles:  You might not see them for weeks after this match.

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College Basketball Team Names

21. The Fultz in out Stars:    In reference to Markelle Fultz.

22. Dribbling Ducks:    They have no idea what they are doing there.

23. Too broke to Golf:  They probably were out of cash, so they decided to give basketball a try.

24. Aarogenous Zones:    In reference to Aaron Holiday.

25. Slang Words:    Expect foul language.

26. The Nappers:     Some people say basketball is boring; this team agrees with them.

27. Too Hot to Randle:    In reference to Julius Randle.

28. Beverly Hills:     In reference to Patrick Beverly.

29. Bad News:     For another team.. they are going to lose.

30. Jump and Dunk:    Amazing mid-air throws.

Donkey Basketball Team Names

A cool team name is the best way to show your team’s spirit. You might lack somewhere in your performance, but other teams will still respect you for having such a cool team name.

So here is the list of cool team names for you:

31. Size Matters:      Only if you are short.

32. James of Thrones:    In reference to Lebron James.

33. Rockers Blockers:     The way they block their opponent is amazing.

34. Out of your Teague:    In reference to Jeff Teague.

35. A League of Extraordinary People:    Similar to above.

36. Batmen and Robinson:    In reference to Mitchell Robinson.

37. Ball Lives Matter:     In reference to Lonzo Ball.

38. The Giraffes:    Damn! They are so tall.

39. Lethal Techniques:     The most dangerous team you are going to face.

40. Basketball Never Stops:  It is a way of life.

College Football Fantasy Team Names

41. Tacko Tuesday:    In reference to Tacko Fall.

42. Pride hath a Fall:    Similar to above.

43. Crowd’s Favorite:    The spectators just love to watch them play.

44. The Adam’s Family:    In reference to Steven Adams.

45. The Dribbling Sodomites:    Keep a good distance from these guys.

46. Too Smart For You:    In reference to Marcus Smart.

47. Flying Cougars:    They look as if they are flying in the court.

48. What’s The Big Beal?:    In reference to Bradley Beal.

49. Bone Breakers:     In the end, the other team might end up with few broken bones.

50. The Gentlemen Club:  Watch out, Ladies!

Star Wars Football Team Names

51. Not Every Herro Wears a Cape:     In reference to Tyler  Herro.

52. Noah’s Ark:    In reference to Joakim Noah.

53. Jusuf Christ:    In reference to Jusuf Nurkic.

54. Dribblogical Warfare:    They will mess you up psychologically.

55. Unexpected Shots:    The other team stays in confusion the whole time about how these guys made that shot happen.

56. Ingles all the way:    In reference to Joe Ingles.

57. Bouncing Stars:    Continuous attacks at the hoop.

58. Death by a thousand hits:    Wordplay on ‘Death by a thousand cuts.

59. Little Red Rodney Hood:    In reference to Rodney Hood.

60. Dribblers and Droolers:    They are so good with dribbling.

Popular Fantasy Football Team Names

While creating a team name, you can be as creative as you can. It not only helps you to gain the attention of the crowd but also helps your team to stay motivated:

61. Murray Christmas:    In reference to Jamal Murray.

62. The Big Dunk Theory:    Wordplay on the play ‘The Big Bang Theory.

63. Where’s My Curry?: In reference to Stephen Curry.

64. Curry Up and Score:    Similar to above.

65. Myles to go before winning:    In Reference to Myles Turner.

66. In The Woods:    In reference to Christian wood.

67. Go Big or Go Home:    There’s no in between.

68. Please Dunk  Responsibly:    For your own well-being.

69. Melo on my mind:    In reference to Carmelo Anthony.

70. Dribblin’ in love:    In reference to Kevin Love.

Best Names in College Basketball

71. Love in the Net:  Similar to above.

72. Ball of Fury:    They are filled with rage.

73. The Dukes:    At the top of every game.

74. Duncan Donuts:    In reference to Duncan Robinson.

75. Cookies and Kareem:    In reference to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

76. Jumping Jacks:    They are known for their excellent jumping shots.

77. 50 Shades of Ktlay:    In reference to Klay Thompson.

78. Ball Control:    They got some unbelievable skills.

79. Ben There, Done That:    In reference to Ben Simmons.

80. Wild Dribblers:     You cannot tame them.

Good NFL Fantasy League Names

Here is the list of best team names that will not only bring your team closer but also put a fear in your opponent’s heart:

81. In your Face:    Damn proud of their game.

82. What Best Players Look Like:     Egoistic much?

83. Easy Peasy:    Making other teams look like amateurs.

84. Young and Strong:    In reference to Trae Young.

85. Dunk Impact:    Hitting the ball just right.

86. Desert Rose:    In reference to Derrick Rose.

87. The Green Initiative:    In reference to Danny Green.

88. Dunk after Dunk:    After dunk after dunk. There is no end.

89. Eat, Dribble, Dunk:    Way of life they should stick to.

90. Always in Motion:    They just cannot stop moving.

91. Synergy:     Always working better together.

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Fantasy Basketball 101

92. Dribbling Maniacs:    They are addicted to dribbling.

93. The Zion Kings:     In reference to Zion Williamson.

94. Dunk Slammers:     No other team hits the ball as hard as they do.

95. Slum Dunk Millionaire:     In reference to the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

96. Solid Attackers:    Hope the other team’s defense is good enough to match this team’s speed.

97. Ball on Fire:     Just unstoppable.

98. Chasing Points:  Won’t stop scoring.

99. Hit Machines:    You just cannot stop them from scoring.

100. Airborne:    They play the best when they are in the air.

101. The Defenders:  They know how to defend the score.

102. Scoring is the least of our problems:    Because it is easier for them.

103. The Energy Pack:    No one knows where you get it from.

104. It’s Show Time:    They do not just play; they perform with all their strength.

How to Create Fantasy Football Team Name?

Creating your own team name is super easy and fun. These tips will definitely help you to think of a few good options on your own.

fantasy basketball team name guide- how to create

1. Take Inspiration from Movies and Basketball Players:  There are so many movies to take inspiration from because most sports movies are based on basketball.

You can take ideas from those movies, or you can also take inspiration from basketball players.

2. Be Creative:  You can show your creativity through your team names. You can merge different but unique words to create a different and interesting name.

For ideas, you can take inspiration from basketball players as described above.

For example, Too Hot to Randle (In reference to Julius Randle), Ingles all the way (In reference to Joe Ingles).

3. Use Basketball Terms:  There are so many terms that are specifically used in basketball.

You can use those terms to create unique names. You can also add puns or jokes in those terms to give spectators a few laughs.

4. Find a Common theme:  Is there anything that is common among all team members?

Are you all male? Or Female? Foodies? Nature Lovers? Adventurers? Nerds? Beginners?

Think of all these things, after which it will get easier for you to pick a team name.

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We hope you like the above-listed suggestions. You do not need to stress yourself out if you do not know which name is best for your team.

Just think about what exactly you look for in a team name, after which it will get easier for you to shortlist the ideas.