Water War Teams Names [ Funny, Water themed, Assassin, Tags ]

Exhilarate your water war game to the next level with the best water war team names.

Our list includes team names that are perfectly water wars themed, funny & includes cool water wars seniors assassin team and tag names with an additional guide to generating the best water-related team name for you!

Whatever name you keep should be water themed so as to reflect your team. Furthermore, the name should be closed to tags such as; oceanic themed, water puns, senior assassin tags, etc. This would complete your team in the finals!

However, if you are confused about names and you want to choose a name that is different and unique than others, then you are at the right spot.

We have arranged a list of best names under every category that will make your game more fun.

List of Water Wars Teams Names


Scroll down to find the best ever list of water-themed team names. Our list includes team names that are funny, cool & related to water or the ocean.

Water-themed Team Names.

A funny team name not only makes everyone laugh but also shows everyone how fun your team is. So, here is the list of funny water war team names:

1. Already Wet:    Can’t complain now.

2. The Soak Festival:    In reference to the coke festival.

3. Bros Before Hose:    Bros before anything else.

4. Better Wetter:    Because eventually, they all are gonna get wet and muddy by the end of the game.

5. This Won’t Hurt:    Probably lying.

6. Win or lose, we will booze:    That’s like my team.

7. Down & Dirty:   Yeah, for sure.

8. Too lazy to shower:    Showers are old school, so they signed up for this.

9. Kanye Wets:    In reference to Kanye West.

10. With a great bucket come great responsibility: The responsibility to aim right.

11. The Soaking Assassins:    Watch out for them.

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Best Funny Water Wars Team Names

Time to show everyone that you are not just smart but creative as well, and they should not take your team lightly.

Here is the list of creative water war team names:

12. Wild Piranhas:    They are going to get you.

13. If you are not Thirst, you are last:    Can’t find anything more motivational than this)

14. Water Repellents: They know how to save themselves from the hit.

15. Hydroholics:    Water makes them happy.

16. Water Resistant:    They have every strategy ready to stay safe.

17. Annihilators:    They do not just dominate the game; they wipe out the competition.

18. Niagara Falls:    Thunders of Water.

19. One-shot hitters: They ace in their first attempt.

20. Water Strikers:    They will make the finishing move.

21. Water Blasters: Hide from this team.

22. Tsunami: This team is more than a wave.

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Funny Water War Gun Team Names

Sometimes, water war becomes intense. That is why a cool team name is important to show everyone that you are here for fun and not glory.

Here is the list of cool water war team names:

23. No Refills Necessary:    What a confident team.

24. Hurricane:    You will feel the effects even after the game.

25. I H20 You:    Kind of threat but cute

26. The Best Shooters:    Not the newbies.

27. The Dream Team:    They all believe in teamwork.

28. Fast Squirters:    Beware of these quick speeders.

29. Fun Run:    They are here just for fun.

30. The Water Tribe:    Beware of these pros.

31. Alice in Water land: A cute option, though.

32. Run for your life:    Or not.

33. The Water Force:    Clear the way.

How to Create Your Own Water War Team Name

Many people want to create their own team names, but they do not know where to begin.

If you also want to create your own water war team name but also have the same confusion, then look no further.

Just follow these simple guidelines that will help you in brainstorming.

Find a Common Theme

There must be a common thing which you all love. Maybe, you all love the same book, movie, tv show, or cuisine.

Anything that is common between your team members can act as an inspiration for you to come up with a team name.

The best part is that this act will enhance the bonding of your team members too.

Add Humor

Do not forget to add something funny in your name because it will make your team more interesting and unique.

You can add inside jokes or puns to make your team name hilarious.

Catchy & Memorable Name

Your team name should be interesting enough to grab everyone’s attention. Also, it should be easy so that everyone can remember it. No one will remember your team if you are using complex words.

Take Teammates on Board

In the end, do not forget to take suggestions from your team members. Different minds will generate different ideas.

The more, the better. Therefore, make sure to have a discussion session with your team members too. It will definitely get easier for you to finalize one name.

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The water war is the most interesting and strategic game. It might become intense after some time, but in the end, these are things that make memories.

Make sure to make your gaming experience more fun by choosing the best name for your team.

It will not only encourage your team but also enhance your bond with each other.