100+ Walking Team Names to Speed Up Victory

Walking is the best form of exercise which will boost up your energy and help you to live an active life.

If you are on this page, then that definitely means that you have also taken part in a walking challenge and probably looking for a team name to make your team look unique, among others.

A good team name is motivational, short, clear, and fun to make your team look the best among all other teams.

That is why we have listed the best team names that have not been taken yet. We believe any name from the following list will surely add a star to your team.

We have listed names under every category, so if you are looking for funny, creative, or powerful names, then we got you covered.

Moreover, if you are walking for some cause, then we have listed those too. In short, you will find every category in this list that you are looking for.

Walking Team Names Ideas | List of 100+ Funny, Powerful, Creative Walking Team Names


We have arranged a list of funny team names, cool team names, creative team names, powerful team names, walking team names for cancer walk, and walking team names for AIDS patients.

walking team names

Funny Walking Team Names

A funny team name is the best way to make your team unique and smartest among others. Your name should be hilarious enough to make everyone smile.

That is why here is the list of funniest team names that will add spark to your team:

1. Chicken Legs:  Don’t judge them by their skinny legs, though.

2. Another bad idea:    They have realized they were not meant for this.

3. The Fat and the Furious:    Keep walking, and you will melt that fat soon. After which, you will be just furious, not fat.

4. Game of Sores:    Forget about Game of Thrones. It is all about the game of sores now.

5. Shaky Legs:    For people who are not used to this active life.

6. Miserable Legs:    Poor souls.

7. Too Tired to get inspired:    Clearly, this is not their type of activity.

8. First and definitely the Last timers:  You won’t see them again on the walking team list.

9. Walk now, cry later:    Definitely not getting peaceful sleep tonight.

10. Poor Soles:    Those unfortunate soles will be in favor of this name.

11. Mission Impossible:    Tired for fun…now regretting.

12. Can’t keep calm and can’t carry on:    They were not meant for this.

13. Walking as we walk away from our responsibilities:    I can bet that they are too fast.

14. Walking Miracle:    Indeed, it is a miracle to see them getting out of bed for a walk.

15. Death at the Finish:    Pretty much describes my feeling, too, after a long walk.

16. The Walking Dead:    Their condition is no less than zombies now.

17. Any uber nearby:    No, dear, and you won’t find any till the end of the track.

18. Lap Walkers:    Well, it is a relief.

19. Sore survivors:    Completed the whole walk and survived….with an aching body.

20. Attackers of sweet dish:    This name will remind you why you need to walk more.

21. Nearly Dead:  Call 911.

22. Wound Walk:    Still not giving up.

23. A cab would be a good idea:    Clearly, walking is not their thing.

24. Regrets only:  Mentally ready to never do this again.

25. Started Slow, Getting Slower:    Extra point for still trying.

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Cool Walking Team Names

A cool team name is the best way to show everyone that you are not afraid of any challenge and pushing your limits.

So, here is the list of cool team names for your gang:

26. Fitness Freaks:    Too conscious about their fitness.

27. Pushing the Limits:    Trying hard to test their boundaries.

28. Push the Tush:    A cute motivation, no?

29. Chasing the dreams:    Highly motivated to walk.

30. Cardio bros:    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

31. Say No to Tiredness:    You will never see them worrying about more rounds.

32. Snails on the loose:  Slowest walkers you will ever see on tracks.

33. Super runners in the Training:    Everyone has to start somewhere in training.

34. Yes to the Laps:    They will happily run around the blocks over and over again.

35. Walk of pride:    Everyone envy’s their graceful style.

36. Healthy body check:    For those who love to maintain their body shape.

37. You pace or mine?: Mine would be a great idea.

38. Happy Feet:  Too excited for this walk.

39. Legs on Duty:    No matter how tired they get, they will stick to their walk.

40. Booze, Snooze, and shoes:    Already impressed with this lifestyle.

41. Hips don’t lie:    In reference to a song.

42. Step up:    They will improvise their walking distance day by day.

Creative Walking Team Names

Here is the list of creative team names that are a bit different than usual. Its time for you to show everyone how smart and creative your team is

43. Passionate Walkers:    If you love to walk, then this should be your team name.

44. A case of sneaky feet:    This name will surely remind you of Sherlock Holmes.

45. Glucose Rush:    Energetic enough to run all day.

46. Long Distance Track-ship:    Their legs know no limit.

47. Love at First Track:    For all walking lovers out there.

48. The Young and The Breathless:  In reference to “The Young and the Restless.”

49. Calmed Walkers:    They are focused and composed to attain mental peace.

50. Walking wonders:  They make the walk look too easy.

51. Healing Walks:    Walking refreshes their minds.

52. Walk-tasticBlastic:    Every walk session makes them more energetic.

53. Always yes to walk sessions:    They will never say no to a walk session.

54. Addicted Walkers:    They never skip a day without walking.

55. A team that shall not be named:    So mysterious and exciting, though.

56. Road towards Fitness:  With every step, they get close to their fitness goals.

57. Standing up on feet, Saying no to de-feet:    Can’t find better motivation than this.

58. The walkies Talkies:    For those who love to talk while walking.

59. No Mile is too much Mile:    They can run all day long without whining about it.

60. Stomping feet:    You can probably hear them coming from a mile.

61. Jiggly legs:     Cute thing to see this team trying to walk with their jiggly legs.

62. Little Steps Towards miracle:    This is a good team name for people who are running for a special cause.

63. Sky is the limit:    There are no limits for them.

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Powerful Walking Team Names

Here is the list of powerful walking team names that will not only make your team feel energetic but also show everyone why their team is the best:

64. Laced Up:    All set to cover those tracks.

65. The Wanderers:    They love to walk so much that you will think as if they are homeless.

66. Raging legs:    highly energetic.

67. Witness The Fitness:    Watch and take lessons from them.

68. Together, we will:    Indeed.

69. The Legs do not stop:    They can still walk more rounds easily.

70. Robotic legs:  Seeing them makes everyone wonder as if they have no human legs.

71. Up for round 2:    They can stay on tracks all day long.

72. Limitless:    No distance is too much for them.

73. If you ain’t first, then you are last:    Yeah, let’s go.

74. Track Challengers:    They are pushing all their muscles to the limit.

75. Mission Defeat Miles:    They will surely complete this mission.

76. Unstoppables:    No ache can stop them from going on.

77. Powered up:    Ready and highly energetic to ace today.

78. Road Scholars:    You will always find them on the roads.

Team Names for Cancer Awareness Walk

Here is the list of walking team names for cancer survivors to show them that they are not alone in this and that we are here for them:

79. Defeating Cancer:    A walk to encourage people with cancer to stay strong.

80. Don’t Give up:    A walk to encourage people and give them hope.

81. Alive and smiling:    To help cancer patients not lose heart.

82. She-warriors:    For all those women who never lost hope and fought cancer.

83. Hands in Hands:    A walk to show people suffering from cancer that they are not alone in this.

84. Cancer Awareness:    To raise awareness about cancer.

85. You can Beat this:    To encourage people suffering from cancer to stay strong.

86. Together, we fight:    To highlight the awareness on how we can prevent the risks of cancer.

87. Cancer is just a disease condition, not death:    To support people that this is not the end of their life.

88. Cancer-Free life:    To raise the issues related to cancer.

89. Avenging health back:    Ready to take back their health from the grip of cancer.

Walking Team Names for AIDs Awareness Walk

Here is the list of team names for the AIDs awareness walk to show support to victims of this virus and encourage them to step forward for their treatment without any shame or guilt:

90. Breaking the Stereotypes:    A walk to emphasize the importance of monthly health checkups.

91. AIDing Hands:    A march to lend a helping hand to AIDS patients.

92. Revolutionary Walk:    To change the perception of people towards people suffering from AIDS.

93. Time to Speak for yourself:    A walk to end stigmatization against those who suffer from AIDS.

94. Sex Education:    A walk to emphasize the importance of safe sex.

95. We are HIV positive about our walk:    To encourage people that they should not let anyone demotivate and humiliate them.

96. Unashamed and Bold:    A walk for AIDs patients to encourage them to let go of any shame or guilt and stand up for themselves.

97. No Fear, My Dear:    A walk to show support to people suffering from AIDS.

98. Push past and move forward:    To motivate people to think about the future, not the past.

99. Be strong to fight the virus:    A walk to provide counseling and information to HIV sufferers.

100. Walk of Faith:    A march to encourage and support people living with this virus.

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How to Create Your Own Walking Team Name

Sometimes you spend hours and hours on the internet trying to find the best name and still come up with nothing.

Since no one knows your team better than you, the best way is to create your own team name that fits your team’s personality.

That is why we have listed a few tips that will help you in brainstorming some ideas. We are sure that you will get unique ideas with every point.

Walking team names guide

1. Merge Words:  If you are not sure what word fits your team’s personality, then you can always try to merge two words to get a unique meaning.

You can also add adjectives to create a catchy name. For example, sore walkers. This name is fun as well as smart.

2. Know Your Team:  Your team name is your identity. Whatever name you choose to define your team. Think about what is common among your team members.

How much excited is your team for this walk? Put all your confidence and excitement into words.

3. Avoid Using Complex Words:   Avoid the use of words that are difficult to remember. Choose words that are exciting and fun because no one will remember them if your team has a boring name.

4. Add humor or Puns:  Puns are the best options to make your team name hilarious.

You can always play upon words to create a unique name for your team. Just make sure not to add words that are vulgar or insulting to any race, gender, or religion.

5. Take Feedback From Friends:  You should always share your ideas with your team members. Who knows, you might get a better suggestion or a well-modified name for your team.

Shortlist the names, and then after discussing with your teammates, finalize one name.


There are countless benefits of walking. So, it is never too late to put on those shoes and go wild on those tracks.

We hope that you like the above-listed names. Even if you have created your own name, then do not forget to tell us in the comment section.