90+ Funny Police Names [ Cop, Law Enforcement ] Reloaded!

Policing is a very sophisticated field and includes various advanced technologies to solve and prevent crimes in the country.

Policemen have a very serious job because they are entrusted with the duties of serving the nation, maintaining peace, and preventing crime.

Though policing is a serious and challenging profession but who said you could not have some fun with your team?

If you are someone with a good sense of humor, then why not go for a funny name to keep the atmosphere in your team light and fun?

There are times when even policemen get tired of working 24/7. They look for ways to calm their mind and release the stress of work.

That is where a funny team name comes in handy. It not only lightens up everyone’s mood but also enhances the bonding among team members.

Funny Police Names List 


Everyone thinks policemen to be serious and strict, but you can change this image by choosing a fun team name.

Show everyone how much fun you can be by using considering the following suggestions.

We have listed 90+ hilarious name suggestions that will definitely make you the star of the cop world.

Funny Police Names

However, if you think that you know your team members better and want to create a name for your team, then check out the guidelines at the end of this article for fresh ideas.

Funny Police Name Ideas

The mention of policemen or a police station creates a very serious and unfriendly image, but you can change this by using a funny team name-a name that shows how friendly and fun policemen can be.

Below are some hilarious name suggestions for your inspiration.

If you love to crack jokes and have a fun personality, then you are definitely going to love these names.

1. Blue Heat.
2. Blind Shooters.
3. Guns Out.
4. Bad Boys.
5. Law Lizards.
6. Panic Attack.
7. The Latecomers.
8. Busted.
9. Sleep Deprived Society.
10. Sweeney Todds.
11. Hot Fuzz.
12. High Cops.
13. Noob Gunners.
14. The Warrant Guys.
15. Lethal Weapons.
16. Pistol Pals.
17. Lazy Asses.
18. The Sleeper Cells.
19. Rotten Eggs.
20. Running Scared.
21. Pavement Wanderers.
22. The Nap Club.
23. Sleep Sacrifiers.
24. Hard Stripers.
25. Cracked Heads.

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Cool & Creative COP Names

A cool and creative name works miracles for a team. It not only creates a fun environment but also motivates team members to never give up.

Besides, creativity never goes wrong. Don’t you want your team to be recognized as the no.1 team in your department?

That is only possible if you choose a name that is creative and cooler than other teams in your department.

That is why we have listed some amazing suggestions for you that you are definitely going to like:

26. The Blueberries.
27. Heavily Armed.
28. Super Troopers.
29. Fully Loaded.
30. Peace Providers.
31. The Siren Squad.
32. Don’t Mess With The Best.
33. Armed Men.
34. Bang Bang.
35. Gun & Dusted.
36-City’s Pride.
37. Unacknowledged Heroes.
38. Supercops.
39. Rush Hour.
40. Blue Uniforms.
41. Badge Buddies.
42. Six Pack Club.
43. Patrol Group.
44. Men With Guts.
45. The Outlaws.
46. Serving & Protecting.
47. Justice Providers.
48. Peace Offerings.
49. Blue Is Hot.
50. Hot Shots.

Funny Law Enforcement Team Names

Law enforcement teams do very serious work. They carry out patrols and make sure to provide help everywhere in time.

But that does not mean that law enforcement officers are unfriendly and strict. Outside their job, they are pretty much fun too.

If you are also an officer and looking for  funny team names to change your serious impression, then the following list is for you:

51. War On Everyone.
52. G-Spot (G Special  Problem Oriented Team)
53. Black Sheep.
54. Marijuana Eradication Unit.
55-Bad Company.
56. CRAP (Crime Reduction And Prevention).
57. Drunken Party.
58. DARK (Drug Abuse Reduction Knights)
59. W.A.Y.D (What Are You Doing?)
60. Law Legends.
61. Bulletproof.
62. Doing God’s Work.
63. Law Boys For Life.
64. Peace Occifers.
65. Fast Action.
66-The Irresistibles.
67. The Other Guys.
68. Prison Stuffers.
70-Super Secret Squirrels.
71. Project Justice.
72. Fast & Furious.
73. Beat The Heat.
74. FART (Fast Action Responsible Team)
75. Big Guns.

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Funny COP Nicknames

Coming up with a funny cop nickname gets tough sometimes because you need to make sure that your name is understandable and rememberable.

If people do not see the meaning behind your name, it will not stick to their minds, and your name will just be a waste.

But hey, do not worry! We have done this work for you. Below are some hilarious nickname suggestions that  you can use:

76. OfficerDonut.
77. Dirty Harry.
78. Robocop.
79. Captain Crook.
80. Robinhood.
81-Officer Bacon.
82. Supercop.
83. Detective Dick.
84. The Godfather.
85. Joker.
86. Blue Flame.
87. Mr.Nobody.
88. Buzzkill.
89. Blue Man.
90. Johnny Sins.
91. Detective Pikachu.
92. Boogerman.
93. Headache.
95. Jake The Snake.
96. Cowboy.
97. Mr.Beast.
98. Snipper.
99. Gumshoe.
100. Dirty Sleuth.

How to Create Funny Police Names? A Creator’s Guide

Create your own police team name using the following guidelines:

1. Take Inspiration: Take inspiration from your favorite cop shows and movies.

There are so many hilarious yet inspirational characters that will make your team shine in the whole department.

2. Consider Your Team’s Purpose: Before choosing a name for your team, think about the purpose of your team. Is it a unit within your department?

Is it for your police sports team? Or is it for a social club? This will help you to narrow down your list of options.

3. Choose Related Terms: Even if you are choosing a funny name for your team, you should still consider your team’s goals deeply.

Choose a name that reflects your team’s purpose.

For example, if you are in the forensics department, then choose a tech-related name that represents your goals.

4. Choose Unique Words: Do not choose the same old boring words. If you like a certain word, but it is too dull, then search for its synonyms and then create a unique name.

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The policemen are entrusted with heavy duties of maintaining peace and order.

Don’t you think that your police team needs a little support too to get encouraged and motivated? That is only possible if you choose the right name for your team.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed the top unique suggestions for you that are perfect for every team.

We hope that you find a name in this list that describes your team.