Halloween Team Names [ Scary, Monster, Ghost, Zombie Name Ideas ]

Halloween is near, and there is so much to look forward to, from brainstorming Halloween team names to spooky costumes.

Everyone wants to look the best and different than the rest. No matter how old we get, the charm and fun of t

his day never end. However, the main thing in all the preparations is to choose a Halloween team name that is unique but scary enough to match your costume.

The internet is full of options, but we can bet on this that the majority of the options have been taken till now.

So, if you are confused about names and you want to choose a name that is different and unique than others, then you are at the right spot.

We have arranged a list of best names under every category that will make your Halloween experience more fun.

Halloween Team Names Ideas [ Scary, Monster, Ghost, Haunted Halloween Names


We have arranged a list of Funny team names, Scary team names, and Cool team names to make this year’s Halloween best and most memorable.

halloween team names

Funny Monster Halloween-themed Team Names.

You automatically become the center of attraction in a crowd if your team name is hilarious enough to make everyone smile. So, here is the list of funny team names for you:

1. Braindead Zombies:  Do not mess with these messed-up maniacs.

2. The Skele-funs:  Skinnies just wanna have some fun.

3. Ghouly Greetings:  Coolest Team.

4. The Walking Dead:  They cannot be killed easily.

5. Black Cats:   Don’t cross them.

6. Give Them Pumpkin To Talk About

7. Sons of Witches: Spirit-full creatures.

8. Ghouls at your service:  They make your wishes come true.

9. Cereal Killers:  Harmless Psychopaths.

10. Mistresses of Evil:  They will never do a good deed.

11. Coffin Break

Clever Halloween-themed Team Names

12. Donald Trumpkin:  Expect them to be terrible.

13. Your Mummy Is Here:  Run away from them.

14. Little Evils:  They trash every place they visit.

15. Treat or Go Tuck Yo’self:    Say that aloud.

16. The Charming Witches:  They know how to get what they want.

17. Witches Just Wanna Have Some Fun:  It is always so peaceful before they show up.

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Scary Team Names

Here is the list of some scary team names, and we are sure after listening to these names, no one will want to mess with your group:

18. Creepy Souls:  The Foes of everyone.

19. The Darkest Hour:  Better stay in your room and…..Hide.

20. Demonologists:  Demons disguised as humans.

21. SuperNatural:    Their abilities surpass normal human beings.

22. Army of Darkness:  Destroying everything in their path.

23. Black Magic:  Magic that has something bad to it.

24. HollowMen:    They have no heart.

25. Hell Raisers:    They will bring hell to the surface.

Supernatural Halloween Trivia Team Names

26. The Reapers:    Last thing people see before dying.

27. Fright Night:  Terrifying and destructive.

28. Paranormal Activity:  No one is the same after meeting this team.

29. Your Nightmares:  They will even haunt you in your dreams.

30. Have a Scary Day:  You will always be paranoid after meeting this team.

31. The Grabbers:  Beware of them.

32. Grave Diggers:  They will not necessarily bury your dead.

33. Fangtastic Beasts:  And where to find them.

34. Happy Death Day:  Danger of Death.

Spooky, Ghost, Witches Horror Team Names

Here is the list of cool team names that will make your team look interesting and fun:

35. Me and My Ghoul-Friends:  Not a pretty bunch to mess with.

36. The Hoblin Goblins:  Mischievous and Malicious.

37. Fallen Angels: Cast out from Heaven.

38. Now You See Me, Now You Don’t:    They have some really impressive talents.

39. The Witching Hour:  No one really has power except this team.

40. The Illusionists:  They change peoples’ minds.

41. Spooktacular Ghosts:  They will chase and haunt you.

42. Evil League:    They all are super evil.

43. Skull Crushers:    Nice but terrifying.

44. Hocus Pocus:  Expect some trickery from them.

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Creepy Haunted house Zombie Team Names Ideas

45. Ghost Riders:    For a team that loves bikes….and ghosts.

46. Squad Ghouls:  You will envy this squad.

47. Warlocks on the loose:  No one should risk messing around with this team.

48. Trick or Treat?:  Always pick a treat.

49. Happy Fangs:   They will cheer you up.

50. Ghostly Intentions:  No one can figure them out.

51. Faboolous Witches:  The Funkiest.

How to Create Your Own Team Name

The best Halloween name can be horrifying, Humorous, or fun.

You can easily create your own team name. We have some tips which will help you to create your own Halloween team name and make your day much more exciting.

Take Inspiration from your Favorite Shows

There are lots of tv shows and movies to take inspiration from.

You can use the name from any horror show, song, or character and merge it with some scary word that matches your costume perfectly.

Take Inspiration from Scary and Thrilling Characters

Who does not love horror shows? There are so many mythical and horror characters in those shows that even haunt our minds at night.

You can use those names to come up with unique team names. For Example, Hollowman, Chucky, and Annabelle. You can use these names to create a unique team name.

Get Ideas from Legends and Scary Stories

We all have been listening to and watching scary stories since childhood. For example, Courage-the cowardly dog, Casper-the friendly ghost, the Horrifying headless wizard, and Hollow men.

We know so many horror stories. We just need to think with focus and come up with unique and creative ideas.

Add Puns

Adding puns is the best way t make your team name catchy and appealing. Choose a name that tells about your team’s personality.

For example, if everyone in your team has a jolly personality and you people love to joke around all the time, then you should go for a funny team name.

Finalize Your Team Name by Taking Feedback

Once you are done with writing all the possible names, discuss them with your gang. Shortlist the ideas with discussions and come up with a final team name.

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Halloween is a day that comes once a year. That is why make sure to make this day memorable and exciting by choosing the best team name.

It will not only make your team unique among others but also remember being able for a whole year.