Viking Clan Names | Powerful, Cool, Famous Viking Nicknames

In Vikings, where all clans compete with each other, it gets very important to have a powerful Viking team name to make your clan look bold and stronger.

The best way to stand out among other clans is to choose a unique Viking group name that will not only make your team look the best but also make your team shine among others.

However, it gets difficult for people to come up with unique ideas. Even if they search for ideas, they still get confused because there are tons of options available on the internet.

The worst part is that most of them are old and taken. If you are having the same difficulty, then worry no more. You are in the right spot now.

If you want to create a name by yourself and need some ideas, then do not forget to check our guidelines too below the list.

List of Viking Clan  Names | Viking Tags, Nicknames


We have arranged a list of Funny, Cool, Creative, and Powerful team names. So, you have plenty of options to choose from. Viking Clan Team Names

Funny Viking Clan Names

Since Vikings is a pretty competitive and strategic game, you can use funny team names to release some stress of the game and make everyone smile.

So, here is the list of funny  team names for you:

1. Piece Makers:  Not the peacemakers you want to face.

2. The Chubby Force:  Do not worry, you are not their target…the food is.

3. Chatterboxes:     You cannot believe how much they talk.

4. Anonymous:    After all, what’s in the name?

5. Mean Thugs:  No one is meaner than them.

6. Lost Souls:    Always lost in their thoughts, even while playing.

7. Psycho Northmen:    This clan is a bit crazy.

8. Wasted Talent:  They were seriously not meant for the game.

9. Hopeless:    Not the most positive team you’ll see.

10. Spanking Legends:  A good spanking is always good, no???

11. Procrastination: Let them rest.

12. Stingers:    They will get you.

13. Legendary Noobs:    Their skills are famous in every gang.

14. Still in the learning process:    Their excuse after losing.

15. The Fault in our Clan:  They always blame each other after losing.

16. The Brew Crew:  They just love to chug a few beers together.

17. Over n out:    Technically, they have given up.

18. Drunken Warriors:  Expect some witty.

19. Evil Dead:    Expect evilness.

20. Mean Team:     Not the nicest bunch.

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Cool Viking Names | Viking Nicknames

Do you prefer a cool team name to make your team unique and the best? This is the place for you:

21. Hooligans:    Violent Troublemakers.

22. Freaky Killers: Expect bizarre behavior.

23. The Underdogs:  Do not underestimate them till the end of the game.

24. The Booze Club:    Just a few drinks before the match…maybe.

25. Clueless: They have no idea about what is going on.

26. The Fearless Spirits:  Nothing scares them.

27. Ninja Assassins:  They will kill you in a blink.

28. Criminal Minds:  You can never reach your brain.

29. Honey Bees:    Sweet but lethal too.

30. Bow Warriors:  They are precise in their shots.

31. Slay & Flay:  Pretty terrifying.

32. Knight Brothers:  No one is more honorable.

33. Crazy Ravens:  They soar high above you all.

34. The Savage Bow Tribe:  The ace on their first attempt.

35. Survival Strategies:  Just when you think they are about to lose, they will surprise you.

36. The Strongest Club:  All others are rookies in front of them.

37. Unforgiving Kings:  They never forgive and forget their rivals.

38. Fiery demons:     A clan with real spirit.

39. Shadow Hunters:  They will take you down in no time.

40. Olaf:    Ancestor’s relic.

Famous, Popular Viking Clan Names For Next Combat!

41. Lethal Dose:  Too many of these guys can be dangerous.

42. The Undead:  You can try, but you cannot kill them.

43. The Punishers:  No one will be spared.

44. Immortals Souls:  And how can you kill a soul?

45. Bright-headed:  They have special skills.

46. Godly Strength:  No one is rich in skills like them.

47. Killing Machines:  No one can stop them.

48. Always in sync:  Always doing everything together.

49. Tricksters:  Good at playing mind games.

50. Fire Folks:  Be careful when you are playing with….

51. House of Lothbrok:     The house of legendary RagnarkLothbrok.

52. Hawkeyed: Sharp and Vicious.

53. The Spoiled Warriors:  Narcissistic and Egocentric-regressed.

54. Silent Commandoes: They will kill you when you least expect it

55. Radical Terror:  They know how to create fear in their opponent’s heart.

Powerful Viking Names for Boys

When it comes to creativity, there are no limits to showing it. Here is the list of creative team names to show everyone how smart and sharp-witted your team is:

56. Mercator Mortalis:    The merchants of death.

57. Victory Vendetta:  Fight them at your own risk.

58. Fire Dragons:    They breathe fire.

59. Sword Lords:  They never stop attacking.

60. Sword Tales:    Their sword skills will always be remembered.

61. The Sea Force:  Which will wash you away.

62. Déjà vu:  They will always predict your moves.

63. The Vikings:    Sea-Rovers.

64. Rising Tides:  They are more than just a wave.

65. Spear of God:  No one can run from their reach.

66. Bounty Hunters:  They won’t leave until they kill each and every target.

67. The Ones who cannot be broken:  Beating them is just impossible.

68. Fearless Beasts:  Not a good bunch to mess with.

69. Rising from Ash:  Every time you destroy them, they will return with more power.

70. In it to Win it:  No one is more focused than this clan.

71. Ne Agito Oppeto:    Death is unavoidable.

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Viking Names for Girls

72. Tilted Stabbers:  That is going to hurt a lot.

73. The Stormborns:  It was so peaceful before they all showed up.

74. Live to Kill:  They have a cause to fulfill.

75. The Unbowed:    Surrendering is never an option for them.

76. The Scandinavian Clan:  Old Norse clan.

77. Valorous:    Showing great courage in the face of danger.

78. Eye for an Eye:  And a tooth for a tooth.

79. The Destroyers:  Coming to end your existence.

80. Ruthless Butchers:  Any opponent messing with them will end up in pieces.

81. Bone Crushers:  Quite a scary image for the opponents.

82. The Reapers:     The last thing that opponent is going to see before dying.

83. Grimmr:  In Old Horse language, it means Fierce.

84. Relentless Rouges:  The game is about to get unceasingly intense.

85. Black Serpents:  They are vicious.

Old Viking Names | Ancient Viking Nicknames

A powerful history-inspired team name not only makes you stronger among the rest but also puts fear in your opponent’s heart.

So, here is the list of powerful team names for you:

86. Downfall:    Of another clan.

87. Beg for Mercy:  The opponent probably would.

88. Cold-blooded Executioners:  They will kill you without consideration or compunction.

89. Violent Killers:  Brutal and Aggressive.

90. Victrix Mortalis:     The conquerors of death.

91. Clan of Starlungar:  A clan in Vikings.

92. Real Bad:   Not an ounce of goodness in this clan.

93. Broken Bones:    The other clans should be prepared for the possibility of broken bones and injuries.

94. Merciless Killers:   Killing all who oppose them.

95. Death on the spot:   You cannot escape them.

96. Slaughtering Troop: When they arrive, the other team runs in fear.

97. Wild Wreckers:   Bringing down everything in their path.

98. Lords of the war:   When they unite, no one can win against them.

99. Brute Force:    The only option they use to get things done.

100. The Demolition Crew:   Causing destruction wherever they go.

101. Dark Warriors:   Facing this team would be a bad idea.

Viking Nicknames | How to Create Your Own Viking Clan Name?

Creating your own clan name is so much exciting and fun. We have listed some tips for you, so do check out these tips because they will surely be of much help in your decision-making.

How to Create a Viking Clan Name? Viking Clan Names Guide

1. Be Creative & Vibrant:  Be as creative as you can. Think outside the box. When it comes to naming selection, there is no limit to showing creativity.

Choose words that make your clan different from other clans. After choosing a creative name, gathering people in your clan will become much easier.

2. Read history:   There is a storm of knowledge available on the internet about horse mythology and culture.

Those people had their own beliefs, cultures, gods, and realms. In the Viking age, kids were named after the gods or goddesses.

They had a firm belief that these names give strength and protection to them from foes.

3. Use Norse Language: Vikings were Scandinavian, and they used to speak the old horse language. You can also use those words in your clan names.

For example, Orm means Serpent, Ulf means Wolf, Frida means peace, Hilda means Fighter, etc. Search the internet, you will learn more about their language from there.

4. Do not Go for Offensive & Boring Names:  Do not choose words that are boring or offensive in any way. Offensive words do not make your clan cool or interesting in any way.

So, choose words that are free of any negativity and boredom because no one will remember your clan if your clan name is offensive or dull in any way.

5. Take Suggestions from Friends:  When it comes to suggestions, you can always count on your friends for a good piece of advice.

They will always give you the best suggestions. It will help you to gather a more creative set of names to the table.

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Choosing the right clan name is so important because it represents your clan’s personality.

Your name is the first thing that your opponent is going to see, so make sure it is interesting and creative enough to set your team’s standard.

For a creative name, you can always count on this article. If you have already picked your team name, then do not forget to share it with us in the comments section.