Group Names for 5 People [ Famous, Funny, Creative Squad Names ]

Who needs one best friend when you have four? Together, you are an amazing and precious group of five.

Here’s the best ever list of group names for five people with additional tags as; the best funny, creative & powerful names for five people.

You do not need other people as long as you have your squad to count on.

However, another important thing that you need to complete your group is an interesting and exciting group name.

A good group name is very important because it is your group’s first impression. However, finding a perfect name is not as easy as it looks.

Most of the names that you find on the internet are either taken or boring. You need a name that defines the personality of your group and shows that your group is better in terms of everything.

If you are also looking for such a name, then this is your place.

List of Group Names for Five | Squad Names for Five People


We have arranged a list of Funny, Cool, and Best team names in this article that you are definitely going to like: Group Names for Five People

Funny Group Names for Five People

If your group name is funny, then you have already won the hearts of other people.

A funny group name not only enhances your bond with each other but also helps you to calm down when things are not going in your favor.

So, here is the list of funny team names for you:

1. Pentagonal Crisis:    Trouble always finds its way.

2. Five Maniacs:    They are a little unpredictable.

3. Five-Inch Group:    They sound quite small.

4. Five Singles:    And they are in waiting.

5. Clueless 5:    They’d probably stare at the wall all day.

6. 2+2+=5:    If they say so.

7. The Mystery Gang:  From the show ‘Scooby Doo’s.

8. Fifth Gear:    The highest gear of an engine.

9. Five Unfortunates:    Poor guys always suffer bad fortune.

10. Five Pranks:    Keep your wits close.

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Famous Fivesomes

11. Fivecrackers:    They go pop.

12. Filthy Five:  You better keep a fair distance from them.

13. High-Five.

14. Four And A Half Men:    Four big guys and a short guy.

15. Fivelivious:    Sounds delicious.

16. Five Second Rule:    Yummy.

17. 5 Girls, 15 cups:    And still standing.

18. Evil League of Five:    They are super evil.

19. Five Wreckers:    Need something destroyed? Ask this group.

20. Gigantic Five:    A group of tall people.

Cool & Creative Names for Five Friends

A cool group name is the best way to show everyone how fun and calm your group is. It is also the best way to show your creativity and smartness.

So, here are some best options for you:

21. 5 Pals:    What else could they possibly need?

22. Five Points For Gryffindor:  For a group who is a fan of the Harry Potter series.

23. Five in Limelight:    They are the center of attraction wherever they go.

24. Five of a kind:    Each one is unique.

25. The Fab Five:  Because five is better than four.

26. Feisty Five:  Gutsy and Spirited.

27. The  Five Bosses:    Everyone gives them respect.

28. Shining Stars:  They glow with radiance wherever they go.

29. Hive of Five:    These guys are the center point.

30. Five Crowns:  Bow down in front of them.

Group Names for Five Friends

31. Five Wonders:    There are Eight wonders in this world, five of which are in this group.

32. The Savage Five:  Fierce and Wild.

33. Six Minus One:  Equals Five.

34. Five Coolest Things:  The coolest gang you will ever see.

35. 5 Folks:    A group that’s known each other forever.

36. Wholesome Fivesome:  Fun all the way.

37. 5 Heads Are Better Than 1:    The more, the better.

38. Thrilling Five:  Action-packed and impassioned.

39. The Five Points Gang:    After the famous New York gang.

40. Spice Girls:    A famous English pop five girls group.

Squad Names for Fivesomes

Here is the list of best group names to show everyone how much you adore your group and that no one can break the bond that you all have:

41. Favorite Five:    Everyone loves them.

42. Level 5:  You can try but won’t reach their level.

43. Five Knots:    And no one can unknot those.

44. 5 Hearts, 1 Beat:  A name that shows true affection.

45. One Direction:    A famous band pop band.

46. Five Voices:  And no one can suppress these voices.

47. Five For Life:    And no one can come between them.

48. Pentagon Power:  No one can overcome this power.

49. Five Elements:    That is Air, Water, Sky, Fire, Earth.

50. Five Steps Forward:    Achieving success together.

Group Chat Names for Five Friends

51. The Five:  Simple and nice.

52. Five in Focus:    Best for a photography group.

53. Five Ingredients:  For a cooking team.

54. Fast Five:  Smarter than other groups.

55. The Fantastic Five: There are five of them, and everyone is fantastic.

56. The Golden Five:  Classy group.

57. Five Aces:    Masters in everything they do.

58. The Five Force:  And you cannot beat this force.

59. Family of Five:    They treat each other as if they are family.

60. The Five Vowels:    a, e, I, o, u.

How to Create Your Own Group Name for Five? Squad Nicknames for 5 People

We have listed a few tips below which will make it easier for you to create a perfect group name.

We hope that each point, will be clearer in your mind where you should start from.

Group Name for 5 Friends/people Guide

1. Take Inspiration:   There are so many iconic groups of five that you can take inspiration from. You can name your group after one of them.

For example, One direction is a famous pop band formed by five best friends; the Spice Girls are also a band of five best friends.

You can take creatively use these names too for your group.

2. Search for the things that are Five in Number:  Look for words that mean five. For example, Pentagon, Star, etc.

You can also use these words to create a group name for five people. The use of these uncommon words makes a group name more exciting.

3. Use Five in Different Languages:  You can use five in so many creative ways.

You can search five in different languages and create so many unique and interesting names.

4. Know Your Group’s Common Interests:  What do your group members have in common? What do you guys do in your free time?

What are your interests? Is there a specific place where you all go for lunch? Do you know your group member’s weaknesses or strengths?

Do you guys have any inside jokes? Write down all words that come to your mind.

This will help you in creating your team name.

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The above-listed names can be used in a variety of situations. That is why we believe that you will definitely a perfect name here according to your group’s personality.

If you have, then do not forget to share with us in the comments section.