70+ Team Names From Movies [ Greatest, Amazing, Fictional, Trivia ]

If you are searching for team names inspired by movies, that means you are so much enthusiastic about your favorite movies that you would like to have your team name after some of them. Luckily, you have landed at the right place.

Team Names From Movies | Best, Amazing, Trivia Movies Team Names for Your Squad


Movies inspire us in so many ways. They take us away from reality to a world full of adventures, thrills, romance, and emotions. It would not be wrong to say that movies create a heavy impact on our lives.

Whether it be action, thriller, or comedy, there must be some movies that you can completely relate to.

We have also listed some of our favorite names after taking inspiration from top-rated movies.

Team Names from Movies

So, if you are a cinematic fan, then one of these epic names inspired by movies could be just right for your team.

1. Inglorious Basterds.

2. Average Joe’s.

3. The Ladykillers.

4. Little Giants.

5. Purple Cobras.

6. The Lumberjacks.

7. Tom, Dick & Harry.

8. Miami Sharks.

9. Minnesota Twins.

10. Detroit Tigers.

11. The Losers.

12. Fantastic Four.

13. The Norsemen.

14. The Amigos.

15. Pavement Princesses.

16. The Godfathers.

17. Gotham Rogues.

18. Silly Nannies.

19. East High Wildcats.

20. The Wing Kong Crew.

21. Raging Bulls.

22. The Dirty Dozen.

23. The Incredibles.

24. The Benchwarmers.

25. The Grapes Of Wrath.

26. Three Musketeers.

27. West High Knights.

28. Mean Machines.

29. Hackensack Bulls.

30. The Scrappers.

31. Detroit Tigers.

32. The X-Men.

33. The Spice Girls.

34. The Comeback Kids.

35. Tampico Stogies.

36. Rockford Peaches.

37. The Bad News Bears.

38. The Hoosiers.

39. Charlie’s Angels.

40. Milwaukee Bears.

41. The Professionals.

42. The Magnificent Seven.

43. The Wild Bunch.

44. The Underdogs.

45. Good, Bad & The Worst.

46. Osaka Kamikazes.

47. Moose knucklers.

48. Hot Chilli Steppers.

49. Joy Jumpers.

50. Yetis.

51. Kung Fu Slayers.

52. Sunset Skippers.

53. Gotham Blades.

54. The Savage Squad.

55. The Trojans.

56. Pouncers.

57. Saints & Patriots.

58. Spleen Mashers.

59. Harlem Globe Trotters.

60. Hellcats.

61. High Lancers.

62. The Panthers.

63. The Timberwolves.

64. The Rookies.

65. Dillon Panthers.

66. The Bulldogs.

67. Hackensack Bulls.

68. The Bobcats.

69. West Canaan Coyotes.

70. Tree Hill Ravens.

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Tips to Create Your Own Team Names From Movies Instantly 

Create your own epic team name using the following guidelines:

1. Take Inspiration From Famous Movies:

You must have favorite movies that you just love to watch again and again. Take inspiration from them and make a list of movies that you cannot get over.

Use them as it is, or merge them with descriptive words to create unique team names.

2. Use Famous Team Names:

The best way to create a team name would be to take inspiration from famous teams in movies. For example, The Mighty Ducks, The Furious Five, etc.

3. Use Famous Quotes:

Do you have any famous quotes in mind? Or are there any special phrases that you can relate to your team with?

Is there any iconic line that reminds you of your time with your team members?

Think about these things, make a list of quotes that come to your mind, and incorporate them into a team name.

4. Take Inspiration From Your Favorite Characters:

Sometimes a particular character demonstrates qualities that you wish your team to have. So is there any character that inspires you the most? If yes, then he can be the perfect inspiration to create a unique team name.


Honestly, suggesting team names from movies is a vast topic to cover, but we have tried our best to come up with the best suggestions after taking inspiration from top-rated movies of all time.

Hopefully, you will find a name in this list that you can relate to your team.