100+ Faction Names [ Funny, Cool, Awesome, For Minecraft & D&D ]

Playing games in factions is the best way to dominate any game. It allows you to make the best strategies with your friends to beat the opponents.

Moreover, the game becomes more adventurous and thrilling in factions. However, besides the game, another challenge is finding the best faction name.

If you are also thinking of creating a faction but facing trouble in deciding on a good faction name, then you are at the right place.

You need a name that reflects your group’s personality and shows how strong your group is. That is why we have listed some best suggestions in this article which are going to be helpful for you.

Every name in this list is unique and no been taken yet. So, feel free to pick any name that suits your faction.

Faction Name Ideas | Funny, Cool, Great & Awesome Faction Names for Minecraft, D & D


In this article, we have written many good, funny, and awesome categories, including:

Good Minecraft Faction Names

Minecraft is a popular game in which factions have to claim land and build bases and alliances in order to fight with enemies.

In Minecraft, a good faction name plays an important role because it shows your faction’s strength, personality, and fighting spirit.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed some good suggestions in this list that will surely impress you.

  • Crusaders.
  • Sentinels.
  • Defenders.
  • Slayers.
  • Atrocious.
  • Spartans.
  • Disciples.
  • One For All.
  • Warlords.
  • Celestial.
  • Brotherhood.
  • Dynamic.
  • Fabled.
  • Visionary.
  • Elite.

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Good Funny Faction Names

If your faction name is funny enough to make everyone smile, then you automatically attract other people to you.

A funny name is the best way to make your team attractive. Another advantage of a funny name is that after seeing your faction name, your opponent might underestimate you and consider you an underdog.

This will also give you the best chance to surprise them with your skills and strength. So, here is the list of some good funny faction names for you:

Funny Faction Names

  • Angry Bunnies.
  • Nut Hut.
  • Spectators Club.
  • Hungry Birds.
  • Waffle Squad.
  • Two Faced.
  • Unofficial.
  • Defective.
  • Noobs.
  • Expired.
  • Caps Lock On.
  • In Crisis.
  • Bald Dwarfs.
  • Pest Control.

Great Awesome Faction Names

Only being awesome in the game is just not enough. You also need a great name to make your faction look awesome and attractive, a name that makes your opponent think twice before competing with you.

That is why we have listed some great and awesome suggestions for you in this article.

Choose any name from this list to show your opponents what they are going to be up against.

  • Outlaws.
  • Norsemen.
  • Jailbirds.
  • Insurgents.
  • Necromancers.
  • Komorebi.
  • Highwaymen.
  • Nemophilists.
  • Barbarians.
  • Masquerade.
  • Fallen Ones.
  • Nightwalkers.
  • Millennials.
  • Disaster.
  • Flamekeepers.
  • Moss-troopers.
  • Avenging.
  • Furore.
  • Timberwolves.
  • Marauders.

D & D Faction Name Ideas

Choosing a faction name for D&D is the most important thing to do first. Your faction name creates an impact on your character and shows your opponent what they are going to be up against.

We have listed some cool suggestions for you. Choose any name from this list to show how relaxed and confident your faction is:

D&D Faction Names

  • Vigilantes.
  • Doomsday.
  • War Brothers.
  • Conquerors.
  • Iron Fist Force.
  • Intense Karma.
  • Acrimonious.
  • Assassins.
  • Flawed.
  • Immortals.
  • Vindictive.
  • Resurrection.
  • Cursed.
  • Executioners.
  • Strikers.
  • Chaos.
  • bloodlust.
  • Unholy Brothers.
  • Eclipse.
  • Intractable.

Minecraft Faction Names

Who isn’t familiar with this game? It is the most educational and creative game. It is a good strategy game where everyone plays in factions.

Factions and faction names are very important, especially if you want to win the game, so you should choose them wisely.

A good faction name not only helps you to dominate the game but also helps you to make a strong impression on your faction.

To help you in deciding on a cool faction name, we have listed some suggestions. Hope you like them!

Minecraft Faction Names

  • Astray.
  • Villains.
  • Goblins.
  • Hazardous.
  • Revolution.
  • Loners.
  • Abandoned.
  • Gangsters.
  • Chaotic.
  • Twisted.
  • Madhouse.
  • Absolute.
  • Vertex.
  • Ambushers.
  • Shadows.

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Random Faction Names

There are two things that are important for your faction; efficient players and a good name.

You just focus on finding good players without worrying about the second part because we have already done this part for you.

In this list, we have written random faction names that are perfect for every faction.

So, keep looking because you are definitely going to find a name in this list that suits your team member’s personalities.

  • Resistance.
  • Chosen Ones.
  • Predators.
  • Eradicators.
  • Masquerade.
  • Mortal Kombat.
  • Deadly Alliance.
  • Doom.
  • Blood Lords.
  • Stalkers.
  • Superiority Complex.
  • Pinnacle.
  • Darkened.
  • Damnation.
  • The Diviners.

How to Make a Faction in Minecraft

Factions not only allow you to work together but also makes your team strong and smart.

Creating a faction, especially in Minecraft, is very easy. We have listed some points which will help you to create your own faction in no time.

● /f is the Factions base Command.
● /f create (your faction name)
It will create a new faction. (Note: You are always allowed only one faction)
● /f name (description)
It changes the faction description.
● /f sethome[faction=you]
It sets the faction home.
● /f invite (Player you want to invite)
This way, you can invite other players into your faction.
The person you invited has to write the following command in order to join your faction:
● /f join (Your faction name)

How to Choose the Best Faction Name

We have listed some points in this list that will make your decision-making much easier.

Minecraft Faction Name- How to Create your own

1. Choose Meaningful words: Choose words that have an efficient meaning to create a strong impression on your team.

2. Add Humor: Your faction name should be hilarious and adorable to attract others.

3. Use Decent Words: Do not use inappropriate words because this will portray a bad impression of your faction.

Also, if your faction name is not appropriate, then your faction would automatically get removed.

4. Choose words under ten characters: Some games like Minecraft only allows up to 10 letters or number.

Choose words by keeping that in mind. If you like a certain name that is long, then search for its synonyms.

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Faction names are a lot of fun because they represent your team’s personality and skills. Your faction name is your first impression, so make sure to choose it wisely.

And for suggestions, you know you can always count on our articles for the best suggestions. If you also have any ideas, then do share them with us in the comments section.