33+ Senior Group Names [ Senior Citizens, Old Adults, Aged ]

Senior citizen groups are beneficial for all those people who want to live independently. Senior groups provide a platform and give the opportunity to all the old people to live in a fun and friendly environment.

These groups offer plenty of activities like art classes, crafts, gardening, and educational classes to make sure our old peeps do not feel left out in this busy world.

To ensure that your group looks the best among all other groups, you need a good name. A good name not only reflects your group’s experience but also offers a sentimental tone that attracts other people to join your group too.

Since everyone in a group has his own distinct personality, you need to make sure that your chosen name suits your group members perfectly.

Senior Group Names | List of 33 Senior Group Name Ideas


For your inspiration, we have listed 33 sweet and positive names that will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

We have also listed guidelines at the end of the article, so if you want to create your own group name, we got you covered. Here are some interesting name suggestions to create a positive vibe in your group:

1. Insightful Elders:     They have a very deep and accurate understanding of everything.

2. VIPs:    Very Important Persons.

3. The Best Is Yet To Come:    Always staying optimistic.

4.50 Years Of Experience:     They have more knowledge than any of us.

5. Aging Like Fine Wine:    No one can match the class of this group.

6. Oh Lordy, We Are Forty: Still got the charm.

7. BCP:    Before Cell Phones.

8. Live, Laugh, Love:    A golden rule.

9. OATS:   Older Adults Training Services.

10. Golden Jubilee:    Everyone in this group is above 50.

11. Classic Elites:    Top of all.

12. Positive Vibes Only:    No depressing gossip is allowed in this group.

13. Looking Forward:     Always trying to achieve more.

14. Golden Jewels:    The most precious members of our community.

15. Smart Seniors:    The smartest men in every room.

16. Joy Reflected:    This group is full of happy people.

17. The Decision Makers:    When no one can find a solution, they come to you guys.

18. Life Is Good: They are happy with whatever they have.

19. Legacy  Leavers:    They will always be remembered.

20. Retirement Forces:    All of them are retired but energetic.

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21. Mature Mates: They have the ability to adapt to circumstances.

22. EPIC:    Experienced Persons In Community.

23. Aging With Grace:    The most decent ones.

24. Gifted:    The talented ones.

25. Sane Society:    The sensible ones.

26. Can’t Hear Ya!:    You might have to speak louder.

27. Grumpy Old Men:    Won’t be a good idea to challenge these men.

28. Age Is Just A Number:    That’s The Spirit.

29. Just Getting Started: It’s always exciting to see what this group plans next.

30. The Sage Society:    Wisest men in the room.

31. Grave Dodgers:    Not in the mood to leave so soon.

32. Still Groovy:    Still the fashionistas.

33. Second Season:    Bringing more excitement to the group.

Guidelines to Create Your Own Senior Group Name? Points to Consider:

Create your own senior citizen group name using the following guidelines:

1. Consider the Personality of group members:

Are all members of your group jolly, sarcastic, or bookish? Take this into account before creating a group name.

2. Use Puns:

Choosing a name for a senior group does necessarily mean that you have to choose formal and serious words.

You can use puns or light humor to make everyone chuckle without getting them offended. For example, Cough Community, Early Birds.

3. Choose Positive Words:

The purpose of your group is to enhance the social interactions of senior citizens; a positive name is the best way to attract and motivate them to get out of their shells and socialize with others.

4. Take Inspiration From Pop culture references:

Just because your group is for senior citizens does not mean that you are supposed to choose a name with words like old and senior. You can also take inspiration from pop culture references to show that age is just a number.

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Your age is something that you all should be proud of. It means that you have great knowledge and wisdom.

But this does not mean that you choose a boring and dull name. If you want your group to be a success, then choose a positive and inspirational name to inspire all the old men who feel like giving up on everything because of their age.

We hope the above list will help you to find a name that fits your group perfectly.