43+ Youth Choir Names Ideas [ Catholic, Famous, Middle Schools ]

Youth choirs provide an excellent opportunity to young people to enhance their skills as musicians. Choirs are not just about music and singing, they also help an individual to grow in his personality.

They teach confidence, discipline, and focus. If you are also a part of such a group, then you must know how uplifting choirs are.

Another thing that can boost the spirit of everyone in the choir is a good name. Believe it or not, a good choir name is the best way to add spark to your performance. It conveys hope, inspiration, and encouragement to group members.

Youth Choir Names | Creative, Famous, Catholic Youth Choir Names Suggestions!

Whether your choir performs at the ministry or just gets together because you all love singing, choosing a good name is the best way to get the attention of everyone.

For your inspiration, we have listed 43 interesting name suggestions that will add more colors to your performance.

However, if you are interested in creating your own choir name and just need some suggestions, then check out the guidelines at the end of this article.

Youth Choir Names

Here are some casual, easy, and unique suggestions for your group:

  1. J-Walkers:    Walking With Jesus.

2. Celestial:    Supremely good.

3. The Cherubs:    Angels are portrayed as children.

4. Am Hasefer:    People Of The Book.

5. LOL:    Living Out Loud.

6. Seekers:    Searching for guidance.

7. Lighthouse:     Letting their light shine.

8. Alpha To Omega:    Beginning To End.

9. Renewed:    By The Power of Bible.

10. The Summit:    At a higher ground.

11. Rise n Shine:    A wake-up call.

12. Faith In Jesus:    All eyes on Jesus.

13. Sole Purpose:    One purpose.

14. OMG:    Obeying My God.

15. United:    As one in Christ.

16. The Glow:    Showing His light to the world.

17. Mountain Movers:    They have the power to do the impossible.

18. Pathfinders:    Searching for the truth together.

19. 360 Degree:    Turning back to Christ.

20.412 Youth:    In reference to Timothy 4:12.

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21. Axios:    Greek word which means worthy.

22. Resolution:     Bringing change through their voice.

23. The Center:    Christ is the center.

24. Conquerors:    Victory In Jesus.

25. Rejoice:    Feeling happiness.

26. Lifeline:    Jesus is a lifeline.

27. Limitless:    No Limit for Christ’s love.

28. Highminded:    Puffed up with pride.

29. Safe Way:    Clearing the path towards Lord.

30. CTG Gang:    Called To Greatness.

31. High Spirits:    Full of energy.

32. Exodus:    Escaping from darkness together.

33. The Power Of 3F:    Faith, Fellowship and Focus.

34. Gen J:    Jesus generation.

35. The Torch:   Being the light.

36. His Way:    The only way.

37. Choirs Of Angels:    They have voices of Angels.

38. Elysian:    Divinely Inspired.

39. JSF Team:    Jesus Special Forces.

40. Optimistic Forces:     Positive vibes only.

41. Meraki:    Love and creativity.

42. Alleluia:    Praising the Lord.

43. With All Heart:    Matthew 22:37.

Guidelines to Create Youth Choir Names

Create your youth choice name using the following guidelines:

1. Consider The Age Group: Consider the age group before choosing a name. If you have younger singers in your group, then go for names that are adorable and cute.

2. Use Your Favorite Verses: The best way to create a good inspirational name is by taking inspiration from Bible verses. Do you have any favorite verses of the Bible?

Use them and incorporate them into your choir name.

3. Be Creative: Be as creative as you can. Think outside the box. Use any of your favorite songs and then modify it to words that fit your choir group perfectly.

4. Use Casual Language: Since your group includes youth singers, it would be best to go for words that are light, casual, and common, as it will be more appealing than formal language.

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A good youth choir name plays an important role in motivating and inspiring your group members. It evokes a feeling of calmness and spirituality among group members.

It imprints a powerful positive impression and helps them to enhance their bond with each other. We hope this list will be of great help in choosing a good choir name that boosts your group’s morale.