61 Orange Team Names for an Assured Victory

An orange team name is the first thing that everyone notices. It is your name that your fans will shout from the stand and wear on their shirts.

That is why it should be unique and creative enough to make a good first impression on your team.

If your team name is boring, then it would not only be the reason for your team’s de-motivation, but also no one will cheer for your team.

Choosing a color theme for your team name is one of the best strategies to make your team name unique and interesting.

In this list, we have written Orange team names, so if you are looking for orange name suggestions, then this is your place.

Orange is a beautiful, fresh and cheerful color. It is associated with meanings of joy, enthusiasm, energy, and positivity.

Choosing any shade of orange and merging it with something unique will not only add spark to your team but also make it unique among the rest.

List of Orange Team Names | Orange Color Names [ Funny, Creative Orange Names Ideas ]


We have taken the pains and listed the best orange team names that have not been taken yet.

We believe any name from the following list will surely add a star to your team.

Orange team names

Funny Orange Team Names

Here is the list of creative team names to show everyone how smart and creative your team is:

1. Orange Miracle:    They can make the unbelievable happen.

2. The Orange-nals:  They believe in fair play.

3. The Orange Posse:    All orange from head to toe.

4. Orange in style:    The trendiest team among the rest.

5. Keep calm and curry on:   Because panicking is never helpful.

6. The Power of Oranges: They dominate every game.

7. The Annoying Oranges:   Everyone is tired of this team.

8. Orange Juice:    They are always pumped.

9. The Orange League: They just cannot help but win.

10. Pumpkin Heads:   Slow and Dum-witted.

11. Game of Oranges: Nice and Simple.

12. Orange Freaks:   Very unusual and untypical.

13. The Orange Suspects:    If somebody has pulled a prank, you can bet it is one of these guys.

14. Punny Oranges:    Expect puns, many of them.

15. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos:  No one is hotter than this team.

16. Lava on the loose:    Things are about to erupt.

17. Orange Lollypops:    A team everyone likes.

18. Orange Homies:    They got each other’s back.

19. Notorious Oranges:    Everyone knows this team.

20. Off-road Oranges:  Always creating their own ways.

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Cool & Creative Orange Color Team Names

Here is the list of cool team names which is the best way to show your team’s energy and enthusiasm for the game:

21. The Spontaneous Oranges:  Quick-witted and Smart.

22. Orange on my mind:    They know what counts.

23. The Mighty Oranges:  For a group of tall people.

24. The Outstanding Oranges:    Always trying their best.

25. Orange Crush:    They are Crushin it.

26. The Orange Power Girls:  Great at whatever they do.

27. From Apple to Oranges:  They believe in improvising.

28. The Feisty Oranges:    They fight for their personal best.

29. Bad Oranges:    This team will get you into trouble.

30. The Sour Oranges:  Pretty Lethal for another team.

31. Men in Orange:  They look good in suits.

32. Unstoppable Oranges:    Nothing can stop them.

33. Orange Divas:    They are too cool.

34. Smells like Orange Spirit:    And what a great smell it is.

35. Orange Mania:  They have an excessive obsession with winning.

36. Peeling out:    For the other team.

37. Groovy Oranges:    The Funkiest.

38. Orange Mystery:  And no one is smart enough to solve this mystery.

39. The Orange Crew:    Everyone knows this guy.

40. Levitating Oranges:  They have extra special talents.

Best Names Associated with Orange | Orange Color Names

Wearing a team name related to orange gives your team an added uniqueness!  These names can be taken for play like soccer, softball, orange team names, etc.

Here is the list of best team names that will show your opponent that you own this ground and to make your team look the best among the rest:

41. Orange Riders:    They have a cause to fulfill.

42. Orange Thunder:  Destroying every team they face.

43. The Orange Force:    And they have a task to accomplish.

44. Orange Phoenixes:    They soar above all.

45. Orange Saboteurs:    You will not get far from this enemy.

46. Chaotic Oranges:    Destructive for another team.

47. Orange Trojans:     Soldiers in disguise.

48. Orange Justice:    Because justice is the key to success.

49. Sweet Oranges:  Sweet and Delicious.

50. Orange Domination:    They do not just win; they dominate every game.

51. Orange Rage:    It will not be a good idea to make these guys angry.

52. Orange Attack:  Do not get in the way of these guys.

53. Wild Oranges:    Untamable.

54. Orange Pixies:    A team with beautiful spirits.

55. Orange Strikers:  They never miss their target.

56. Garfields on the run:    Too cute to be taken seriously.

57. Blood Orange Warriors:  They can take on any task.

58. Orange Tigers:    They roar for success.

59. The Avenging Oranges:  No one gets away with wronging them.

60. Rescue Oranges:    The coolest heroes.

61. The Victorious Oranges:  They ace every task.

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How to Create Your Own Orange Team Name

Creating your own team name is a matter of a few hours. It is not as difficult as it looks. Just follow these guidelines for brainstorming some ideas. With each point, you will definitely get some interesting ideas.

Find Inspiration from Objects that are Orange in Color

There are so many things that are Orange in color.

For example, Carrots, Pumpkins, Fox, Snacks, Flames, etc. You do not need to specifically add the word ‘Orange’, you can use anything that is orange in color to create a unique name.

Pair the Word Orange with Unique Words

The best way to show your creativity in your team name is to pair the ‘orange’ word with another unique word.

For example, Orange Devils, Orange Strikers, or funny ones like Orange juices, Annoying Oranges, etc. There are endless options that are orange in color.

Choose any object or animal that is orange in color and merge it with the word ‘Orange.’ It will not only show your creativity but also give a clear message to your opponent.

Keep it Simple

Your team name should be short, simple, and easy to understand. You can also add puns and jokes to make it catchy and appealing.

Do not choose words that are difficult for spectators to remember. No one will remember it if your team name has no proper message.

Think about What Your Members have in Common

Your team name sets your identity, so you should choose a name according to the nature of your team members.

Think about your team members like what their nature is, what their interests are, and what all of you have in common.

You can also use these things to come up with a perfect name and then merge it with the color ‘Orange’. For Example, the Power of Oranges, Sleeping Oranges, Spontaneous Oranges, etc.

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Orange team names are fun and easy to create. We are sure that with all the options available in this article, you will have no trouble finding a unique team name.