100+ Golf Team Names [ Funny, Creative, Clever Names For Your Team ]

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A good, powerful and funny golf team name is what keeps your team connected. A half of the game is already won when you have clever, creative name for your squad or group.

A funny team name not makes your fans laugh but it also helps to make a good first impression of your team. Your team name should be fun and exciting enough to stay in people’s mind for a long long time.

Golf Team Names | Funny, Creative, Powerful, Clever Golf Team Names

We have listed so many options for you in this article. So, if you were worried about finding a hilarious team name then look no further. We believe that you are going to love all the names in this list.

Funny Golf Team Names

But if you are interested in creating your own team name and need some brainstorming then do not forget to read our tips at the end of this article. You will definitely get a clearer idea of how to create your own team name.

Funny Golf Team Names

A funny wisdom inspired team name is definitely wonderful. A powerful catchy, funny & fictional golf gamer tag is truly wonderful to have for your team. Find one from our custom collected list of powerful funny golf team name. These team names will not only make your team members laugh but also enhance your bonding and motivation to win.

1-Noob Swingers:    Definitely not the team that opponent should worry about.

2-Peaky Putters:    They are awesome at putting.

3-Marriage escape:    Because there is no better escape than golf.

4-We do nothing, Jon Snow:    They are not familiar with the concept of doing efforts.

5-Useless Talent:   Don’t know, why they are so unmotivated.

6-The Little Giants:    Do get any expectation from their giant muscles.

7-Had too much money so spent it here:    If you have money, flaunt it.

8-Master of Disasters:    There team is no less than a disaster.

9-The Golf Diggers:  It is certain that these girls won’t leave the game before getting a new sugar daddy.

10-Getting Pro (Not):    The keyword here is Not.

11-Accurate Machines:   They always make precise calculations.

12-Last but not the least:    This team is happy with any score.

13-Par-tee lovers:    Who isn’t?

14-Anonymous Losers:    These noobs want to keep their identities hidden.

15-All we need is balls:    Anything else, sir?

16-Happiest with beer:    Most things are.

17-Drunken Slammers:    When they are drunk, they slam best balls.

18-Reckless Stokers:    You can never guess where are about to hit.

19-The Screwballs:   You will always see them fooling around.

20-Screaming and Stroking:    That’s what they are going to do in whole game.

21-Tee Break:    They can’t start their day without tea.

22-Almost there:   Yeah, keep saying. May be, you achieve the target in actual.

23-We suck at this:    At least, they are honest about it.

24-Mini Golfers:    Because they are petite than other teams.

25-Any appreciation points for Amateurs?:    They are only depending on that now.

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Good Golf Team Names

Browse from list of nice, short and sweet golf team names ideas for you

26-The Abusement Park:    It will be fun watching what they do with their opponent.

27-Caught Looking:    This habit will surely get them into trouble.

28-Tee-mendous players:    Don’t believe them.

29-Countless Strokegasms:    Old but gold.

30-The Ministry of silly Strokes:    The look hilarious when they try to hit.

31-Mishits:Their hits always go in opposite directions.

32-Scared Stokers:    This team includes all cowards.

33-Stroke Attack:    On other team, after seeing their performance.

34-Still learning the rules:   There are any rules in golf?

35-We like Big strokes and we cannot lie:    A word play on song “Baby got back”.

36-Going, Going, Ooopss!:    Probably not the result they were expecting.

37-Blurred Vision:   How are they going to hit? Can’t wait so see.

38-We wish we had skills:    Such a hopeless team here.

39-Still in hangover:    What an excuse for poor performance.

40-Tired and Busted:    This team is totally falling apart.

Creative Golf Team Names

A name that reflect creativity, power, boldness should make the competitors worry more! Browse from our list for more creative, unique and innovating team name for your golf club

41-We got here for this?:Being disappointed is their favorite hobby.

43-Searching for holes:    Have they found any?

44-Fortunately, we don’t depend on this:    Otherwise, they would be left with nothing.

45-Benchwarmers:    Some lazy team members here.

46-Intentional Losers:    They do not care about winning or losing.

47-Putting balls in hole:    An overview of what golf is.

48-Handicap Champs:    You will think the same if you see their hits.

49-No Putt Intended:    It never is.

50-We were good once:    Now they are below average.

51-Worthless team ever:  So much love among the team members.

52-We like it rough:    Because playing gently is boring for these guys:

53-Lost in thoughts:  They are lost in their own imaginary world.

54-Your hole, my ball:  In their dreams, maybe.

55-Boozers and Stokers:    They love to booze before every match.

56-Only if we had practiced before:    No time to cry now.

57-Nauseous:    They always have this excuse after losing.

58-Losers united:  It does not matter as long as they are happy with their team.

59-Bros before Holes:  Always there for each other.

60-Jugheads:    Pretty wild and stubborn.

61-Match First, Booze After:  Trust me, they are more excited for the booze.

62-Restless Syndrome:    They do not like to do much efforts.

63-One Score and don’t how many rounds ago:  Too much score to keep track of.

64-No Expectations:    They have given up on their team.

65-From Hero to Zero:    They used to be good…once upon a time.

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Clever Golf Team Names

A clever team name would differentiate your team from the competitors! Ask your runners to tighten the belt while you add a wonderful witty, clever name for your squad!

66-See you Never:    You will never see them again.

67-The Golf Ball Theory:  Wordplay on “The Big Bang Theory”.

68-Born to Lose:    Poor guys.

69-Daydreamers:    You will always see them lost in thoughts.

70-Mentally Shutdown:    They have lost all strength to play.

71-Part-ee Freaks:    Some party animals out here.

72-Couple Therapy:    A good name for love birds.

73-First Par then Bar:    Today’s schedule of this team.

74-Putter Madness:     They will drive you mad.

75-Oggy and the cockroaches:    The most annoying team you will ever play with.

76-Stroke Happens:    Can happen anytime.

77-Sotallytober today:    Yeah, we can see how sober this team is.

78-Breaking Bad:    Sorry about that.

79-Keep calm and stroke on:    Cool.

80-Putt Pirates:    This will be fun to watch.

81-Working on my balls:    No comments on that.

82-Water Wizards:    Because their ball always swings towards water.

83-Strokes of Luck:  Only if luck is in their favor today.

84-Has anyone seen my ball?:    I assure you no one has.

85-Hit and hope for the best:    Only motivation in their life.

Funny Disc Golf Team Names

Beat up your team’s performance with the fine addition of wonderfully funny disc golf team name. Following listed group names inspire spirit, awe, creativity, fun and meme

86-Ball Movements:    They are good in those movements, I suppose.

87-Shank you so much:    You are not welcome.

88-Finger crossed:    Hoping for a good outcome.

89-Natural Hazards:    For other team.

90-Just here for insta-feed:    More addicted to Instagram than golf.

91-Just a hack:    Watch and Learn.

92-Golf Warriors:    Sure, we will see.

93-The Wrecked Balls:    This team ruins every game.

94-Team with hot temper:  The only thing they got.

95-Who’s your Caddy?:    Do you have any?

96-Banned in 2 stadiums -So far:3 in future.

97-The Puttarpuff girls:    A wordplay on powerup girls.

98-Better luck next time:    They said this last year too.

99-No Fair ways:    Beware, they might cheat.

100-The Never-Coulds:    They have lost all hope now.

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How to Create Your Own Golf Team Name

Golf is a pretty competitive and exciting game. If you do not choose a good team name then you will probably be left alone supporting your own team because no one likes to support a team with a boring name. Golf Team Names Guide- how to create your own1. Importance of having Unique Team Name:  Golf is an interesting game that is played all over the world with much excitement and fun. The thing that makes this game more exciting is a good team name. You do not necessarily need a team name that is powerful or badass, you can also choose a funny team name and trust me, it is more thrilling than other options. That is why, we have arranged some tips that will definitely help you in creating your own unique and interesting team name.

2. Take Inspiration:  If you search on YouTube then you will definitely find some of the best and funniest golf game clips that will make you laugh. You can take inspiration from those videos. You can also use your favorite player’s name and combine it with something unique and funny to make your team name look interesting.

3. Add Pun or Jokes:  If you and your team members have some inside jokes or if you guys love inside jokes then add something related to that. Add puns or jokes to make your team name exciting. If your team name is interesting enough and everyone in crowd cheers for your team then believe me you have already won half of game.

4. Use Characteristics of Your Team Members:  Are your other members funny? Are they lazy? Do they live in dream world? What are their aims? What do you all have in common? What do you all do on weekends? Think about the common things in your team members. It will help you in selection of words.

5. Use Words Against Your Opponent:   Choose words that are against your opponent. For example, if they are “Venoms” then you can be “Anti-Venoms”. It will make your opponent nervous and they will realize that you are already one step ahead of them.

6. Take Ideas from Your Team Members:  Take suggestion from your team members. No one can be more creative than a sportsperson so they will definitely be having some amazing suggestions. Hear them out and list them. It will get easier for you to shortlist the ideas and coming up with a perfect team name won’t be difficult after that.


Golf might look like a simple game but trust me, it is not. It is a difficult, strategic and intense game and if you do not choose a wise and clever team name then your team probably won’t make a impact even if they perform good. That is why, a good team name is very important to make your team shine and stand out among the rest.

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