51 Fashion Group Names [ Creative, Catchy & Stylish ]

Fashion is a form of self-expression in the specific context of lifestyle, makeup, clothing and accessories. It is a way of celebrating the diversity and variety of cultures in the world.

If you are also a fashion lover who loves to stay in style and also wants to start a business then starting your own fashion group is the best way to embrace both hobbies.

The world around us is full of affluent and attractive brands. With the increase of fashion brands in the world, there is an increase in the competition too.

Every fashion group tries its best to come up with unique and trendy ideas to have an upper hand in the market.

But another thing that is also very important for every fashion group is a unique and creative name.

Fashion Group Name Ideas | Best, Unique, Powerful Fashion Group Names


A good name not only creates a strong impression but also reflects the knowledge, skills and stylish nature of the group.

Keeping this in mind, we have arranged 50+ suggestions for your fashion group. These names will definitely make your group look the best among the rest.

However, if you are interested in creating your own group name then do check out the guidelines at the end of this article. These guidelines will definitely help you in brainstorming fresh ideas.

Stylish Fashion Group Names

We have arranged a list of Trendy, Creative, Stylish, and Catchy fashion group names below:

Trendy Fashion Group Names

The most important step after forming a fashion group is brainstorming unique and trendy group name ideas.

Many entrepreneurs face this problem where they cannot decide on the best and most trendy names for their group.

With the increase of competition in the fashion industry, every fashion group tries its best to come up with affluent and trendy names.

If you are also confused and tired of searching best suggestions, then take a look at this list. We have written some trendiest and most epic suggestions for you below:

  • The Style Statement.
  • Fashion Revolution.
  • Button Down.
  • Ready To Wear.
  • Express Through Dress.
  • The Style Store.
  • Exceptional Collection.
  • Soft Cotton.
  • The Bold Type.
  • Next In Fashion.
  • Trend Setters.
  • Bend The Trend.
  • Ramp-walk Trends.
  • Artistic Samples.

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Creative Fashion Group Names

A good and creative group name not just defines what you guys do, it also explains the ideas that you stand for.

You automatically attract more customers if your group name is unique and creative than others.

So, here are some creative group names’ suggestions for you to look the best in the fashion industry:

  • Perfect Fit.
  • Making The Cut.
  • Always In Style.
  • Threads & Motifs.
  • Stitch Squad.
  • Material Girls.
  • Gown Town.
  • Fine Threads.
  • Threadmill.
  • Thread Rush.
  • Dress It Up.
  • Cross Stitch.
  • Sew Crew.
  • Scissors At Work.

Stylish Fashion Group Names

Your fashion group name reflects your mission, values, ideas, and skills. It represents what customers are searching for.

Your group name impacts the way in which people remember and perceive you.

That is why it should be impressive and stylish enough to show that when it comes to style statements, you guys are the perfectionists in your field.

For your inspiration, here are some good and stylish suggestions for you:

  • Polka Dots.
  • The Dress Lounge.
  • Fluorescent Colors.
  • Bold Wear.
  • Dare To Wear.
  • Fashion Madness.
  • Belle Beauty.
  • Fashion Point.
  • Chic Wear.
  • Never Out Of Style.
  • Pret Patterns.
  • Style Matters.
  • Bold & Beautiful.
  • Fabric Fashionistas
  • Fashion Icons.

Catchy Fashion Group Names

A good and catchy name is one that stands out from a mainstream name. It makes your group stand out among other fashion groups.

A catchy name plays an important role in creating your identity and customer’s first impression.

No customer will put faith in your group if your group name is not VIP, catchy and appealing.

But do not worry; we have listed some catchy group names in this list to make your group attractive and appealing. Feel free to steal any name that you like:

  • Unraveling Threads.
  • Finishing Touch.
  • Pancy Pants.
  • House Of Style.
  • Charming Closet.
  • Glam Town.
  • Dress To Impress.
  • Lifestyle Way.
  • Neon Demons.
  • Ready To Wear.
  • Stitch In Style.
  • Top Stitchers.

How to Find Best Unique & Creative Fashion Group Names

Below are some guidelines which will help you to create an interesting name for your fashion group:

1. Take Inspiration: To create a trendy group name, you need to vast your knowledge. Take inspiration from various magazines, garments, and accessories to come up with a stylish name.

2. Do Not Copy Others: It is okay to take inspiration from other fashion styles but do not copy them.

It will result in serious copyright issues. Be creative. Think outside the box to come up with a name of your own.

3. Choose Simple Words: Avoid using long and complicated names because this will cause your customers to keep forgetting your name.

Your group name should be smart and creative enough to spark a good impression in customers’ minds of what your group is all about.

4. Choose Words That Reflect Your Personality:  Make a list of words that reflect your brand and personality.

You can also use your initials or use acronyms to create an interesting group name.

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Choosing the right name is very important to attract customers and build a strong impression of your group.

That is why we have tried to write the best and trendiest names on this list.

These names will surely help your group to stand high in the fashion industry and transform into a powerhouse icon.